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Dear ‘Left’, news red lines have been drawn, adapt or perish

It’s time for the Left to dump their hostility towards India and embrace the fact that their survival is conditional to the survival of the Union of India.

In any national discourse, there are certain things you can do, certain things you can’t. It’s unwritten but understood, not voted on, but decided by the will of the citizens.

The election results of 2019 General Election have just come out. There are over 10,000 articles giving their own explanations of why BJP won with such a staggering mandate. All of them wrong.

This reminds me of the fall of the Soviet Union. Even when the disintegration was staring right in their face, they couldn’t understand how this could possibly happen. After all Revolutionary Socialism was a foolproof theory designed to usher in a utopia of workers, wasn’t it? Their theory was sound, the only moral theory and the only option to counter oppressive Capitalism, right?

No Left individual or organization has ever been able to understand why the entire world has been dumping them like yesterday’s milk. The left, bound in complete conformity, restricted by the assumed infallibility of the theory, has never been able to adapt. Because adapting requires introspection, and introspection requires accepting a possibility that the theory might not be so great after all.

In its quest for dominance, Indian Left has sought to destroy all the things the people can rally around; civilisation, it’s history, religion, aspirations (what if they actually want a better life tomorrow? We can’t have that. So we tell them how there’s a virtue in poverty). To quote Tom Clancy, Marxism is a jealous God. It doesn’t like competition.

Well, today the Marxist God is destroyed. His temple razed to the ground, only to have dictators like Stalin, Mao, Lenin & Che staring at us from the frames on the debilitated walls.

To survive, the Left, not only electoral but the entire ideological spectrum: academic, activist, cultural will have to let go of everything dear. The jealous monotheistic God will have to learn to coexist will pagans. The left has to let go of its hostility to everything native.

The Left will have to stop glorifying invaders, their tactic to say, see, your Gods ain’t that great, you people are not that great and the only great deity is Marxism. Is it too much to expect for them to see the irony of supporting one exploitative ideology to supposedly save people from another?

The Left will have to stop standing with those who want the destruction of the union of India.

The Left still sees the Union of India as a temporary obstacle in the way of the Marxist state they will usher. Their biggest leader, EMS Namboodiripad famously said: “We are entering the parliament to destroy it from within”. Which is why they’re perfectly ok siding with terrorists. JNU had an ISI spy ring, run with the knowledge of the Left. Left parties have hosted events to commemorate Leftist terrorists, Islamic terrorists and more. It’s important to mention here that during the 1962 war, Communist Parties of India publicly sided with China.

It’s time for the Left to dump their hostility towards India and embrace the fact that their survival is conditional to the survival of the Union of India. Today, even the Chinese communists have embraced nationalism. To think of it, so have Indian Communists, just that it’s Chinese Nationalism.

And lastly, the Left will have to stop being hostile to the Hindu expression. World over, the Left has aligned with Islamism because it sees similarities in their belief structure and common enemies (if Islamism does win, the Left will be the first to go. Not very intelligent, are they?). And similarly, the Left in India has aligned itself to political Islam. At this point, it’s important to mention that the Left supported the Muslim League in its quest for partition as well. But when it comes to Hindu expression, the Left suddenly finds it communal, because every alternate identity is a threat to Communism. The Left, for decades, has sought to suppress Hindu expression in every arena.

Let us look at Ayodhya, Marxist historians have actively campaigned against and actually prevented the peaceful solution for the Ram Temple.

Suvira Jaiswal, Former Professor of JNU had testified in court:

“I have read nothing about Babri Mosque. I did not study thoroughly, therefore, I cannot say as to when Babri Mosque came into existence. I cannot say as to what was there at the site before coming into existence of Babri Mosque.

In my knowledge, no such evidence is found which may indicate that Babri mosque was constructed after demolishing Sri Rama’s temple.

Whatever knowledge I gained with respect to the disputed site, was on the basis on newspaper or what the others told, i.e., from the report of historians. By historians’ report, I mean ‘Historian’s Report to Nation’.”

SC Mishra, Satyawati College, Delhi University said this:

“I have heard of Jaziya tax. At present, I fail to recollect when and for what purpose it was levied. I do not remember that the Jaziya was levied only on Hindus.

It is wrong to say that Aurangzeb built the Gyanvapi mosque by demolishing half of the Kashi Vishwanath temple.”

It’s important to note that even a half blind person can see that an entire side of Gyanvapi mosque is made of the original temple wall.

The Left may think it’s a good idea to use history as a means to suppress the Hindu identity. But they don’t realize how far the civilizational memories go. They may have ‘purged’ the textbooks and public discourse of Chola Empire, Solanki dynasty of Gujarat, Chandragupta Maurya & the Holkars, but, to quote the Game of Thrones, ‘The North Remembers’. The more you try to deny history, the more we will hold on to it. you have failed and in the process, put yourselves on the side of some of the worst men in the history of mankind.

All I can say to the Left is this: The time has changed. This country has drawn new red lines. If you continue operating in the manner that you are, you will perish. And I for one, won’t miss you.

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