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Molestation accused ‘journalist’ Vinod Dua lies again, this time on Trump’s statement on Kashmir after abrogation of Article 370

In a video uploaded last night on media house 'HW News Network', Dua asks a pointed question whether Jammu and Kashmir is indeed an internal matter of India.

Molestation accused purveyor of fake news ‘journalist’ Vinod Dua was caught spreading lies yet again. In a video uploaded last night on media house ‘HW News Network’, Dua asks a pointed question whether Jammu and Kashmir is indeed an internal matter of India.

At around 2 minutes into the video, Dua says that it is still not clear whether the Kashmir issue is an internal matter (something that India has always maintained) or whether it is a bilateral matter or whether it is an international matter. India has always maintained that PoK is a part of India and is under illegal occupation of Pakistan

He adds how Trump had also offered to mediate in the matter, “Donald Trump ne bhi shaamil hone ki peshkash ki hai. Ki Bharatiya Pradhan Mantri ne mujhse kaha tha ki main madhyasta karu (Donald Trump had also offered to get involved. That Indian Prime Minister [Narendra Modi] had told me that I should intervene).” Dua then plays the clip of Trump’s meeting with Pakistan PM Imran Khan held last month where he made that statement.

However, soon after India had made its stand very clear that the Kashmir issue continues to be a bilateral matter between India and Pakistan and India shall not accept third party intervention.

Not too surprisingly, Dua does not mention that the Ministry of External Affairs has already clarified India’s stand on Trump’s offer. He also plays Congress’ goof-up clip from the Lok Sabha where Congress’ leader of opposition Adhir Ranjan Choudhary also confused the state of Jammu and Kashmir for the region of Kashmir which is illegally occupied by Pakistan. He also adds how SP MP Akhilesh Yadav also brought up the matter and asked whether J&K is indeed an internal matter. He conveniently forgets to add that Akhilesh Yadav had also displayed his ignorance since through the decades and despite the change in governments, India has always maintained that PoK is a part of India.

He brings up a 2016 article by Karan Singh, son of Maharaja Hari Singh, erstwhile King of Jammu & Kashmir who signed the Instrument of Accession. Congress leader Karan Singh, too, had then said that stating that Jammu and Kashmir is not an international matter will dilute India’s position on it. Amusingly, in a statement released today, Karan Singh has actually welcomed the step.

In a very snide remark, he then takes on Home Minister Amit Shah and questions how does he plan to take back PoK and Aksai Chin (which is disputed region with China). “Hum jaan de denge, jaan de denge, lekin kaise lenge aur jaan kaise denge yeh mamla abhi baki hai,” he said. Interestingly, these are the very people who would go all guns blazing at any military solution to the illegal occupation of POK by Pakistan.

Dua reads out Pakistan’s and China’s criticism regarding the abrogation of Article 370. However, Vinod Dua doesn’t bother informing his viewers of the strong stand India has taken against the ‘concern’ shown by China. India, in categorical terms, told China that this is India’s internal matter and just as India doesn’t interfere in the internal matters of other countries, other countries should do the same. While taking China as a yardstick in his show, Dua, who seems to be ever so concerned about the Muslim population of the world, doesn’t once talk about the treatment met out of Uighur Muslims in China. Any journalist worth his salt would question China as to what right it has to pontificate to India when a rebellion brews in its backyard and Muslims are shoved in concentration camps across the country.

Further, he mentions how in the Pakistan Assembly Imran Khan mentioned dilution of Article 370 will lead to ethnic cleansing. “Imran Khan ne apni parliament mein kaha hai ki woh UN security council ko approach kar sakte hai. Unhe yeh darr hai ki India is initiating ethnic cleansing in Kashmir to wipe out the local population,” Dua reads out. He says that what Khan says does not surprise him but he wants clarity from our own government on this issue. The valley has been quiet with no reports of violence being reported against Kashmiri Muslims. In fact, reports have now emerged that migrant workers are being threatened by Kashmiri Muslims to leave the valley. While Dua’s heart bleeds for the Kashmiri Muslim population, not once does he stop to consider how this movie affects the Kashmiri Hindus who were raped, killed and driven out of the valley in the 1990s by Jihadis in the valley. What this decision means to the Hindu population in exile is that they will finally be able to go back home without the shadow of discriminatory laws hanging over their heads. In fact, Dua completely forgets what this move does for Ladakh as well. It is almost as if for this molestation accused journalist, Jammu and Kashmir do not exist beyond South Kashmir.

Any journalist worth his experience would be at this point questioning Pakistan about the atrocities it heaps in Balochistan on its own people. One has to wonder why Vinod Dua, while parroting Imran Khan’s lies on ‘ethnic cleansing’ of ‘Kashmiri Muslims’, wouldn’t raise the question about what right does Pakistan have to question any other country when the Pakistan Army and ISI have raped, killed, abducted and cleansed Balochistan of the Balochi people. In fact, the atrocities are such that Pakistan has even used F16s against their own population in Balochistan. But, of course, real, pertinent questions would only rain on Vinod Dua’s propaganda parade.

Then in the most bizarre manner, he turns his attention on memes which followed after the Article 370 was diluted. This was almost like fact-checking an Internet meme. Except, Dua, whose own daughter is a ‘comedian’ and often takes liberties with her ‘jokes’ under the cloak of ‘artistic freedom’ couldn’t even take a joke, however distasteful it might be.

Essentially, Dua lies and misleads his viewers by questioning whether Jammu and Kashmir is an internal matter or an international one despite multiple clarifications from the government and the ministry that it continues to be an internal matter, except for PoK which remains a bilateral matter.

The fact that Jammu and Kashmir is now a part of India without any riders and conditions has taken the ones who never wanted to bring a solution to the Kashmir issue by surprise. The same can be evident from propaganda spread by propagandists like Dua who chooses to mention only selective information which could have dangerous repercussions on national security.

Meanwhile, to answer your question, for the nth time, Jammu and Kashmir will always remain an internal matter for India. The portion illegally occupied by Pakistan is also part of Indian union territory of Jammu & Kashmir. Hope that clears the air for him.

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