Home Media Truth behind "online attack" on John Dayal, and real faces of online abusers whom media ignores

Truth behind “online attack” on John Dayal, and real faces of online abusers whom media ignores

Luke 6:31 – And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise

I won’t get into how Mr. John Dayal, at the very onset in his article slyly equates himself to the young reporters working in rural areas facing abuse and threat while Mr. Dayal only faces Social Media dissent for his deliberate incitement. I also won’t get into how Mr. John Dayal (in the second paragraph) has the intellectual dishonesty to club getting “trolled on Social Media” to “Senior Journalists being beaten by the police during protests”.

We are not here to talk about how Mr. John Dayal plays the Judge and declares Ms. Setalvad an icon while she is under trial for severe crimes such as misappropriation of funds meant for victims (not by the government, but by a court of law), and also, how Mr. Dayal magically relates it all to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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I’m a mere mortal, persisting, albeit without pause, seeking that the self proclaimed bigoted “seculars” not encroach on the Freedom of Expression of anyone, the voices of dissent of the “trolls”, the cultural nationalists, and in my case, specially of those of these who also have an additional identity of being “Internet Hindus”.

Twitter is a platform where lies seldom go uncontested and that is conveniently termed as trolling by the very people who were, so far, used to peddling lies without being countered freely. When Mr. Dayal’s lies and shameless provocations were countered on Twitter, he chose to do what most people do when cornered in their own abyss – Focus on abuse. Ignore the legitimate questions and facts. Play victim.

And write an innocuous rhetorical blog, sans fact, whining about how the smothering power of Mr. Modi’s parliamentary majority and the open assertion of RSS’ cultural nationalism has emboldened the “Internet Hindus”.

Mr. Dayal claims that he was trolled mercilessly for expressing an opinion about the beef ban, the latest ban on sale of meat (which has been in place since 1964, but that comes under “Facts”, hence conveniently ignored) and his personal culinary preferences. This is not true. He was COUNTERED for a deliberately hateful tweet that is as follows:

Provocative and abusive tweet by John DayalNow here is where John Dayal’s Intellectual dishonesty comes into play.

  1. He wasn’t primarily “trolled” for expressing a harmless opinion on the “Meat Ban” and for expressing his love towards beef (I ordinarily would say that IF he were indeed “trolled” for expressing his love for beef, he should have remembered how he asked the government to be sensitive towards religious sentiments while endorsing the ban on Da Vinci Code. I however, won’t say that, since his dissent would be termed as opinion and mine would be termed as trolling).
  2. He merrily made wild assumptions that “khaki” (a term he uses to target RSS, BJP and anything remotely Hindu) has some strange fascination with deviant sex, and he calls this an innocuous OPINION. When respectfully asked for proof, he incites more hate by insinuating that the mere fact that someone (Hindu sounding) has questioned him, makes him sound like a “khaki who loves deviant sex”.

Abusive tweet by John Dayal

When paid back in the same coin with proof of certain “untoward incidents” involving little boys and Christian priests, he calls it “Hindu fascism and an attack on his religion”.

Here’s another example of his venom being answered back in venom (not justified), which Mr. John Dayal chose to project as an attack on his faith by fascist Hindus:

Abusive tweet by John Dayal

He of course failed to own up to what led to that comment being made (though I don’t endorse name calling of any sort). I happen to have preserved his tweets and document it here, because the liberal media will not tell you about these:

Abusive tweet by John Dayal

When Mr. John Dayal deliberately bifurcates Asarams name (calling him a Serial Rapist, while being offended when reminded of child abuse by Christian priests) into “ASA RAMA” multiple times, he is inciting religious hate. He is insulting the faith of millions of Hindus including me. Why is it that insults to one faith passes off as intellectualism while a push back is seen as intimidation and insult to the aggressor’s faith, while in reality, the opposite is true?

I’m a Hindu woman who supports Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And frankly, I’m tired of being pushed into a corner with abuse, slander, allegations and lies. We all reach a point, where we say to ourselves, that this can’t go on. That its time, we say something and make ourselves heard. This is my attempt.

In the past few months, there have been articles after articles about how “Right Wingers abuse and throttle any voice of dissent” on Social Media. I’m frankly tired of these baseless propaganda driven allegations. I wonder to myself, in which parallel universe do such people believe that us women on this side of the fence don’t get abused. I have already provided a glimpse of how Mr. John Dayal first incited and then cried victim.

And here, I’m attaching some of the abuse that we have received from not only “twitter trolls” but office bearers of political parties:

Abusive language by friends of leading journalists

Abusive language by friends of leading journalists


Abusive language by friends of leading journalists

Abusive language by friends of journalists

These people regularly interact with so-called activists and journalists, who never thought it important to condemn their serial abusive behavior. The same journalists never cease to ask Narendra Modi to control “trolls” on Twitter. Journalists cry copious tears when “their own” are targeted, but choose to look the other way when their own behave in the most disgusting manner.

Unfortunately, there’s absolutely no one to speak for me other than myself. There is no activist, intellectual, or journalist who would come forth and write a report on a particular set of beliefs being throttled with slander, intimidation, and abuse. And why should they? The moment our cause if taken up, the writer himself will be discredited as a “khaki fascists”. I know no media professional would risk that, which is why, it’s important for people like me to speak up and speak up now.

Why should I take your abuse and aggression lying down Mr. Dayal? Why is it that the abuse I receive, or the “Khaki women” receive is less deplorable than what you receive? What is my crime really? That I support and work for a political party that you detest? (Don’t say you don’t Mr. Dayal, we all remember your statement in the U.S House of Representatives in April 2014 even BEFORE Prime Minister Narendra Modi took oath). That I belong to a tolerant people, who only counter on Social Media? How is my Freedom of Expression lesser than yours?

You stand tall and claim that I am a “Hindu Fascist” and that my Fascism is emboldened because of the Cultural Nationalism of the RSS and the current Prime Minister of India. Why do you feel the need to label me a fascist when I stand and proclaim that I am a proud Hindu? Why do you run to file FIRs when “Internet Hindus” counter your religious bigotry and hate on Social Media?

Because you think my faith is lesser than yours?

Wondering why I said that, because this is what you had said Mr. Dayal:

The bigotry of John Dayal

While you have the liberty to say that “I am a Christian because I feel my religion is better than others”, why don’t you extend the same courtesy and religious tolerance to me? Why is your pride in your faith acceptable, while my pride in my faith and my gods, labelled as fascism?

Not any more Sir. I will always be a tolerant and peaceful citizen of this glorious country. But I will not let you lie in my name. I will make myself heard as I am with this article.

I will leave you with these words Mr. John Dayal.

Zechariah 8:16: These are the things that you shall do: Speak the truth to one another; render in your gates judgments that are true and make for peace;

I am a proud tolerant Hindu woman, and while I will make myself heard, you can carry on with your business of hate. By hurting my religious sentiments and then painting me, the aggrieved, as the aggressor, you sir, don’t be little my religion, my faith, or my identity. You do however, deceive your own.

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