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Pakistan beyond borders: At a time when the nation needs to stand together, Pakistani minds in India are conspiring to break the country

At a critical time when the whole nation needs to stand up and speak in one voice, these Pakistani minds in Bharat are conspiring to break Bharat

Bharat is a country which is full of diversity and differences. It is a home for different ideas, cultures, values, belief systems and religions. No wonder we have each culture providing a different perspective into life, nation and Indic civilisation. This diversity has a common ground of celebrating differences and respecting contradictions – the embedded ideals of adversarialism – which has nurtured this land for thousands of years. But amidst this huge diversity of thoughts, there is an idea which has gunged a meagre section of society – through artful duplicitous propaganda – making them gangrenous and preposterous. This is the same idea which leads to Bharat’s partition in the year 1947 and created a nation-state of people with such mindset, Pakistan.

The mindset which promotes insecurity and challenges the very idea of peaceful coexistence of contradictory views. The mindset which promotes dubious gormless propaganda of breaking everything which does not fall into its category, silences dissent and suppresses impugning views. Radicalisation through instilling fundamentalism and hate for different communities is the most successful weapon of a person enslaved by such mindset. Terrorists, separatists, rioters and anti-nationals are the essential byproduct of the mindset which I call ‘The Pakistani Mindset’. In Bharat, we stand witness to the enmeshed doctrine – whose primary objective, at the beginning was being anti-nationalism – which gradually, over the years, morphed into a dangerous construct of being pro-extremism and pro-fundamentalism. Fundamentalism and violent extremism are basic cells of the ideological body of Pakistan endorsed, indirectly, by some of the libertarians, comrades and radicals. Though their number is still quite low but almost all of them are getting exposed.

People enslaved or affected by Pakistani Mindset often try to justify the heinous acts of terrorism by calling the terrorist as ‘son of a schoolmaster’, ‘a PhD scholar’ ‘a die-hard Dhoni fan’ or try to justify their choice of terrorism by saying a terrorist ‘became terrorist after he was beaten up by troops’, ‘forced to rub nose on ground while he was returning from school’.  While others on a mission of breaking Bharat enjoy spilling venom and exporting extremism, radicalism, and terrorism from across the border, their intellectual and ideological brethren take their attempts at the justification of former. The anti-national brigade, however preposterous and ludicrous they may be, are the biggest assistance, the ‘useful idiots’, to exporters of terrorism, sitting in another country. The brigade has some unwritten prerequisites for conformity into them: pseudo-secularism, embedded hypocrisy, elitism, chicanery and Hinduphobia. Selective outraging and biased opinions highlighting misdeeds of only one arm of society while completely ignoring, justifying and sometimes endorsing the misdeeds of others being the additional essentiality of being a brigade member.

This is evident from the fact that Pakistan despite exporting terrorism into Bharat for decades and despite providing safe-havens to terrorists trained to cause havoc in Bharat, is revered as a peaceful nation and their prime minister is revered as a ‘statesman’. We have a network of sympathizers of Pakistan and idea of Pakistan, veiled under the fancy and concocted values, in Bharat. They find release of a Bharatiya PoW as a gesture of peace and ‘worthy of Nobel Prize’ irrespective of the fact that they still endorse the policy of bleeding Bharat by thousand cuts; they concur with the enemy in criticising Bharat for abrogation of article 370, occasionally referring to the nation as ‘human rights violator’; they join bands in ignoring the human rights crisis caused by the Pakistani masters across border; they use all tools available on table to manufacture a case of Bharatiya desuetude in Kashmir. Restructuring of Bharatiya security structure not only jibbed adversary Pakistan but also its brigade in Bharat.

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The brigade of these spurious souls in our country is tasked for artfully spreading Pakistani propaganda of demeaning our nation-state as in the case of Kashmir – where few fond of portraying themselves as harbingers of journalism – attempted at establishing weather of darkness caused by Bharatiya establishment. The better the ideological demagoguery, the bigger your stature in the brigade. Their disparaging works – aimed at egregiously painting Bharat as an ornery state and aiding fracas – are constructed and filled with deviousness and perniciousness.

Majority of leftists are of the opinion that demonising the state and its legitimate attempts at improving the situation is an act of bravery and however banal the opinion be, it has girded the brigade that encourages them. Leftists and libertarians have created a system, consisting of gangrenous but malevolent units, designed to insert malware in the programmes of other high functioning systems. The ‘Pakistan mindset’ is the basic operating system of these thousands of malevolent systems. These people are like a fissile material for anti-nationality of all kinds.

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At a critical time when the whole nation needs to stand up and speak in one voice, these Pakistani minds in Bharat are conspiring to break Bharat. For this, they use Pak sponsored and supported agenda of disintegrating Bharat on the lines of differences in ethnicity, opinion, political ideology and region. Many prominent Pakistani personalities were seen openly abusing Modi and trying to steer Bharatiya against Modi along with the ideology of nationalism, specifically Hindu nationalism. This kind of opinions from across the border are warmly welcomed by an ‘elite Anti-Modi class’ in Bharat most of them from Liberal, Communists and Islamist cadre.

It is deplorable that such fringe elements are present in the mainstream systems of Bharat and are actively working for their agenda. More problematic is such elements are allowed to live their malicious and luxurious life without any action being taken against them. If we do not counter and defeat this mindset, it will be extremely deleterious for the nation in the long run. The malware inserting system operates freely or disguised under a veil when not given free hand, affecting and undermining the national interest. The brigade is a serious threat to nationalistic sentiments of the country. We just didn’t have to fight the enemy across the border but also has to confront, in all legal ways, the enemy within. We must defeat this Pakistan beyond border.

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