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Enduring peace and meaningful ‘talks’ with Pakistan in its current form is a delusional fantasy

For Pakistan, their Jihad is more important than peace. They hate Indians more than they love their own children, therefore, they continue to harbour terrorists who often kill their own women and children.

After attempting to attack Indian military installations, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has appealed for “better sense to prevail” and offered to hold talks. And it appears Indian liberals, who cannot look beyond partisan politics, are targeting the Modi government over the IAF Wing Commander who Pakistan claims to have taken captive.

Indian Liberals are arguing that Imran Khan is actually urging for peace and it would be ‘jingoistic’ for Narendra Modi to not accept his offer. They appear to forget that Khan appealed for talks right after Pakistan itself escalated matters.

There is a larger question at hand here. Is a lasting peace really possible with Pakistan in its current form? Peaceniks appear to forget that India did not choose this war, it was imposed upon us. Cross border terrorism is only a proxy war that is being waged by Pakistan for decades now. The Pulwama Terrorist Attack, where 40 of our brave men were martyred, was merely a manifestation of it.

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For years, our Army has been fighting a proxy war which has claimed the lives of thousands of our soldiers. It’s horribly unjust and unfair that our people continue to suffer Pakistan sponsored terrorism even though we have a much stronger Army than our enemy.

There is nothing to indicate that Pakistan will stop backing terrorists as well. India has only one demand, that Pakistan stop arming terrorists against India in its own soil. The Indian state has to realize that it is not dealing with rational actors here.

Pakistan is an Islamic state and its entire existence is based upon its opposition to India. Beyond that, it has no identity not a purpose of existence. Their conduct abundantly demonstrates that they don’t consider the tensions with India as a geopolitical battle between two nation states. They perceive it as a religious war against Hindus.

It was evident when Pakistan backed Pulwama terrorist stated rather proudly that he was carrying out the suicide bombing against ‘cow piss drinkers‘. It was again amply evident when in the videos of the IAF Wing Commander in Pakistani custody, which have been circulating on social media, they can be seen verifying his religion. He is made to confirm that he is Hindu.

Under such circumstances, where Pakistan is clearly waging a Jihad against India, enduring peace is not possible until and unless one faction is completely and utterly decimated. The only way to enduring Peace, quite paradoxically, is through War. Until Pakistan exists in its current form where it can still support a sizable military, peace will continue to remain a mere fantasy.

India was partitioned on the basis of religion. And unfortunately for us, Pakistan will continue to function with a mindset that will perennially seek to weaken India. For Pakistan, their Jihad is more important than peace. They hate Indians more than they love their own children, therefore, they continue to harbour terrorists who often kill their own women and children. Pakistan will not abandon their doomed quest on their own, India has to help them. Airstrikes and military action are known to be particularly helpful in this regard.

“Talks” are held between two conventional Army’s or elected civilian governments. In this scenario, we have an Army that thrives on mercenaries and the Indian Army, which is a conventional humane army. On one hand, we have Imran Taliban Khan who has stated his sympathies with Jihadis rather openly in the past and is, by all standards, a mere puppet in the hands of the ISI and the Pakistan Army. On the other hand, we have a democratically elected civilian government in India. One has to wonder then, what credible result “talks” can help reach and would these “talks” help reach any form of compromise? Would “talks” force Pakistan to stop terrorism and waging Jihad on India? Have these talks not happened before? Was there an outcome of these talks? Pakistan will wrongly claim stake on Kashmir which is Indian territory, including the territory occupied by Pakistan. What possible “talk” could solve that conundrum? Would Pakistan simply agree to hand over the area occupied by it? Would it agree to not send terrorists to Kashmir? Would it agree to stop funding terror groups? Would it stop indoctrinating Kashmiris to wage Jihad against the “Kafir state”?

It is perhaps true that the average Pakistani, or the average Kashmiri wants peace. Nobody would contest that and assert that every single Pakistani wants war. However, wars are fought between two Armies and talks are held between two civilian governments. What talk could be held between a Pakistani PM who is a puppet of Jihadis and a democratically elected PM Modi? What peace can prevail between a mercenary Jihadi force and a conventional, just Army like that of India? And if all of this is true, what is really the agenda between asking for talks and peddling the peace narrative?

Armies of the world don’t fight for war’s sake. They fight so peace can prevail. Indian Army fights so peace can prevail with a bunch of mercenaries who wage Jihad.

In war, there are always setbacks. And there are battles that we may lose. However, the larger goal has to be borne in mind at all times. We have to ensure that Pakistan does not nurture terrorists in their own soil so that another Mumbai Terror Attack doesn’t occur so that another Pulwama tragedy can be avoided.

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