Home Social Media AltNews co-founder tried to discredit OpIndia's report on Vishal Jangotra being framed, netizens remind him of his propaganda

AltNews co-founder tried to discredit OpIndia’s report on Vishal Jangotra being framed, netizens remind him of his propaganda

That's AltNews for you!

The Kathua verdict is out and the Special Court in Pathankot has convicted six persons and Vishal Jangotra, son of the main accused is acquitted. The sentence will be pronounced later in the day today. In May last year, OpIndia had reported how the fresh details which had emerged in the gruesome Kathua rape and murder case revealed that Jangotra was actually present in Muzaffarnagar on the day and at a time when the police charge sheet accuses him to be present in Kathua.

Vishal’s family had been claiming since the beginning of the case that the crime branch investigations are botched up and Vishal was never present during the crime period. This threw a shadow of doubt on the charge sheet filed by the Jammu crime branch team which was already under scrutiny as many reports claimed that it contained factual discrepancies.

However, co-founder of self-proclaimed fact-checker website AltNews, which recently whitewashed crimes of Aslam, a prime accused in the murder and probable rape of a three-year-old Tina (name changed) in Aligarh, was very quick to dismiss and discredit OpIndia’s reportage.

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He juxtaposed OpIndia’s report on Vishal next to an opinion piece by OpIndia Editor Nupur J Sharma where she had exposed the hypocrisy of the Leftists on feminism and how they ‘protect’ one of their own when it comes to allegations of sexual harassment and exploitation. Zubair had tried to imply how OpIndia was trying to ‘protect’ Jangotra by writing a report questioning Jammu Crime Branch’s charge-sheet which had glaring loopholes.

Now that Jangotra has been acquitted by the Special Court, netizens took to Twitter to remind the co-founder of ‘fact-checking’ website of his own propaganda and hypocrisy.

Twitterati even reminded him how he had pronounced judgement even before the trial.

Twitter users even asked him to fact-check himself before he issues judgements onto others.

This is not the first time AltNews co-founder has been found sharing information on social media which is factually incorrect. Following the ghastly terror attack in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday by radical Islamists, he was found shielding the Islamists. Oh, and AltNews did not fact-check their own co-founder on the Sri Lanka bombings tweets.

That’s AltNews for you.

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