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Power of Ummah or Ecosystem? Amethi Police runs away after warning Rana Ayyub for provocative tweet

Rana Ayyub later shared a screenshot claiming that not only the Amethi police have deleted their tweet to Rana Ayyub, but they have also gone ahead and blocked her on Twitter too.

Ahead of the much anticipated Supreme Court judgement on the Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid dispute, there are attempts being made by radical Islamists to incite the Muslim population by making provocative statements.

Rana Ayyub, an Islamist troll masquerading as a journalist had on Friday resorted to inciting the Muslim populace of the country by fear-mongering ahead of the Supreme Court of India.

Ayyub, who is notoriously known for her fake news peddling and constant anti-Hindu anti-India narrative, tweeted that Babri Masjid was a ‘monument of faith’ for Indian Muslims, which was ‘demolished’ on 6th Dec 1992, by ‘those in power today’, implying that BJP was behind it. Furthering her hate-mongering, she claimed that demolition of Babri Masjid changed her life and a generation of Muslims who were ‘othered’ overnight.

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“I hope my country does not disappoint me tomorrow”, said Ayyub in an attempt to divide the Muslim community and incite them on the eve of Supreme Court’s judgement.

The Uttar Pradesh Police which has been on high alert to clamp down on social media posts which trigger law and order situation took notice of the hate-mongering post of Rana Ayyub and asked her to delete the ‘political’ comment she had made. The Amethi police also warned her of action, if she fails to delete her post.

Amethi police

Rana Ayyub who often preaches morality and democratic values on social media did not delete her hate-mongering tweet. However, Amethi Police did get a lot of trolling by the so-called ‘secular liberals’ for asking Ayyub to delete her tweet

While Rana Ayyub seemed unperturbed by Amethi Police’s request to delete her tweet, their social media handle went ahead and deleted their own tweet. If that was not enough, Rana Ayyub further shared a screenshot showing that she had been blocked by Amethi Police. Why would an official social media handle of a District police administration block a journalist, especially one they had just asked to delete her tweet citing law and order issue, is not clear yet.

While Rana Ayyub is still claiming victimhood over the Amethi Police’s tweet, continuously retweeting tweets of her supporters slamming the Amethi Police for ‘threatening a journalist’ it is indeed puzzling why they had first warned, then deleted the tweet and have now blocked her.

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