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Sagarika apologises to Maj Singh for calling him an ‘idiot’, continues to maintain she knows more about wars than most decorated officer of territorial army

'Liberals' are never wrong.

Journalist Sagarika Ghose is a ‘liberal’. By virtue of being a ‘liberal’, Ghose gets the moral authority to be more knowledgeable in all fields. After referring to a decorated soldier of the Territorial Army as an ‘idiot’ because he did not agree with her assessment of ‘war’, she has finally apologised to him. However, her apology comes with conditions.

Sagarika first apologised to Major Singh ‘if he got offended’. Essentially, ‘liberals’, as a rule, are never wrong. They usually apologise if their ‘being right’ offends others others who clearly couldn’t know more than them. Ghose added that she continues to believe that Major Singh’s tweets, where he disagreed that only the poor join the army and that the wars are fought for the ‘bloodlust’ of the elite.

Major Navdeep Singh is one of the most decorated volunteers in the history of the Indian Territorial Army. A lawyer by profession, Major Navdeep Singh has basically signed up to go to war for the Nation when the country needs him.

However, Major Singh’s logical tweets defied Ghose’s reasoning who thought his views were ‘shockingly obtuse’ and his reasoning ‘intriguingly limited’.

Ghose then also took an offence when someone said that she is not a level-headed journalist and not even a decent human.

Sagarika then mocked her own apology which showed how hollow her sorry was to Major Singh.

As if already writing a draft of her next book, “Why I am a victim”, she said that her reaction, of referring to Major Singh as an idiot for a disagreement, was because she thought the civil conversation was a hostile one. One’s mind boggles at this lack of comprehension skills.

“Sorry to all, sorry standing on my head, sorry sitting down, apologies, apologies, apologies,” she tweets, showing how hollow her apology was.

When another police Twitter user asked her that apology and all is fine, but she should at least answer the points raised by Major Singh, she shifted goal posts and gave a juvenile excuse.

She says that Major Singh asked her ‘out of syllabus’ questions. Whereas, Major Singh had just used that as an example. All Major Singh had pointed out was as against Sagarika’s views on war, men and women in uniform are not ‘sons of poor’. He had added they are also not fulfilling an elite’s ‘bloodlust’. Then used the government offices as an example to prove a point when Sagarika displayed her lack of comprehension skills.

Further, she again ‘apologised’ to Major Singh, after a few hours, as an afterthought claiming how she just assumed he was a troll.

In yet another tweet she said how she is usually on the receiving end of the ‘trolls’, she assumed Major Singh was also one.

Essentially, for ‘liberals’ anyone who disagrees with them, even if politely and keeps the disagreement civil, is a ‘troll’. ‘Liberals’ are never wrong.

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