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Live updates: NDA crosses the majority mark as counting of votes continues late into the night

Live updates of counting day for 243-seat Bihar Assembly elections and bypolls across 11 states for 58 seats.

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

NDA gets majority as Nitish Kumar is set to return as chief minister of Bihar. BJP won 74 seats out of 110 it contested, JDU won 43 out of 115 it contested. Vikassheel Insan Party and Hindustani Awam Morcha (Secular), both NDA allies won 4 seats each.

Mahagathbandhan won 110 seats.

The counting continued late into the night.

9:07 PM

The NDA appears to have regained its slender leader over the Mahagathbandhan. As per ECI, the NDA has won 49 seats while the MGB has won 40 seats.

BJPRJDJDUCongressLeftNDA allyOthersTotal
NDA43 (29 won)26 (17 won)5 (3 won)123
MGB51 (25 won)12 (7 won)10 (8 won)113
Total727643191887 (4 won)243

8:00 PM

While NDA is now ahead in 122 seats, the MGB is ahead in 114. NDA has officially won 26 seats, the MGB has won 24 seats according to the ECI website.

BJPRJDJDUCongressLeftNDA allyOthersTotal
NDA56 (16 won)36 (7 won)4 (3 won)122
MGB60 (16 won)17 (3 won)13 (5)114

7:45 PM

The election in Bihar is far from over. While the leads taken by NDA seem close to MGB, there are 21 seats with less than 1000 vote lead with 16 out of 21 in favour of RJD. So far, it appears like the election can swing either way.

BJPRJDJDUCongressLeftNDA allyOthersTotal
NDA59 (14 won)35 (6 won)6 (2 won)122
MGB66 (9 won)18 (2 won)16 (2)113

6:45 PM

NDA continues to maintain lead, however, the contest is becoming extremely close. As of 6:45 PM, NDA was ahead in 120 seats while the MGB was ahead in 115.

BJPRJDJDUCongressLeftNDA allyOthersTotal
NDA67 (6 won)37 (3 won)5 (2 won)120
MGB71 (6 won)18 (2 won)17 (1)115

While the NDA had won 11 seats till 6:45 PM, the MGB had won 8 seats.

6:00 PM

NDA continues to maintain lead even as RJD closes in gap with BJP. As of 6 PM, the NDA barely managing to breach the majority mark with leading on 114 seats while having won 9 seats (total 123 seats). Mahagathbandhan is closely behind with lead on 109 seats and having won 3 seats (total 112 seats).

BJPRJDJDUCongressLeftNDA allyOthersTotal
NDA72 (5 won)43 (2 won)8 (2 won)
MGB74 (2 won)20 (1 won)18

In other state bypolls, BJP won 3 and leading in 1 in Manipur while independent candidate has won the 5th seat. Congress leading in 1 seat in Chhattisgarh and won the 1 seat in Haryana. In Gujarat, BJP won 3 and leading in remaining 5. In Jharkhand, Congress leading in 1 and JMM leading in other. In Karnataka, BJP won one and leading on other. In Nagaland, independent candidate leading in one while Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party won other. In Odisha, BJD leading in both seats. In Telangana BJP leading in one. In Madhya Pradesh, BJP wins 5 while leading in 14. Thereby ensuring Shivraj Singh Chouhan may retain the power in state. Congress leading in 7 and has won 1 seat. BSP is leading in remaining one seat. In Uttar Pradesh, BJP leading in 5 and SP leading in 2 seats.

5:00 PM

BJP’s Sanjay Saraogi won Darbhanga with a margin of 10,639 votes and Ram Chandra Prasad won Hayaghat with a margin of 10,252 votes. JDU’s Shashibhushan Hajari won Kusheshwar Asthan with margin of 7,222 votes and Ashok Kumar Chodhary won Sakra with margin of 1,537 votes. BJP leading on 74 seats and JDU on 39. NDA still maintaining lead in majority seats with lead in 125 seats. RJD leading on 68 seats while winning 2 seats. Congress has also won a seat and is leading on 19 seats. Left parties have again upped their lead to 18 seats.

Meanwhile, the usual suspects are out with conspiracy theories that EVMs are hacked.

First time contestant Pushpam Priya Choudhary was one of the first to float the theory after she was losing from both the seats she contested.

Congress leader Digvijaya Singh, too cast aspersions on EVMs being hacked after BJP clean swept Madhya Pradesh.

