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Korean vlogger harassed in Mumbai by Mobeen Chand and Mohammad Naqeeb during a live stream, both arrested after social media outrage

During the vlogger's live stream from the roads in Khar, she was repeatedly groped and molested by two persons named Mobeen Chand and Md Naqeeb. After the incident, the shocked woman was blamed by people for 'being friendly' with the accused persons.

On December 1, Mumbai Police arrested Mobeen Chand Mohammad Shaikh and Mohammad Naqeeb Sadrealam Ansari for harassing a Korean woman vlogger in Khar. In a statement, the police said, “Two youths – Mobeen Chand Mohammad Shaikh and Mohammad Naqeeb Sadrealam Ansari – arrested for allegedly molesting a Korean woman YouTuber during a live streaming. Khar Police registered an FIR u/s 354 IPC and arrested both of them.”

On November 29, Korean Twitch streamer Hyojeong, who goes by the handle ‘Mhyochi’ on the streaming platform and social media, was harassed in Khar, Mumbai, by two young men who have been identified as Mobeen Chand Mohammad Shaikh and Mohammad Naqeeb Sadrealam Ansari. Mhyochi is currently on a trip to India and regularly streaming her journey on her Twitch channel.

The clip of the incident was shared by a Twitter user, Beaver_R6 (Aditya), who said, “A streamer from Korea was harassed by these boys in Khar last night while she was live streaming in front of 1000+ people. This is disgusting, and some action needs to be taken against them. This cannot go unpunished.”

Quoting Aditya, Mhyochi said, “Last night on stream, there was a guy who harassed me. I tried my best not to escalate the situation and leave because he was with his friend. And some people said that it was initiated by me being too friendly and engaging in the conversation. Makes me think again about streaming.”

The incident and the clips of the woman being harassed went viral on social media and triggered outrage from Indians who demanded action against the culprits.

Mhyochi harassed by Mobeen Chand and Mohammad Naqeeb in Khar

In an over six and a half hours long streaming video from November 29 on Mhyochi’s channel, the incident happened at 6 hours 20 minutes timestamp onwards. Mhyochi was walking along on a fairly busy street at night when two men on a bike approached her. Being polite and cheerful, she replied to a man wearing a black shirt who called her.

He said, “Hi… how are you… I love you.” It appeared Mhyochi saw it as a harmless interaction and replied, “Aww, you love me? I love you too,” and started walking away. The man again approached her. Mhyochi explained that she was making a video. When the man noticed the camera, he looked into it, wrapped his arm around her shoulder and tried to kiss her.

Shocked by the incident, the first reaction from Mhyochi was to ask how old he was. The man grabbed her arm and started pulling her towards his bike. He said, “Come with me and sit on my bike.” She asked, “Where are we going?” The man did not answer and kept pulling her. She repeatedly said no and said, “I am dressed”, giving the impression that she couldn’t sit in the dress she was wearing.

The man again wrapped his arm around her and tried to kiss her for the second time. Mhyochi realised she had to leave the location immediately and tried to avoid any confrontation. She started walking away immediately. A few seconds later, she said, “Time to go home”, it was not over yet. The man and his friend started following her and again asked her to sit with them on the bike. He then asked her for her phone number. It looked like she gave a fake number to get out of the situation as soon as possible.

A few moments another man came into the frame, which appeared to be known to Mhyochi. He said he was watching her live when he noticed what was happening and came. She said, “I think I should stay here for a couple of minutes so that he can leave.” The two men who harassed her again followed them on the bike. The bearded man approached them and asked, “Why are you doing this?”. There was some conversation between him and the two men, after which they left the place. He walked with Mhyochi for some time and then left.

Later, she again spotted those two men, who appeared to be with a group. Mhyochi decided it was best to run away. She reached the hotel safely, and while taking a breath, she chatted with some of the followers who were watching her live stream. Sadly, some of them blamed her for being over-friendly. Mhyochi said, “One thing I was afraid of was that I could beat him if he was alone, but if he was with a friend group waiting there, that’s pretty scary.”  “Please don’t tell me if I have done something wrong. Did I? Maybe I should stop smiling at strangers. That’s right? Not being nice to other people. Is that what you are saying? Don’t tell me that I have done something wrong. Every time this thing happens, even in Egypt, there are always people saying that I have done something wrong.” She then asked the person blaming her for what had happened to leave the stream and unfollow her.

In a story on her Instagram account she said, “Last night on stream, there was a guy who harassed me. I tried my best not to escalate the situation and leave because he was with his friend. And some people said that it was initiated by me being too friendly and engaging the conversation. Or I am just being too naive and shouldn’t walk alone or drink at a bar alone. I am tired of people who are saying about me as if they know me well.”

Source: Mhyochi/Instagram

Mumbai Police has replied to her tweet seeking information about the incident. OpIndia has messaged Mhyochi for more details on the matter.

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