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Tales of horrific atrocities on Hindus by Muslims in Haryana’s ‘Mini Pakistan’: 3 journalists narrate their stories from Mewat

CM Khattar also assured that fast track courts would be made and cases of love jihad, cow smuggling, forced conversions, which are all prevalent in Haryana's mini Pakistan (Mewat) will be heard in these fast track courts.

Haryana’s Mewat has become a graveyard for Hindus including Dalits who are constantly being targeted by the Muslims in the region. Incidents of rape of Hindu, especially of Dalit girls, kidnapping of brides, forced conversion, assault on Dalits have become common in the villages in Mewat. Recently, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar also promised a new conversion law after VHP high-level delegation apprised him about the “anti-national and anti-Hindu activities” in Mewat.

CM Khattar also assured that fast track courts would be made and cases of love jihad, cow smuggling, forced conversions, which are all prevalent in Haryana’s mini Pakistan (Mewat) will be heard in these fast track courts.

The CM’s intervention has come has a breath of fresh air for all those journalists and Hindu organisations who have been in a relentless pursuit to bring the reality of the atrocities committed against the Dalits to the fore, in remote villages of Mewat, Haryana.

OpIndia too had reported about the horrific atrocities being inflicted on the Hindus of Mewat, after a press release related to Justice Pawan Kumar’s 4-member team’s investigation report came to light. In the report, Justice Pawan Kumar remarked that Mewat of Haryana is becoming a graveyard of Dalits.

OpIndia has now got in touch with few journalists who visited Mewat and spoke to many victims. These reporters briefed us with few shocking incidents which they were given an account of, and with their due permission, OpIndia is sharing those details.

Muslims using every vacant plot in Mewat to either build a Mosque, Markaz or Madarsa: News Nation journalist Vikas Chandra

Shocked at the extent of atrocities being meted out at the Hindus by the Muslims of the region, Vikas Chandra, a journalist with News Nation exclaimed that the situation in Kashmir is not half as bad as Haryana’s Mewat.

Vikas Chandra told OpIndia that the horror and fear of Islamists among the Hindu victims is so palpable that to save their children from the atrocities, the Hindu families have started giving Muslim names to the children born in the family. He said that the molestation of girls and women has become pervasive all over Mewat which has caused problems for girls to continue their studies. The Hindu girls do not study beyond classes 5-6 since the Hindus fear abduction of their girls in the hands of the Islamists.

The Muslims are encroaching cremation grounds to drive the Hindus away from Mewat. They hope that if Hindus are not allowed to burn the dead bodies in their crematoriums, they will either adopt Islam or flee.

Vikas Chandra said that according to his investigations, almost 110 villages in Mewat are completely devoid of Hindus now. He also confirmed that Muslims in Mewat are being able to carry out these crimes against Dalits in connivance with the administration and the local police.

Sharing his experience with OpIndia, Vikas said that field reporting in Mewat had not been an easy task for him. He said that many times, the Muslim population became so hostile that they had to run away from there. Sometimes, Vikas along with his team members had to deceive the Muslims by pretending that they were in Mewat to cover the lockdown.

Speaking of the dominance and influence of Muslims in the region, Vikas said that while taking a walk around Mewat, one can see Mosques and Madarsas in every nook and corner of the streets there. The Muslims use every vacant plot in the region to either build a Mosque, Markaz or Madarsa.

Vikas confirmed that almost that even though the number of Hindus in Mewat is reportedly 11 per cent, owing to business class, but if we take the average, then 98 per cent of every village in Mewat has Muslim occupancy.

To apprise us of the extent of atrocities being inflicted on these poor Hindu, Vikas cites an incident which he said he was a witness to. Vikas said that a Hindu’s shop was looted and vandalised in Punhana village merely because he objected to a Muslim man urinating in front of his shop. Expressing disappointment, Vikas said that the atrocities against Dalits are happening in connivance with the administration and local police. Complaints of Dalit victims are not lodged. If somehow they persist with the complaint and file FIRs against the perpetrators, police pressurises the victims, compels them to strike a compromise with the assailants and threatens them of false cases.

Disconcerted with the present situation in Mewat, Vikas said that the situation in Mewat before the year 1992 was completely different. Then Hindus and Muslims actually lived together peacefully. But later Tabligis and Deobandis started brain-washing the Muslims and the situation changed.

Market Jihad in Mewat: Punjab Kesari journalist Dinesh Deswal delves on how Muslims hatching a ploy to eliminate the Hindus

Dinesh Deswal, the district in-charge of Punjab Kesari, Ambala edition, also spoke of the life of people in Mewat prior to 1992. He said that if one studied the voter’s list from 1992 to 2020, there has been a significant fall in the number of Hindus in Mewat.

Dinesh, who lives in Aaldo, a Hindu-majority village in Mewat, says that he has witnessed many such incidents of Hindu atrocities in his nearby villages while he lived in Mewat. He said he has also written about several such incidents.

When we asked him to share any recent incident, Dinesh said that one Hindu family was beaten up and tortured by the Muslims recently after the victim family gave some statement to the media. OpIndia had also tried to get in touch with this Hindu family after acquiring the phone number. However, when we called someone else had picked up the phone. Concerned about the family’s security, OpIndia did not consider it will be wise to ask the person on the phone about the victim family.

