Saturday, April 10, 2021



#AAPKaPorn: Twitter erupts into hilarious jokes as Arvind Kejriwal’s pic is used by porn account for a meme

From reviewing films to being a porn meme, Arvind Kejriwal has come a long way.

The Dynasty’s tryst with adult magazines

One can only wait and watch who will carry Rahul Gandhi's interview

Journalist ‘accidentally’ shares porn clip in Congress party’s media WhatsApp group

The journalist was also a former General Secretary of the Congress Party

Delhi Metro says passengers used public Wi-Fi to play porn on display screen

A porn clip was played on a LED screen at Rajiv Chowk metro station on 9th April

Check pictures on condom packs and explain “daaru” in a random song: Courts to govt

While the Chief Justice of India says that the judges were overworked, courts are admitting and entertaining frivolous PILs.

Media reporting old wine in new sensationalized bottle, but BJP has got to act

A "fascist government" at work seems to be the new agenda

Wanted: a Smart Government

The Government must rethink its strategy on small issues

Here are your three enemies who don’t want you to watch porn online

Some PIL activists, a clueless government, and some strict archaic laws - deadly combo of three that won't allow you to watch porn.

Mia Khalifa, adult film actress from the Middle East, gets death threat on Twitter

The pornstar Mia Khalifa is being accused of defaming local culture and sensibilities of the Middle Eastern people and society.

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