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Man asks Rajdeep Sardesai to name one work done by Congress government in Kashi, he didn’t have an answer

Rajdeep Sardesai was trying to get a negative comment about Modi government from Varanasi residents

India Today journalist Rajdeep Sardesai was left without an answer while doing a ground report in Varanasi when a man questioned him about the work done by the previous Congress government in the city. Rajdeep was asked the question in response to his questions about the work of the Modi government. Sardesai who is often seen spreading misinformation about PM Modi was talking to the people of Varanasi on how satisfied they are from the development carried out by the Modi government in the city over the last five years.

The left-leaning journalist was incessantly trying to extract from the people some negative points about the Modi government and was comparing the development work carried out by the BJP government to that of previous Congress government. Sardesai was telling people how Varanasi was a Congress bastion and that Modi government does more marketing and less work on the ground.

When Sardesai asked works done by the Modi government, the people sitting in a shop in Varanasi gave a long list, like cleanliness, wider roads, underground power cables, increased tousing, cleaner Ganga etc, but he still wanted to extract some negative comments, unsuccessfully. Unable to get a negative comment, he was trying to get at least someone to say that what is done is not enough and more needs to be done in the city.

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After that, Sardesai rejected the answers given by the residents of Varanasi, and added his own observation by saying that the Modi government has done more marketing and less work. He asked a man does he agree that now marketing should decrease and real work should increase, in a desperate attempt to get a negative comment about Modi government.

Responding to Sardesai’s attempts, the man asked him to name one work done by the Congress party in the city during its government. Attacking Sardesai for his constant but-what-else sort of questioning, the man further said that he could name 50 things done by the Modi government in Varanasi but Sardesai would still ask what else was done by the government. The man asked, “you yourself just said that Varanasi was a Congress bastion till a few years ago. Now you tell what did Congress do in all those years, what happened to that bastion. You are a very senior journalist, tell me one good thing done by Congress”.

Continuing his attack on Rajdeep amid claps by other people in the shop, the man said, “it is like asking what else Sachin Tendulkar did in his life except for scoring hundred centuries. You are saying exactly the same thing”, the man told Sardesai. He also added, “you Congress workers tell one thing done by Congress”.

Interestingly, in the video posted by India Today, Sardesai himself did not name a single development work carried out by the Congress during its rule.

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