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Sanjay Jha’s cryptic tweet: What did he mean and who is it aimed at?

Unless Sanjay Jha was taking a dig at Congress President Rahul Gandhi, the tweet makes no sense at all. If indeed this is so, then it appears that Jha's uncanny resemblance to Steve Jobs is limited to facial features alone.

National Spokesperson for the Indian National Congress, Sanjay Jha, has sent Twitter into a frenzy after he made a cryptic tweet on social media. He tweeted, “Coming in the second half of 2019: The Mental Prime Minister. :-))”.

Via Twitter

 After carefully considering all possibilities, we reached the conclusion that the cryptic tweet could mean only one of these three things:

  1. Sanjay Jha believes Rahul Gandhi has psychological issues

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Infighting has been extremely common in the Congress party in recent times. There were reports of severe infighting between various factions within Congress during the run-up to the Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections. Even after results came in and they won, the party took several days to quell the infighting amidst their ranks before announcing their Chief Ministerial appointments for the two states.

Therefore, it could very well be that Sanjay Jha has had some trouble with Gandhi Parivar. Considering the fact that the party is extremely hopeful of its chances in 2019 after winning the three Assembly Elections, Jha may have taken the opportunity to take a dig at his party president.

2. Sanjay Jha has given up on 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

It could also be that Sanjay Jha believes the Bharatiya Janata Party’s victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections is certain. Therefore, he is mocking Narendra Modi by calling him ‘mental’. But there’s a significant problem with this theory. If Jha was indeed referring to Narendra Modi, one expects to him say ‘coming back’. Also, it does not make sense for him to refer to Narendra Modi in such a manner as he is the Prime Minister even now. Hence, there was no need for him to add the context of Lok Sabha elections.

3. It’s an incoherent rant

Congress President Rahul Gandhi is the most accomplished politician when it comes to saying things that make no sense whatsoever. It could very well be that close proximity to Rahul Gandhi has affected Jha as well. Not that he used to make a lot of sense earlier but the cryptic tweet was definitely deep into ‘Rahul Gandhi territory’ unless it was directed at Rahul Gandhi.


Unless Jha was taking a dig at Congress President Rahul Gandhi, the tweet makes no sense at all. If indeed this is so, then it appears that Jha’s uncanny resemblance to Steve Jobs is limited to facial features alone. Also, it is not the first time that Sanjay Jha has scored a massive self-goal. Earlier, he had implied Karti Chidambaram as a fugitive financial fraudster, same as Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya.

Social Media reactions

As expected, social media was quick to latch on to Jha’s tweet.

Regardless of the person it is aimed at, it is extremely shameful for a national spokesperson of a political party to address the Prime Minister of India in such a fashion. The tweet is also hurtful towards those suffering from psychological issues, people who already suffer from a host of debilitating conditions. It is improper and unacceptable that a senior politician is perpetuating stigmas against mental health.

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