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Celebrate O’ Ye Hindus for The Return of the King appears imminent and inevitable

It is only when the King is restored to His rightful place that the nation could aspire to greatness. Today is a great day and Hindus should not be made to feel bad merely for celebrating a rightful victory.

The arguments in the Ayodhya dispute have concluded today. And judging from the conduct of Senior Advocate Rajeev Dhavan representing one of the Muslim parties in the matter, Hindus have reasonable cause to be optimistic about the verdict. He had what we would call a complete meltdown that involved tearing documents and maps.

Predictably, people from expected quarters are busy spreading negativity on social media and are sermonizing that Hindus should not be in a celebratory mood. Although it is legitimate to say that people should not engage in demonizing other communities, the impression that is being conveyed is that even expressing jubilation at the turn of events is equivalent to preaching bigotry.

Needless to say, celebrating in anticipation of The Return of The King to His sacred abode in Ayodhya is not bigotry nor does it breach communal harmony. Since the fall of the Maratha Confederacy, Hindus have had pitifully little to truly jubilant about and the restoration of the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya is one such thing. We have every right to celebrate what appears inevitable.

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The Ram Janambhoomi Movement was a glorious chapter in the history of Independent India and in the context of the great Hindu Civilization, it marked the rekindling of the ancient fire that inspired our ancestors to greatness. The sacred fire that was rekindled during the course of the movement has inspired the decimation of the secular establishment in the years to come.

It was the Ram Janambhoomi movement that gave rise to the Bharatiya Janata Party and its stellar electoral victories in 2014, which was repeated with an even bigger margin in 2019, is evidence of the success of Hindu Consolidation that the RJB Movement first inspired. That Hindu Consolidation has resulted in the abrogation of Article 370 as well. And we should remember where it all began.

A matter of discussion that often comes up between friends is when was the last times Hindus as a community felt this jubilant about their civilizational prospects. And the answer is always the same. It was during the rule of the Maratha Confederacy that Hindus were so exuberant and after its fall, the great Hindu Civilization hasn’t had too much to celebrate about. Therefore, it’s completely reasonable that Hindus are expressing unbridled joy at the much-anticipated restoration of the Ram Mandir at Rama Janambhoomi. And it has been a long time coming.

After centuries, the expansionist spirit that inspired our civilization to unprecedented glory has taken root again in the hearts and minds of the Hindus. The confidence with which Defense Minister Rajnath Singh threatens Pakistan with war if they continue sponsoring terrorism against India and indulge in human rights violation within the Indian territory they occupy is evidence of the exuberance that every pious Hindu feels in their heart.

The Surgical Strikes and the Balakot Airstrikes that stirred a wave of Nationalism across the entire country is a testament to the change in the mood of the nation since the time when atrocities against Indians were allowed to be perpetrated without inflicting any consequences. Before the Surgical Strikes as well as Balakot Airstrikes, there was fervent anticipation in the air, that a tectonic shift in India’s policy against Pakistan was imminent.

When the strikes eventually happened, nobody expected Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take things that far. But he did, and great credit goes to him for the statement of intent he made. In stark contrast to earlier times, after the deplorable Pulwama Terror Attack, people knew something big was going to happen. The air was thick with anticipating and one could feel it with every breath they took. The country mourned for the irreparable loss that was inflicted by terrorists but at the same time, they wanted and expected Narendra Modi to make Pakistan pay for its transgression. The nation demanded vengeance and the Prime Minister did not disappoint.

After a long time, the Hindu Civilization feels confident enough to aspire for greater things. The Shastra Puja that was conducted by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh while receiving the Rafale jet in France demonstrated that we shall no longer shy away from our identity. We feel comfortable in our skin now. And it is on the foundation of our civilizational identity that India will stand with the rest of the world.

On a similar tone is the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) that seeks to provide citizenship to persecuted minorities from neighbouring countries, who are discriminated against and persecuted with the approval of the state. The CAB again is motivated by our identity as a civilization and is a step in the direction of taking upon the mantle of responsibility and duties that were handed over to the Indian state by the sacrifices of our ancestors. It hasn’t been passed yet but one expects it to be passed soon enough.

The abrogation of Article 370, too, was consistent with our civilizational identity. The existence of a virtual Islamic state with its own constitution within the secular state of India was unpalatable to most of the country. And yet, it was a Hindutva government that showed the ideological fortitude that was necessary to take this step. Here, too, credit must go to Home Minister Amit Shah for the manner in which he has brilliantly managed the state thus far.

All of this was made possible by the Ram Janambhoomi movement. The edifice of the current ruling disposition was built upon that foundation. Devout individuals would also be inclined to believe that the ideological victories that the Hindu Civilization has scored in a very short span of time are a consequence of the favour of the Gods that was earned through the sacrifices made during the Ram Janambhoomi movement and one cannot really fault them for that.

It begs the question at this point. If all these victories were earned through the Ram Janambhoomi Movement, what other victories would we reap as a consequence of the restoration of the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya? Therefore, keeping such sentiments in mind, it is not difficult to understand why Hindus are jubilant today.

It is important to remember that the overwhelming majority of Hindus are celebrating in anticipation of the restoration of the Ram Mandir at Ram Janambhoomi, they are not indulging in any communal hatred. We have every right to celebrate in anticipation of The Return of The King for the love that every pious Hindu that bears towards Rama. It broke every Hindu’s heart to see Rama in a tent. Hindus treat their Gods as their own family. And no one would want their family to continue to live in a tent for decades.

The restoration of the Temple is also important for our civilizational identity and the future of our country. It is only when the King is restored to His rightful place that the nation could aspire to greatness. Today is a great day and Hindus should not be made to feel bad merely for celebrating a rightful victory.

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