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Coward, gutless, visionless, losers: ‘Neutral’ media has a meltdown after Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is not fielded as Congress candidate against PM Modi

Like jilted lovers, the Congress ecosystem that masquerades as "neutral"  and "independent" journalists, had a meltdown.

It was on 28th March that Congress workers had asked Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Rahul Gandhi’s sister to contest from Rae Bareilly, her mother Sonia Gandhi’s bastion. At the time, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had retorted – ‘why not Varanasi’? Almost a month of dilly-dallying later, Congress has decided to field Ajay Rai against the formidable Prime Minister Modi from Varanasi and the “neutral” media cannot stop outraging.

Like jilted lovers, the Congress ecosystem that masquerades as “neutral”  and “independent” journalists, had a meltdown. They couldn’t believe for the life of them that the woman who was supposed to be their saviour from “fascist” Modi had chickened out. They said that Congress and their original Prince who is fast turning out to be a dud even for them has given PM Modi and the BJP a walkover.

Barkha Dutt who often sympathises with terrorists like Burhan Wani and peddles the Nazi-like narrative of giving excuses for the Kashmiri Pandit genocide said that Priyanka should not have expressed her willingness to fight from Varanasi if Congress wasn’t willing to field her. We understand her pain, after all, hope once built and then shattered, does ache the heart.

Abhisar Sharma, another known loyalist of the Congress and AAP (the allegiance depends on who at that point of time can defeat Modi in his mind) also lashed out at the Congress party. Imagine a young boy after being dumped by the girl of his dreams lashing out at her and everything related to her. Abhisar, much like that heartbroken boy, lashed out at Rahul. Cowards. Bhasmasuri. Gutless. Rahul has no authority, the tirade, while all true, was endless and rather amusing coming from Sharma.

Harinder Baweja, like that jilted lover’s best friend, said it was stupid of them to fall for the narrative of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra taking on PM Modi anyway.

Barkha Dutt then said it was Congress that floated the promise. It was them.

Then there was the common friend between jilted lovers who had to blame both parties, somehow. She can’t afford to anger either. She loves them both. They must share the blame.

After all of this, there was the old fufa who found out about the break-up and took it upon himself to hand out some advice. Of wisdom earned through years of being spurned, mocked, rejected and hurt because of his inherently unpleasant nature.

Then there was the token friend of the other lover who came to defend the decision to break up. The lone brave voice.

Then there was the venom. When after being jilted, the other, potentially less cool and far more stupid, but the safe bet lover seems far more appealing.

And the tears just won’t stop flowing… arriving at a moment when tears give way to anger. It is all a part of processing the grief, the loss, the humiliation…

The last stage in the process of grieving.. it was him. Not me.

The media first put its eggs in the Rahul Gandhi basket, and when that appeared to have holes big enough to fit chickens, they decided to pin their hopes on Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. The Modi juggernaut is not an easy conundrum. They hoped that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra would be their saviour. They tried their best to prop the brother-sister duo as the messiahs, but alas, perhaps they are finally realising that they bet on a losing horse.


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