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Grooming Jihad: Karim Khan sent 4,000 messages to 11-year-old in Rotherham to convince her he ‘loved her’, jailed for 4 years

It is rather evident that non-Muslim women are at the heart of the Jihad that is waged by radical Muslims. From the categories of crimes we see in India, cases of 'love Jihad' to Tahharush, Grooming Gangs and also, the mass subjugation we saw in Bhola.

Child grooming gangs, predominantly comprising of Muslim men from Pakistan or Bangladesh, have been for years operating in various parts of England with impunity, hooking their minor victims on drugs and sexually abusing them.

In one such case reported from Rotherham in South Yorkshire, North England, a Muslim man from Rotherham, Karim Khan alias Zayn groomed and abused an 11-year-old girl. The Muslim man who is 31-years-old pursued his victim over social media. After the case came to the fore, the South Yorkshire Police arrested him and produced him before the Sheffield Crown Court, which sentenced him to 4 and a half years imprisonment on November 25.

According to the Yorkshire police, Karim Khan sent over 4000 messages over a three month period to the minor girl on Snapchat and WhatsApp, including “lewd” photographs of himself. He convinced her that he loved her and wanted to marry her. After brainwashing her, he even pressurised her to send naked pictures of herself to him, which the minor, refused. Khan also inappropriately touched her on two occasions in February and March 2019.

His perverse actions came to light when the minor girl’s mother went through her daughter’s phone and found Khan’s messages. Her distressed daughter then broke down and confessed everything in front of her mother, who in turn dialled the police.

Investigating Officer, Rachel Scott, said: “Khan preyed on his victim over a period of months, taking full advantage of her age, and her vulnerability. He manipulated her in to thinking he was her boyfriend, and it was normal for him to send her such explicit messages.

Scott informed that Khan was a repeart offender and on two previous occasions assaulted a 13-year-old girl. He had tried to inapropriately touch her and incited her to engage in sexual activities and engaged in sexual communication with the child.

Khan was sentenced to four and a half years of imprisonment by the Sheffield Crown Court on November 25. He will also be placed on the Sex Offender Register, informed the investigating officer.

Muslim Grooming Gangs have been operating in Britain for decades

Muslim grooming gangs have been operating actively in Britain for decades now. According to the official figures, it is being estimated that nearly 19,000 minors were sexually groomed in England in the last year. The latest figures showed a sharp increase in the number of child grooming victims over the last five years. Though the highest rates of child grooming victims in Britain are reported in areas like Birmingham, Lancashire and Bradford, Rotherham has also been affected badly, identifying more than 1,500 victims in the last few years. As many as a thousand girls are feared to have fallen prey to the gangs over the years. However, unfortunately, the establishment in Britain is still not prepared to prioritize the safety and security of their children over hurt sentiments of certain groups.

Grooming Jihad in India

In a case that was widely termed as one of ‘Love Jihad, a girl in Sonbhadra was beheaded and buried, shabbily, when she refused to convert to Islam by a man she had married. Her dismembered body was found when women saw a dog, walkabout nonchalantly with her severed hand in her mouth. In Haryana, a woman named Nikita Tomar was shot in broad daylight by one Tauseef because she refused to return his advances.

Her parents say she was also being forced to convert to Islam. In fact, it was revealed that Tauseef’s mother had called Nikita and asked her to convert to Islam. She refused. She was killed. In the case of the Kausambhi rape, the barbarians had asked the minor girl to plead for mercy in the name of Allah. 

The atrocity does not stop there. There are cases where Muslim men pretend to be Hindus and when their identity is revealed, either by accident or by design, forcing the girl to convert to Islam, they kill the Hindu woman they had wedded. One remembers Subhologna Chakraborty, shot dead by her soon-to-be-husband Sultan who was posing as a Hindu. 

While the Left dismisses these occurrences as a figment of the ‘right-wing imagination’, the cases are real. The dead bodies are also real and the threat is imminent.

In India, the only organised syndicate that we speak of now is the phenomenon of ‘Love Jihad’. 

The NIA for example had observed this in 2017: “A pattern emerges from similar cases that have been reported from Kerala. In multiple cases, the persons who play a role in approaching young girls help them in conversion, give them shelter and get them married to Muslims, appear to be common. They seem to approach young girls who appear distressed because of disagreement with parents”.

What the NIA defines as ‘Love Jihad’ comes eerily close to what UK went through with the Grooming Gang phenomenon. However, there are several other categories of crimes that don’t fit into the narrow definition of ‘Love Jihad’ per se. 

It is rather evident that non-Muslim women are at the heart of the Jihad that is waged by radical Muslims. From the categories of crimes we see in India, cases of ‘love Jihad’ to Tahharush, Grooming Gangs and also, the mass subjugation we saw in Bhola.

It is for these reasons that OpIndia had decided to use the term ‘Grooming Jihad’ instead of the prevalent term ‘Love Jihad’. The full article explaining the phenomenon can be read here.

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