Dinesh claimed that the statistics he was providing us with, were all on the basis of government documents. He said that according to the voters’ list if a Muslim dominated village in 1992 had 20 Hindu families living there, the same village in 2020 had only 8-10 or maximum 12 Hindu families remaining there. Likewise, a village which approximately had 300 Muslims families dwelling there in the year 1992, now had more than 1000 Muslim families living there. This meant that while the Muslim dominance in these villages increased exponentially, the presence of Hindus dwindled rapidly.

Speaking of the exodus of Hindus in Mewat, Dinesh said that when the Babri Masjid demolition happened in the year 1992, its impact was felt there too. Until then Hindu’s owned many shops in Mewat. However, after this incident in 1992, the Muslims started boycotting the Hindu markets. After this, whenever Hindus tried to raise their voices against the atrocities, Muslims use to refuse to take goods from the shops of Hindus. Business started getting effected and the Hindus were forced to flee.

Calling it ‘market jihad’, Dinesh said: “Today these people are expanding their markets on a large scale and boycotting the Hindu market”. He said that this was their ploy to eliminate the Hindus from the region.

Muslim boys wear Tilaks and Kalavas to deceive Hindi girls: Sudarshan News journalist Gaurav Mishra

Gaurav Mishra, who has spent a lot of time doing field reporting from Mewat, throws light on the constant threat of abduction, molestation and rape the Hindus women and girls have been living within various villages of Mewat in Haryana. Mishra revealed that abduction, molestation and rape of girls and women have become so rampant all over Mewat that the Hindu girls are forced to discontinue studies after class 5 or 6. This, is also one of the reasons why Hindu families are forced to leave Mewat and settle elsewhere, said Mishra.

He said that most educational institutions are in Muslim dominated areas, Sending the girls there, means throwing them down the gauntlet. They are teased and harassed by Muslim boys and constantly live under the threat of molestation or abduction. Muslim classmates often try to brain-wash the Hindu girls and push them towards love jihad. The Muslims boys often wear Tilaks or Kalavas (a red-yellow thread worn by Hindus) to deceive the Hindu girls. Once they fall prey, they are forced to convert to Islam.

It is pertinent to note here that while in conversation with OpIndia Justice Pawan Kumar had also spoken on how more than 200 cases of forced conversions have allegedly taken place in the region.

Meanwhile, speaking on the horrific conditions under which the Hindus are living in Meerut, Gaurav said that apart from all this, the Hindus in various Muslim dominated villages are devoid of something as basic as water. He said that there is an urban village in Mewat, also known as Shiri, where most of the water connections are with the Muslims. The 50 Hindu families living there have no water connection. They have to travel atleast 1 km to fetch water every day, said a Hindu lady, Gaurav got in touch with. The lady said that fearing harassment, she does not send her daughter to get water, instead she prefers to do it herself.

Gaurav delved that the fear of Islamists amongst the Hindus there is so pervasive that while speaking to him, the Hindus either covered their faces or turned their back towards the camera so that their identities are not revealed.

Gaurav said that it was not easy for him to report from Mewat. The Muslims in the area, several times threatened him with dire consequences if he dared to report the atrocities being meted out at the Hindus by them. He said that when he reached the press conference where the CM was also present, Gaurav started getting threatening messages. He was told that he made a mistake by going there. He delved that he was ultimately not allowed to sit in the press conference. Gaurav had also Tweeted in this regard. He said that CM Khattar met him separately after the press conference and assured that he would look into the matter.

OpIndia’s efforts

OpIndia has been in the relentless pursuit to bring the reality of the atrocities committed against the Dalits to the fore, in remote villages of Mewat, Haryana. Regarding this, we have been constantly trying to contact the President of National Commission for Scheduled Castes, President of Haryana Women Commission and Haryana CM Office, but to no avail.

We had also got in touch with Justice Pawan Kumar, who had gone to Mewat himself to investigate the case and bring the reality of the atrocities committed against the Dalits to the fore. 

After it was proved beyond doubts that Muslims in Mewat are carrying out these crimes in connivance with the administration and the local police, OpIndia tried to contact Mewat police and confront them on the allegations meted out against the police, the Superintendent of Police (SP) Mewat cited a step-by-step process of action in these cases. 

He said, “Whenever a case of Dalit harassment comes to the police, a complaint is filed and action is taken in the matter as per the rules. He said the victim can first approach SHO, in case he is unavailable then he will be directed towards the DSP then the SP.

Before OpIndia could ask further questions to the SP the call got disconnected. Later, when we again tried to contact the SP we could not get through him.

We then spoke to the president of the Joint Hindu Sangharsh Samiti, Mahavir Bhardwaj who too said that the Dalits in Mewat are falling prey to the atrocities by Muslims, who dominate these villages. Fearing brutality, many Hindu families have fled but the Dalits are mostly poor and not capable of going and easily settling elsewhere, therefore they are the ones who are suffering in the hands of the Muslim population in villages of Mewat.

Speaking of the harrowing conditions under which Dalits are having to live in Mewat, Bhardwaj said that minorities in Pakistan must not be facing as many hardships these Dalits and Hindus are facing here in mini-Pakistan (Mewat).

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