Another tall Congress leader Dr Udit Raj, who has an honorary doctorate humanities from Bible College and Seminary, Kota, Rajasthan, too wondered that if one can operate devices going towards Mars and Moon from Earth, why can’t EVMs be hacked.

It is not yet clear whether he was alleging that EVMs are being hacked or he is suggesting that EVMs be hacked so Congress, which is leading in 20 out of 243 seats, might increase its tally.

4:00 PM

As per official EC data, BJP is set to sweep by bypolls as it registered victory in 3 seats and is leading in remaining 5 seats in Gujarat.

Gujarat8 (3 won)08
Jharkhand11 (JMM)2
Karnataka2 (1 won)2
Madhya Pradesh20 (1 won)6128
Manipur4(3 won)01 (Ind)5
Uttar Pradesh617

Gujarat has also shown massive vote share of 54.5% to the BJP. Karnataka and MP, too have shown vote share of 51.8% and 51.1% to the BJP.

In Bihar, BJP’s lead has increased to 77 while Left parties have lost their lead on two seats and have gone from 18 to 16. RJD too has one down to leading in 62 seats while registering victory in 1.

3:30 PM

As per official EC website, RJD is the first to have the first winner in the 243 seat assembly in Bihar. Lalit Kumar Yadav has won Darbhanga Rural seat with a margin of 2,141 votes. Meanwhile, BJP continues to lead on 73 seats. RJD is currently leading on 64 seats after registering 1 win. JDU is leading on 49 seats.

The NDA is currently leading on 129 seats as of 3:30 PM. This is more than the half-way mark.

Trends at 3:30 PM

BJP (73) + HAM (2) + JDU (49) + VIP (5) = 129 seats showing lead for NDA.

Mahagathbandhan leading on 102 seats (RJD 64), Congress (20) and Left parties (18). Further, MGB has already registered victory on one seat.

1:00 PM

In UP by-elections, BJP now leading on 6 out of 7 seats. In Gujarat, BJP leading on all 8 seats with massive 54.2% vote share. Congress far behind with 34.4% vote share. In Madhya Pradesh, BJP leading on 19 out of 28 seats with over 50% vote share. In Manipur BJP registered victory in second seat and leading in two more.

In Bihar, BJP continues to lead on 72 seats while JDU is now leading on 50 seats. RJD on 65 and Congress on 20 seats.

RJD’s Tej Pratap Yadav leads on Hasanpur seat with 1333 votes margin while Tejashwi maintaining lead on Raghopur constituency with 5327 votes. Jitan Ram Manjhi of Hindustani Awam Morcha, an NDA ally, leading from Imamganj. Congress leader and film actor Shatrughan Sinha’s actor son Luv Sinha continues to trail on Bankipur.

12:30 PM

NDTV India editor Ravish Kumar’s brother Brajesh Pandey is trailing from Govindganj constituency. He was contesting from the Congress seat. He was accused of sexually exploiting a Dalit woman. He is currently trailing with a margin of 5,400 votes behind BJP’s Sunil Mani Tiwari.

Govindganj seat trends

Early trends for all 243 seats are officially out. BJP now leading in 72 seats and RJD in 65. JDU on 47, LJP on 2 and Congress on 21 seats as of 12:30 PM. AIMIM now leading on 3 seats.

Meanwhile, in other state by-elections, BJP is leading in 19 out of 28 seats. In Gujarat, too, BJP is leading in 8 out of 8 seats. In Karnataka, too, BJP is leading on both the seats.

12:00 PM

State-wise leads on by-elections as per official EC data.

Madhya Pradesh179228
Uttar Pradesh5117

BJP registers its first win in Manipur. It is also leading in 3 seats in Manipur. BJP is leading in all 8 seats in Gujarat where bypolls were held. BJP needs 8 seats to retain power in Madhya Pradesh and is leading in 17 seats.

Meanwhile, in Bihar elections, as per ECI website, Pushpam Priya Chaudhary who floated a party called ‘Plurals’ is trailing from both the seats. Pushpam Priya Chaudhary is an alumni of London School of Economics. Other Plurals candidates were highly educated like engineers and doctors and had ‘Bihari’ as religion. She is the daughter of former JDU MLC Vinod Chaudhary.

The BJP in Bihar is leading on 73 seats, while RJD now leading on 60 seats. JDU leading on 49 seats with Congress leading on 21 seats.

