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Karni Sena threatens Javed Akhtar over his remark equating Ghoonghat with Burqa, demands apology

Akhtar's statement against Ghoonghat had come after the Shiv Sena had demanded a ban on Burqa just like Sri Lanka has done recently.

Rajasthan based fringe group Karni Sena, miffed with Javed Akhtar’s recent remarks on the practice of ‘Ghoonghat'(veil) in Rajasthan have threated the veteran lyricist with dire consequences if he doesn’t issue an apology on his comments on the same.

Jivan Singh Solanki, president of the Maharashtra wing of the Karni Sena, was quoted as saying, “The burqa is associated with terrorism and (is a question of) national security. We have asked Akhtar to render an apology within three days or face the consequences.”

In a video recording, Solanki says, “We will gouge out your eyes and pull out your tongue if you don’t apologise. We will enter your house and beat you.”

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This warning is a chain reaction following Javed Akhtar‘ remark at an event in Bhopal, where he stated, “If you want to bring a law banning burqa here and if it is someone’s view I have no objection. But before the last phase of election in Rajasthan, this government should announce a ban on the practice of Ghoonghat in that state. I feel that Ghoonghat should go and the burqa should go. I will be happy.”

The lyricist had stirred up an honest’s nest with his comment to ban ‘Ghoonghat’ too if ‘burqa’ is being outlawed by the government. This remark had come in the backdrop of Shiv Sena mouthpiece, Saamna asking the government to follow the Sri Lankan government order, banning burqa for national security.

The Sri Lankan government had banned the burqa, amongst all other means of covering the face, ensuring public safety, in the aftermath of the dastardly Easter Sunday blast which killed more than 250 people and left the island nation devastated.

Later, Akhtar attempted to clarify his stand on the issue.

It is notable here that the Karni Sena had gained national attention during the row regarding the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie Padmaavat. The fringe group had also threatened violence against Bhansali and the movie’s lead actress Deepika Padukone.

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