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Hindus, Sikh teacher killed in Kashmir, this is how ‘liberals’ still managed not to condemn Islamic terrorists unequivocally

For 'liberals' and Islamists to condemn attack on Hindus, especially when perpetrators are Islamic terrorists, there always has to be a 'context'

In an extremely brutal attack, two teachers, a Hindu and a Sikh, were killed by Islamic terrorists in Kashmir. The teachers had asked students to attend 15th August function in schools. As per reports, the teachers present were segregated on basis of their religions and presumably Muslim teachers were allowed to go. The Hindu and Sikh teacher were dragged outside and shot at point blank range. The terrorists then fled.

This attack comes in less than 48 hours of killing of Makhan Lal Bindroo, the Kashmiri Pandit who stood his ground and refused to leave Kashmir even during the heights of Islamic terror in 1990s.

But then, there are a few who would rather blame the ‘Hindu nationalist right wing’ for crime committed by Pakistan-backed Islamic terrorists than condemn the terrorists for who they are.

Here is Jammu Kashmir National Conference (JKNC) spokesperson Ifra Jan on assassination of Bindroo.

The actual condemnation of Bindroo’s assassination comes after bringing context to other crimes taking place in the country. Jan essentially means, because ‘minorities’ in rest of the country are feeling ‘unsafe’, when a Hindu, a minority in Jammu & Kashmir, is killed, it is because rest of the country ‘other minorities’ are ‘dehumanised’.

To put things in perspective, the Islamists and liberals have been dehumanising anyone who not only supports the BJP or Narendra Modi, but even does not hate on them like they do. They have regularly given context to murders of Hindus and attacks on them just because they do not hate on Modi.

Hence, for Jan to mouth platitudes, it hardly comes as a surprise.

Ifra’s now deleted tweet

After the teachers were shot dead in Srinagar school today, she again brought ‘context’ to their assassination. However, she later deleted the tweet claiming it was part of a thread of tweets (which also seem to have been deleted now). Jan added more clarification, without justifying the targeted killing of Hindus and Sikhs in Kashmir by Muslim terrorists of Kashmir.

She claimed that she does not justify the act (does not specify the Islamist act of terror) and that it does deserve ‘utmost condemnation’, followed by a silent ‘but’ (there’s always a but before condemnations), those who abrogated Article 370 and cheered that the state was part of India was part of Union of India without any terms and conditions attached, are to be blamed for it.

Because how dare you want to celebrate India’s Independence Day in an Indian territory? Wouldn’t seeing the Indian national flag on Indian territory trigger people within the country enough to go kill fellow citizens? How dare you illuminate the clock tower at Lal Chowk in Indian tricolour and celebrate Janamashtami, a Hindu festival. Why wouldn’t it upset people who live there? And why shouldn’t they then shoot you down?

So, Islamic terrorists backed, nurtured, trained and supported by Pakistan kill Indians, especially Hindus, but Hindus are to be blamed.

‘Independent journalist’ with bylines in The Wire, Caravan and other propaganda outlets would rather remind everyone who ‘runs’ the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir than say it in as many words that Islamic terrorists killed Hindus. Why really is it that hard? Isn’t being independent journalist all about speaking truth to power and calling a spade a spade and reporting hard facts? Does not seem so.

Remember when Reuters photo journalist Danish Siddiqui was killed by Islamist group Taliban in Afghanistan, but these very people blamed ‘Hindu right wing’ and said how Taliban was at least better as they ‘said sorry’. Sorry for identifying, targeting, killing and Indian journalist and then mutilating his body. But hey, at least they said sorry.

You see, those ruling Delhi can’t quite just right click and edit the ‘aasmani kitab’ to remove parts which these terrorists use to justify their act. And obviously people blame Delhi. ‘Bhakts’ have been criticising, attacking Modi-Shah even for Bengal violence, but how about looking inside your own dark soul once a while?

Legitimate target

And then there are those who’d cheer for the Hindu’s assassination as he was a ‘legitimate target’. The above anonymous account, likely from Pakistan, is sorry for the Sikh teacher, but well, Deepak, described by Khalistan sympathiser ‘journalist’ Amaan Bali as ‘another teacher’, deserved to die.

Tell me again how ‘liberals’ are all about inclusivity when Sukhvinder Kaur is identified as Sikh but Deepak is ‘another teacher’ who are ‘shot dead’, not that they were shot dead by Islamist terrorists. When they were lined up, identified and killed specifically because they were non-Muslims.

No political tourism in Kashmir

Five people have been killed by Pakistan-backed Islamist terrorists in Kashmir in just two days. In less than 48 hours. These were obviously targeted killings. But, no one from any of the political parties like Congress, Samajwadi Party, Aam Aadmi Party want to go to Kashmir to express solidarity with them? Priyanka Gandhi left for Lakhimpur Kheri within hours of ‘farmer’ mob attacking a BJP convoy leading to death of eight people. She went to express solidarity with the ‘farmers’, not the BJP workers who were killed by the mob. Because, as this Congress leader said, the BJP workers deserved it.

Rahul Gandhi, too, had rushed there, as did Akhilesh Yadav. In poll-bound Uttar Pradesh it was a political stunt to ‘express solidarity’. Rahul Gandhi, instead, invoked abrogation of Article 370 too.

No one rushed to Jammu & Kashmir stand by the victims of Islamist terror.

Because that’s how true liberals in India are.

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