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#2019 Lok Sabha Election

Modi comes back to power ‘Tukde Tukde gang’ will get fragmented

Narendra Modi set to return as Prime Minister in 2019: Jan Ki Baat’s latest opinion poll

Tughlaq Road Chunavi Ghotala: PM Modi said Congress is looting the money designated for pregnant women

Congress says Chowkidar Chor Hain, but now boxes filled with bundles of notes recovered from them: PM Modi

Supreme Court gives nod for the release of Modi biopic, Vivek Oberoi thanks the Judiciary for upholding faith in democracy

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind directs Muslims to vote for SP-BSP-RLD alliance in Uttar Pradesh

#The Print’s Shekhar Gupta – Desperate & Horny for web traffic, at any cost

Sex and cheap thrills: When ‘The Print’ struggles, Shekhar Gupta pulls a ‘coup’ on journalistic integrity

#Saving Democracy in North Korea of India – West Bengal

“Free speech can’t be silenced for the fear of the mob,” SC imposes Rs 20 lakh fine on Mamata govt for Bhobishyoter Bhoot ban

In 2019, West Bengal is all set to throw up the greatest surprise of the election season and Mamata Banerjee won’t be happy

West Bengal: Voters of Cooch Behar wary of voting, fear rampant violence by TMC goons like panchayat elections last year
Leaked audio clip: TMC leader asks party workers to capture election booths in Cooch Behar
West Bengal: Rampant polling malpractice, TMC accused of violence

Two Hindu girls who were abducted and forcefully converted to Islam sent back to their husbands by the Islamabad High Court

# Vivek Oberoi’s Modi Biopic gets stalled by EC

Vivek Oberoi asks Rajdeep Sardesai if his movie is ‘propaganda’, should Rajdeep’s show also be shut down for ‘influencing elections’

Is the opposition scared of the film or Chowkidar’s Danda?: Vivek Oberoi mocks opposition for calling his movie a propaganda tool

Supreme Court gives nod for the release of Modi biopic, Vivek Oberoi thanks the Judiciary for upholding faith in democracy


#IT Raid on Kamal Nath Madhya Pradesh

As Kamal Nath finds himself amidst I-T raids, son Nakul Nath declares assets worth over 600 crores in election affidavit

Legitimate action against corruption is not vendetta: Arun Jaitley on I-T raids

Brother-in-law of Congress leader Kamal Nath converted nearly Rs. 242 crores to dollars using bogus bills: Reports

Notes recovered from I-T raids in MP mention Excise, Transport, Mining, PWD under receipts, AICC, PCC, Election Bond, MLAs, Candidates under expenses

#2019 Lok Sabha Election Manifestos

Congress Manifesto: Declaration of disastrous legal reforms and a tale of contradictions

Chandrababu Naidu promises Rs 2 lakh per year to every family in Andhra Pradesh in 2019 election manifesto: Reports

The BJP manifesto hits the right chord on Kashmir even as the Muftis and Abdullahs sing a different and dangerous tune

Protection of culture as a national security issue: The most significant takeaway from the BJP’s manifesto

BJP’s Sankalp Patra for Lok Sabha elections: What does it have for the middle class

Congress’ ‘tukde tukde’ vs BJP’s Nationalism: Two manifestos, two vastly different approaches

BJP Manifesto promises to secure and protect faith, traditions and rituals related to Sabarimala

Vision for a New India: Here are the 75 goals BJP seeks to achieve by 2022 in its manifesto


Past Trends

#Indian Media’s Covert Civilization wars

The News Minute uses Hindu “representative name” for Muslim man with four wives who raped his own daughter

#Fact Fudgers Inc 

IndiaSpend’s faulty ‘fact-checker’ cements its anti-Hindu bias, exposes its Hinduphobia while downplaying Pulwama attack

#ASAT launch

‘Anti-satellite missile test can’t be kept secret as satellites are tracked by multiple stations’, DRDO Chief on Mission Shakti

#Congress Violence

Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh: Congress leader Nasimuddin Siddiqui’s supporters fight over biryani, 9 Congress workers arrested

Congress workers beat up journalist even as Rahul Gandhi does drama of helping injured journalists

Freedom of press? Congress supporters attack Republic journalist who was covering the I-T raids on AICC official

#Post Balakot, Pakistan F-16 Plane Downing

‘Have irrefutable evidence that Indian MiG-21 shot down Pakistani F-16’, says IAF, shows radar images as proof

Imran Khan continues to lie about IAF downing F-16, now quotes a fake report to prove his point

The Print article by Shekhar Gupta on air battle after Balakot airstrikes peddles faulty analysis, half truths and whole lies

#Pewdiepie vs T-Series

PewDiePie makes racist remarks against Indians after losing the YouTube subscriber battle against T-Series

#Dalal Dalal Bhai Bhai

When NDTV deleted interview of ex-Navy Chief because Shekhar Gupta was possibly angry at ‘darling of foreign vendors’ comment

#Congress’ Never Ending Elitism Saga

Video: ‘Indians like Monkeys’ says Sam Pitroda, Rahul Gandhi’s top advisor

Do not be selfish, prepare for more taxes to fund NYAY scheme: Rahul Gandhi’s aide Sam Pitroda’s advise to Indian middle class

#UPSC’s Hardline Islamic Infiltration

18 clear UPSC exams with help from Islamic organisation that helped Shah Faesal become an IAS

#Swiggy offers Rs200 compensation to girl who was sexually harassed by delivery boy

Hindi गाली के बाद डिलीवरी एजेंट ने की सेक्स की माँग, Swiggy ने कहा – ‘Sorry, ये लो ₹200’

#SundayChurchOfferingKhatreMein – GST on Sunday Church Offering Fake News
#Doval vs Terror
#Balakot Strike and Pulwama attack