Home Media Financial Times publishes a shredded Indian Tricolour in its anti-Modi article, netizens enraged

Financial Times publishes a shredded Indian Tricolour in its anti-Modi article, netizens enraged

The Financial Times article by one Gideon Rachman shows the Ashok Chakra in the Indian flag broken into pieces.

Western media is in the habit of disrespecting Indian customs, rituals, and even achievements. Of late, they have been trying to insult just about anything Indian. Financial Times has just published an article where they have shown the Indian national flag in tatters.

Article in FT disrespects Indian flag, via Twitter

In the Article titled “Narendra Modi has had a free pass from the west for too long”, the Financial Times displays a featured image that has the Indian Tricolour in tatters. The Ashok Chakra in the middle of the flag has been depicted as broken into pieces.

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The disrespectful image that undermines a sovereign nation’s dignity and symbols has been drawing a lot of ire from social media users.

Via Twitter

Written by one Gideon Rachman, the said article criticises the Modi government over decisions of the Article 370 abrogation, Assam NRC and such and calls it anti-Muslim. However, it neglects to mention the issue of illegal immigration and Islamic terrorism.

Interestingly, it also quotes constant fear-mongers likes Amartya Sen and Pratap Bhanu Mehta to validate the points. The author of the article calls US President Donald Trump and PM Narendra Modi as ‘ideological soulmates’ and tries to peddle the colonial narrative that the ‘West’ somehow should get to decide who should rule India.

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Though many social media users also seem to be mistaking the publication as a part of the Times of India group, even for a foreign publication, such blatant disrespect for a sovereign nation’s national flag has alarmed many Indians.

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