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Burn your documents but do not show them to govt, bring 10 Muslims on board daily: Anti-CAA protests may have ‘ISIS funding’

The caller trying to instil fear tells the receiver that Hindus will get citizenship under the CAA but Muslims will have to prove it. The caller insists that each of the Muslims should contact 10 others and 'explain' them about the harms of CAA and NRC.

An audio conversation between two Muslim men has emerged from Darbhanga district in Bihar. The audio clip of 11 minutes 41 seconds shows how the minds of ignorant people are being poisoned against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

The conversation starts with the caller telling the receiver that the situation has become very frightening and the time has come for all of them to ‘do something together.’ It’s evident that by saying ‘the time to do something big’ the caller here is referring to some big conspiracy which these anti-CAA Muslim rioters have been planning so as to create unrest in the country in the guise of protests.

Before talking further, the caller first confirms that the people around the receiver are all Muslims so that no one else gets to know about this conversation. The caller then tries to fearmonger by saying that angst is growing among India’s 200 million Muslims that they could soon be classified as illegal immigrants under new, far-reaching government proposals and in order to avoid this, the Muslims have been running pillar to post sorting their documents which would prove that they are Indian citizens.

It is pertinent to note here that the government has not made any such rule in which Muslims from all over the country are being asked to show documents to prove their citizenship. NRC which has been implemented in Assam has nothing to do with any religion or caste but throughout the identification process, in order to malign the government, the critics have contended that the registry would lead to the deportation of hundreds of thousands of Bengali-speaking Muslims living in Assam, who’d been there for generations but just couldn’t prove it.

However, the caller trying to instil fear, tells the receiver that Hindus will get citizenship under the CAA but Muslims will have to prove it.


Even though the Citizenship Amendment Act does not concern the citizens of India at all, the caller tries to provoke the receiver by saying that even if the Muslims have all their identification documents intact, they should not provide it to the government. They should instead burn it, throwing up a challenge in front of the authorities who dare to question them on their identity.

Asserting that no Muslim should produce their identification documents to any authority, the Muslim caller can be heard saying: Why should we show our documents to the government? It simply means that the government suspects our citizenship, says the caller attempting to provoke the receiver.

“Government should find out who are outsiders, why should we show the documents? When we are put in jail, we will prove our citizenship by showing papers to the court. We will also explain to the Hindu brothers that there is a shame on your being Indian that the government is asking you to prove your citizenship. Do not talk to Hindus on CAA. To take this thing to the mass level, it is important for all Muslims to understand. I have been doing this for 3 days”, asserted the caller.

The receiver at this point seems to be agreeing with what the caller said as he tells him that his plan sounds perfect as it will increase the problems of the government.

The caller here explains to the receiver how the phone can act as an important weapon to help brainwash fellow men. Giving an example of how two Hindu’s had convinced his family member’s whom to vote for in the general elections over the phone, the caller said that they have to spread their message to all fellow Muslims by using the phone as a weapon.

This audio clip which has been acquired through a source in the intelligence agency establishes that the plot to destabilize the central government under the cover of opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act is being hatched by these imposters for a very long time.

Moreover, recent reports had also stated that ISIS and banned radical Islamist outfits like SIMI and PFI are behind the violent protests in several places across the country. These incidents of extreme violence happening all across the country have been fully funded by the ISIS who are trying to masquerade the entire conspiracy behind the Citizenship Amendment Act making it appear like a war between the dissatisfied citizens and the establishment.

Read: CAA exposes nexus between Congress and Islamists: Intelligence report says PFI, SIMI behind violent protests

Sources from the Intelligence Agency have confirmed that similar audio clip in various other languages, which are in circulation in other states are also being investigated and since the authorities have been aware of such plots being hatched in various parts of the country, they have been prepped to handle the protests which have been going on after the Citizenship Amendment Act came into existence.

And for this reason, as a precautionary measure, the authorities have been imposing Section 144 wherever they get inputs for violent protests. Sources in the intelligence agencies have confirmed that the entire planning and funding of the conspiracy has been done by ISIS and Islamist organisations related to it.

The caller in the audio clip informs that he has been calling up many Muslims living in various states and encouraging them to join the anti-CAA riots. He tells the receiver that while persuading fellow Muslims who are ignorant about the Bills, the CAA and NRC should be explained to them in the following way:

  • The CAA will grant citizenship to all people except Muslims.
  • All Muslims will be put on Detention Campus using NRC.

The duo speaking on the phone plan that every day they will convince at least 10 people against CAA and NRC and will make sure that these people pledge to resist the bills. The caller further says that it is not only important to make fellow Muslims understand but we have to induce anger within them by convincing them that CAA and NRC are dangerous for them. The caller says: “This is our faith, our belief, our prayers”.

Through this hateful conversation, one can easily understand how Islamists are inciting and provoking ignorant people by trying to spread falsehood about the CAA and NRC. By propagating inaccurate details they are forcibly trying to explain how this law is against their community.

The anti-CAA Muslim mob has been on a rampage in various parts of the country since the Citizenship Act was brought in by the Modi government. While several Pakistani Hindu migrants across the country have been celebrating and lauding the passing of the historic Citizenship Amendment Act, which has brought their lost hope back, Muslim mobs had gone on a rampage, destroying public property and creating chaos.

In states like West Bengal, the Muslim mobs have resorted to extreme violence by blocking train tracks, burning down railway stations, trains and buses, pelting stones, vandalism and loot.

However, Home Minister Amit Shah has time and again restated the government’s strong willingness to implement CAA and NRC in the country and has established that the law will not be withdrawn under any circumstances.

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