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Nazariya QFRG accuses OpIndia of ‘misrepresenting facts’ after indoctrinating and brainwashing children, OpIndia responds

In their statement, Nazariya QFRG has chosen obfuscation as its preferred mode of defence. Without any basis, the organisation accuses OpIndia of being "factually inaccurate", "misinformed" and publishing "deliberate distortions of the truth".

Nazariya QFRG has issued a statement on the reports by OpIndia where it was reported that the organisation had exposed children at the Tagore International School to extremely inappropriate sexual imagery and advertised a vulgar colouring book to students that included pictures of nude women masturbating and wearing dildos.

In their statement, Nazariya QFRG has chosen obfuscation as its preferred mode of defence. Without any basis, the organisation accuses OpIndia of being “factually inaccurate”, “misinformed” and publishing “deliberate distortions of the truth”. It is further claimed that the reports reflect a “fundamental lack of understanding on gender and sexual orientation”.

Source: @NazariyaQFRG/Twitter

Furthermore, the statement reads, “The author distorts the contents of the Facebook post and he recklessly states that Nazariya is responsible for the “indoctrination” of children in the “toxic ideology of Gender Identity politics”. It claims further, “the same author made entirely baseless allegations that Nazariya was basing an adult colouring book to young students, which is factually inaccurate.”

Nazariya QFRG claimed that the colouring book was for adults and was not made available to minor children. Before we proceed any further, some rebuttal is of utmost necessity here. Firstly, in the Facebook post in question, the caption only said that there was a discount of Rs. 100 for students. Nazariya QFRG did not specify the age of the students their advertisement was intended for.

Source: @NazariyaQFRG/Twitter

Secondly, the organisation conducted a session with the students of Tagore International School where they exposed the children to an image of a man with enlarged breasts breastfeeding a baby. The man in question was born a woman who underwent testosterone therapy to change her gender but the hormone did not diminish the feminine desire to conceive a baby.

If it does not say anything else, then at least it does reveal that the organisation is known to work with students under the age of 18. Thirdly, Tagore International School partnered with Nazariya QFRG in its Breaking Barriers campaign to train 30-35 ‘volunteers’ from classes 9-12 to further the politics of Gender Identity.

The OpIndia report stated, to which Nazariya QFRG appears to have taken objection, “It does not take the IQ of Einstein to realise why exposing adolescents to colouring books with nude women masturbating and wearing sex toys is not conducive to their holistic development.” Quite clearly, the statement did not accuse the organisation of advertising the colouring book to students under the age of 18 but was made in anticipation of such a possibility in the future.

Source: @NazariyaQFRG/Twitter

Furthermore, OpIndia cannot be held guilty of any wrongdoing based on that particular statement. It is the prerogative of Nazariya QFRG entirely to make it explicitly clear that the vulgar colouring book was not meant for students under the age of 18 when they advertise it on social media. It becomes even more necessary in light of the fact that they are known to work with adolescent students.

Without question, Nazariya QFRG should not accuse OpIndia of misrepresenting them when it was they who failed to make it clear that the colouring book was not meant for minor students. Products that are not meant for children come with the explicit label that they are not to be sold to those under 18. The advertisement in the Facebook post did not carry that notice when it was all the more important for them to make it explicit since they work with minor children.

Screenshot of the post in question

Furthermore, Nazariya QFRG claims that our reports reveal a lack of understanding of ‘sexual orientation’. This is just an outright lie as our reports did not speak a word on sexual orientation. They only spoke of the manner in which gender identity politics irreparably harms children and gender identity has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

Sexual orientation concerns itself with the particular sex individuals feel a sexual attraction towards. Gender identity concerns itself with the gender a person identifies oneself as. Thus, a person can be broadly homosexual or bisexual in their sexual orientation while the ideology of gender identity mandates that a person can identify as gender nonbinary, gender nonconforming, gender fluid and other such genders based on subjective feelings of oneself.

In this light, Nazariya QFRG has not said a word about why their session with the students at the Tagore International School paid odes to Hadiya, the high-profile case of Love Jihad in Kerala which was the topic of much national conversation. Radical Islamist organisation PFI spent Rs. 1 crore on the legal cases involving her marriage where her husband was reported to have been in touch with ISIS operatives prior to it. The organisation does not explain what Hadiya has to do with the ‘Queer ideology’.

The organisation also vehemently disagrees with the obvious fact that Gender Identity is a western construct and claims, “India, has had, and continues to have, diverse communities that transgress heterosexual and ‘cisgender’ norms.” For those unaware, ‘cisgender’ means a biological man who identifies as a man or a biological woman who identifies as a woman.

Source: @NazariyaQFRG/Twitter

The claim is utterly ridiculous. Indian society has had its own transgender community who have a separate space for themselves within the larger community but it has never had the kinds of ‘gender identities’ as advertised in the West. For instance, the transgender community of India has never claimed that one could be a woman one day and man the other before woman the next day, which is essentially what the gender identity ideology posits.

It has never been claimed by transgenders in India that children as young as ten-year old should be given medical treatment to alter their gender. Furthermore, the core claim that gender identity is independent of biological sex has never found credence in India, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, until the academia in the West simply decided after philosophical musings that it was the case. Thus, it is a western construct.

Nazariya QFRG then engages upon a lengthy explanation of the legality of their actions and the necessity of their activism. In the process, it marches into a completely different territory. However, their lengthy explanation and elaboration does not explain why it was necessary to show the disturbing image of a man with enlarged breasts breastfeeding a child or the necessity of advertising a colouring book with explicit sexual content to students where it was not mentioned that the book was not meant for those under 18.

Ya_All is a transgender youth organisation from Manipur

The statement further says, “The attempt by Opindia through the articles it published and the hatred towards us that it has inflamed on social media is an attempt to enforce compulsory heterosexual and cisgender norms as the only acceptable forms of existence in India. This is against the most basic values enshrined in the Constitution.”

It is quite an extraordinary claim that the organisation has made. There are plenty of things in our Constitution that requires fixing, however, one finds it hard to believe that showing inappropriate images to children and advertising vulgar colouring books for students without specifying the age of the people it was addressed to is a Constitutional value.

Also, Opindia only reported facts on the matter. We did not engage on reporting things that were not true. We cannot be held responsible for the conduct of others. It is the duty of a media organisation to inform the citizenry on pertinent political issues, the media organisation cannot be held responsible for the reaction the accurate information it generates. And it is reprehensible for Nazariya QFRG to claim that we incited hatred against them when all we did is report facts.

Nazariya QFRG also informed that it has removed the Facebook post where it referred to a session at the Tagore International School and spoke of Hadiya. It was the same post which carried the disturbing image of a man breastfeeding. The organisation removed the post at the request of the school.

It also needs to be made clear that their claim that they are not indoctrinating or brainwashing children is preposterous. Education on a matter without elaborating on accurate facts is indoctrination and can only be interpreted as such. Their refusal to showcase how gender identity politics harms children irreparably can only be interpreted as brainwashing. Furthermore, not everyone who disagrees with the gender identity overlords do so because they do not understand it. There is very good reason to oppose such indoctrination.

Thus, quite clearly, the defence put forth by the organisation has no legs to stand on. Furthermore, they have chosen obfuscation over clarificatiom and false allegations over honesty. Instead of admitting their mistake and assuring everyone that they will refrain from such conduct in the future, they have instead chosen to double down on their rhetoric.

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