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Netizens question Amazon Prime’s creative head’s bias, wonder if shows like “Patal lok” are approved because of it

Aparna Purohit, the person responsible for commissioning all such derogatory contents on the Amazon Prime Video, is the alumnus of the infamous Jamia Millia University

Lately, there has been a growing outrage against the movie industry and the online OTT platforms for their blatant act of pushing Hinduphobic contents under the guise of creative art.

For a very long time now, several social media users have been pointing out how several platforms have been subtly pushing their preconceived agenda through movies, web series, etc. One such platform that has also been under fire recently is Amazon Prime, which according to several viewers, have been aggressively pushing contents that are offensive to Hindus religious beliefs.

The netizens have time-and-again have also pointed out how Amazon India has been giving space for ultra-left radicals and Islamist elements, who are known for their anti-Hindu agenda. A series of social media outrage had erupted in the past against Amazon for making Hinduphobic web series such as ‘Paatal Lok‘ and also for featuring ultra-left wing activists such as Swara Bhasker and Islamists like Ali Fazal in one of their shows.

Various social media users have been expressing their disappointment against online platforms such as Amazon India for deliberately disrespecting the sentiments of the common masses of the country by continuing to produce such vile contents.

However, despite all the outrage, Amazon seems to have turned a blind eye as they keep pushing controversial content that is mostly derogatory to Hindu religious beliefs.

According to several OTT platform enthusiasts and critics, the anti-Hindu narratives often pushed by these OTT platforms stems from the fact that the promoters and the people responsible for airing such contents themselves carry their own biases. These set of promoters and people responsible for content are happy to provide space for pushing derogatory contents under the guise of creating valuable content.

One such stakeholder who has the ability to push all sorts of agenda through online streaming platforms is Aparna Purohit. Aparna Purohit is the head of Amazon India’s creative development team and also the in-charge of platform’s original web series.

A social media user on Thursday pointed out how Aparna Purohit, the creative head of the Amazon Prime, had a known left-wing bias, who has often expressed her hatred against the ruling dispensation. According to the images shared by entertainment industry follower Sharanya Shettyy, Aparna Purohit has also pushed various anti-Hindu propaganda on social media platforms.

Aparna Purohit, a former Jamia alumnus with known anti-Hindu bias

Interestingly, Aparna Purohit, the person responsible for commissioning all such derogatory contents on the Amazon Prime Video, is the alumnus of the infamous Jamia Millia University. Purohit, who claims to have experience in making movies for over 15 years, has been open about her ideological position, which has time-and-again reflected in the work that she does for Amazon.

If one takes a closer look at the posts put up by Aparna Purohit on social media platforms, the allegations of ideological prejudice made against Purohit by social media users find resonance as most of her recent posts have either political or ideological undertones to it.

Here are few images posted by social media users, in which one be clearly seen her ideological prejudices of Aparna Purohit.

In one of the Facebook posts, Aparna Purohit had posted an image, which not only disrespected a duly elected Prime Minister but also insinuated that he was some sort of a ‘criminal’.

The below image posted by Aparna Purohit on January 6, 2020, perhaps, was in connection with the brutal attack that took place in JNU attacks unleashed by the left-wing mobs against students of the university. It was reported that some left students along with a few other students had covered their faces to attack students and vandalise the office spaces in the JNU.

However, Aparna Purohit, who is accused of having an ultra-left bias, has indirectly blamed Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah and also portrayed them as the culprits responsible for the JNU attacks.

Image Source: Maya

Not only that, but her hatred for BJP was also yet again reflected in another post in which she was caught sharing propaganda articles published by far-left anti-India fake news portals such as ‘The Wire’. In one of her post, Aparna Purohit held BJP responsible for the anti-Hindu riots that were unleashed by the Muslim mobs in the national capital in the last week of May.

Sharing a propaganda piece, Aparna Purohit compared the Anti-Hindu riots in Delhi to 2002-Gujarat incident and had claimed that the Modi government has brought Gujarat model to Delhi.

Image Source: Aparna Purohit

In one of the most bizarre Facebook post, Purohit had promoted the rabid anti-India hatred of known Naxal sympathiser Arundhati Roy. Opposing the historical Citizenship Amendment Act, a law that guarantees Indian citizenship to the persecuted minorities from three neighbouring Islamic countries, Purohit had claimed that India would cease to exist if they accepted a law that was legitimately passed by the parliament.

Image Source: Aparna Purohit

In one of her post, Aparna Purohit was also seen expressing her admiration and fascination towards another ultra-left-activist and Bollywood entertainer Swara Bhasker. Bhasker, a known anti-Hindu propagandist has been constantly promoted by Amazon India’s Purohit.

Here is a post by Aparna Purohit, where she was seen defending the likes of Swara Bhasker. The controversial activist is alleged to be one of the enablers of the ant-CAA and anti-Hindu riots in the national capital. The social media users also pointed out that the left-ideological leanings of Aparna Purohit was the reason why the likes of Swara Bhasker gets an opportunity to act in shows that are produced by Amazon Prime Video.

Last year in May, Aparna Purohit had taken to Facebook to share another article of ‘The Wire’, which was written in the wake of revoking of Article 370 in erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Image Source: Aparna Purohit

Aparna Purohit also is not new to sharing fake news on social media platforms. Last year in December, Purohit had taken to Facebook to share a series of videos of the anti-CAA riots that took place in Jamia Millia University.

Sharing a series of videos of rioters of Jamia Millia University, Aparna Purohit had tried to pass off videos that claimed that Delhi police were firing against inside students’ library.

With one of its creative heads now openly caught propagating hatred, perhaps Amazon India owes a clarification to people of this country.

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