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From genocidal thoughts to Hinduphobia and beeps to ensure he does not offend Islamists: How comedian Daniel Fernandes displayed bigotry

Essentially, while Daniel named either Allah or Prophet or Islam, he made sure the sound was beeped and there was an emoji covering his mouth because he is aware of the repercussions, however, he had no qualms in mocking other religions, especially Hinduism.

On February 3, comedian Daniel Fernandes published a video, ‘Alive and Vaccinated’, on his YouTube channel, which was a recording of his live show. In the one-hour 39 minutes long video, comedian Daniel Fernandes displayed his bigotry unabashed and expressed genocidal and anti-Hindu views.

OpIndia recently reported how he mocked Covid-19 patients who voted for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and wished death upon them. He added even his friend thought the same. Quoting an unnamed friend, he said his friend gave the idea those who voted for PM Modi (referred to as “chai”) should have been denied hospital access. In a recently published 90-minute+ long recording of an alleged comedy piece, Daniel touched every aspect that would put him in the limelight for the wrong reasons.

In the show’s beginning, he said there was a supposed upside to the alleged “mismanagement of Covid-19 by the Government” that there would be considerably less traffic post-pandemic. Sadly for him, that did not happen. Though India faced a severe second wave of the pandemic, the country came out of shock and rose to the moment. As of now, India has less than 1,000 cases reported in a span of seven days, as per the WHO website. Comparing it to countries like the United States, we are doing far better, thanks to the proactive steps taken by the government at the centre.

During the show, he consistently mocked Covaxin and propagated as if those who took the India-made vaccine were inferior. According to him, those who took Covaxin were not as good as those who took other vaccines, for example, Covishield.

Excited for Munawar, a slap on Hindus

During his show, Daniel mentioned that he was happy for Munawar Faruqui, the controversial comedian who mocked innocent Hindus who were burnt alive in the Godra train burning incident and used derogatory language for Maa Sita. Interestingly, Daniel claimed Faruqui was jailed because of “jokes he never told”. In reality, he was jailed for around a month (the matter is sub-judice) because of the repeated offences.

He had to cancel and was still forced to cancel multiple shows because of the Hinduphobic rants he went on. He is indeed getting work on different platforms, and it is only because of the forgiving nature of most Hindus. Otherwise, Nupur Sharma still lives in hiding with hundreds of death threats on her back. Many, like Kanhaiya Lal, Umesh Kohle, Sreenivasan, Kishan Bharwad and others, are not even alive to comment on the issue.

The dream of Prime Minister Kunal Kamra

He consistently made jokes about Hindus and propagated Hinduphobia does not exist in the Indian comedy scene. He said, “We’re not some organised unit that selectively targets people of a specific religion. If we were, we would stand a chance at winning a general election. We would’ve had Prime Minister Kunal Kamra, you don’t know!” By this statement, he was also insinuating that the current government targets people of specific religions, which is patently false and conforms to the usual propaganda that leftists and Islamists spread regularly.

Interestingly, while Daniel continued to mock Hindus whenever he found a chance, he made sure not to mock “the other religion” openly as he feared the consequences. He made a joke about “someone from that religion” without taking names and beeping whenever he said a word “that should not be said” to ensure, he does not face the heat. He claimed that he was showing “guts” to joke about “that religion”. The joke was, “Jesus, Buddha, and _________

walk into a bar! Jesus, Buddha, and _________ walk into a bar. The bartender looks at them and goes, “What can I get you two gentlemen?” Was I right? Or was I right?” Daniel said the joke was not offensive to the people of the religion that he chose not to name and if the audience thinks about it, he was on the side of the people of “that religion”.

Essentially, while Daniel named either Allah or Prophet or Islam, he made sure the sound was beeped and there was an emoji covering his mouth because he is aware of the repercussions, however, he had no qualms in mocking other religions, especially Hinduism.

No castism in Christianity claimed the comedian

Daniel subtly claimed that Christianity does not have anything similar to castism. He said, “As a Catholic, I don’t understand the caste system. I don’t get this complex human Jenga that you play. And not because I don’t care. It’s just that growing up, I’ve never been exposed to this. Nobody ever spoke to us about it, Okay? As adults, yes, people are speaking to us now, but they’re doing it in a language called yelling! And we all know how well that works.”

Furthermore, he claimed that calling a Christian convert “Rice Bag” is like a person pointing a gun at himself. According to him, if a person gets converted, it is because of the atrocities he has faced in the religion he was born in. However, in reality, most conversations are systematically carried out with an agenda that the missionaries have laid down. These converts are lured into conversion using money, fear of diseases and more. There are countless reports out there that talk about forced conversion in detail. Also, if there is no castism in Christianity, why are there demands to recognise “Dalit Christians”?

Our previous report on the particular section on Covid-19, where he expressed his genocidal views for those who voted for PM Modi, can be checked here.

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