11:30 AM

Congress leader Shatrughan Sinha’s son Luv Sinha who is contesting from Bankipur on Congress ticket trailing. RJD’s Tejashwi Yadav leading with 1554 votes. Meanwhile, RJD’s Tej Pratap Yadav is also leading from Hasanpur with a margin of just 146 votes.

BJP continues to maintain lead on 68 seats with RJD closing in with leading on 64 seats. AIMIM has registered lead on 2 seats. JDU on 47 while Congress leading on 21 seats.

In Uttar Pradesh byelections, BJP is leading on 5 out of 7 seats while Samajwadi Party and Independent candidate aare leading on one each.

11:00 AM

Three hours into counting, the BJP-led NDA in Bihar is showing slight edge over RJD-Congress’ Mahagathbandhan with official EC trends showing BJP leading in more seats than RJD.

EC trends as of 11 AM

As per EC trends at 11 AM, BJP is leading in 62 seats against 60 seats of RJD. JDU leading on 49 and Congress on 19. LJP is leading on 5 seats.

AIMIM also showing early leads in one seat as now. Meanwhile, RJD’s Tejashwi Yadav has officially registered lead as per EC website.

Voting share

As of 11 AM, BJP has 21% vote sharewhile RJD has 23.2% vote share. JDU has registered 14.96% vote share.

Meanwhile, in Madhya Pradesh bypolls, BJP leading in 17 seats out of 28. Congress showing lead on 9 and BSP on 1. Early trends for 27 seats are out in Madhya Pradesh. BJP needs 8 seats to retain power in Madhya Pradesh.

10:30 AM

Early trends for Bihar assembly elections show Lalu Yadav’s son Tej Pratap Yadav trailing in Hasanpur. He had changed his seat from Mahua to Hasanpur to avoid possible clash with estranged wife Aishwarya. Official data for Tejashwi Yadav for Raghopur constituency are not out yet.

As per trends as of 10:30 AM, BJP leading in 53 seats while RJD in 54 seats. JDU is leading in 39 and Congress in 14. LJP is leading in 3 seats.

10:00 AM

Early trends for bypolls in various states as per EC website:

Madhya Pradesh125128
Uttar Pradesh41117

Early trends for 119 seats out of 243 in Bihar are out. BJP leading in 31 seats while RJD in 34. JDU in 24 while Congress in 12. LJP is now leading in 3 seats.

9:30 AM

Official Election Commission trends show BJP leading in 8 seats.

Official ECI trends

Of the 43 seats showing early trends, BJP leading on 15 while RJD on 9. JDU leading on 8 and Congress leading on five seats.

Madhya Pradesh trends

Early trends in Madhya Pradesh show BJP leading in 6 and Congress in 2. A total of 28 seats underwent voting for bypolls.

9:00 AM

Battle of prestige for Jyotiraditya Scindia and Kamal Nath in Madhya Pradesh as bypoll results will decide the fate of Shivraj Singh Chouhan government. Byelections were held on November 3 in Madhya Pradesh. Of the 28 seats undergoing counting, the BJP needs to win at least 8 to retain power.

The Congress-led Kamal Nath government in Madhya Pradesh fell earlier this year after former Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia quit the party along with rebel Congress MLAs. He later joined the BJP.

Meanwhile, latest figures for Bihar show MGB (Mahagathbandhan) leading on as many as 114 seats with NDA on 90 in Bihar. MGB only 8 seat short of the breaching the half-way mark.

Tejashwi Yadav is leading from Radhopur seat.

8:40 AM

Counting of votes begins for the 243 seats in Bihar Assembly as well as bypolls to as many as 58 seats across 11 states. As per media reports, early trends show Mahagathbandhan leading on 44 seats while NDA on 28.

The exit polls have predicted a hung assembly in Bihar with a slight edge to the Mahagathbandhan. However, in 2015 state assembly elections, almost all exit polls got it wrong.

RJD has been projecting confidence of Tejashwi being elected as the Chief Minister of Bihar. Tejashwi is son of fodder scam convict Lalu Prasad Yadav, who himself has been Bihar chief minister as well as Union Minister under the UPA government. His wife, Rabri Devi, too, has been chief minister of Bihar. Under Lalu’s rule, Bihar was often referred to as ‘jungle raj‘ for the unbridled crime and corruption.

Along with Bihar, counting for 28 assembly seats in Madhya Pradesh is also currently underway. This will decide the fate of Shivraj Singh Chouhan government in state.

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