Home News Reports Shia body calls for a ban on Triple Talaq and issues fatwa against Cow Slaughter

Shia body calls for a ban on Triple Talaq and issues fatwa against Cow Slaughter

The All India Shia Personal Law board (AISPLB) on Wednesday called for a stringent law against the practice of triple talaq, and also issued a fatwa against the practice of cow slaughter. The board in the meeting in Shia PG college in Lucknow also called for an out of court settlement for the Ram Mandir issue.

The fatwa against cow slaughter was issued after consulting with a top Shia cleric from Iraq. The AISPLB had reportedly written to the Shia cleric who asked them not to slaughter cows or eat beef. The main reason being given is to avoid the communal tension, which generally accompanies the issue of cow slaughter.

The Shia law board has in the past also called for the abolition of Triple Talaq and has asked for the adoption of a modern nikahnama.

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The stand by the the Shia board on the Ram Mandir issue is along similar lines to what the Supreme Court had suggested, with the CJI offering to act as a mediator between both parties. Spokesperson Maulana Yasoob Abbas said that in the interest of the nation, both the Hindu and Musim groups should sit together and settle the matter through talks.

This isn’t the only instance of prominent Muslims speaking out against the act of cow slaughter and triple talaq. The spiritual head of the Ajmer Darga, Syed Zainul Abedin Ali Khan had recently supported a ban on cow slaughter and had urged Muslims to give up eating beef in order to respect the sentiments of their Hindu brethren.

He had also pledged that he had his family had taken a pledge to never eat beef for the rest of their lives. This though didn’t go down well with many and he was removed from his post by his own brother who also declared him a non-Muslim for his views.

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