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#HimToo: BJP Delhi spokesperson shares his story of false allegations and mental harassment by a lady doctor

Bagga had refused to partake in abusing a pregnant woman and indulging in her character assassination. This is when Ms Gurunath took offence and levelled false allegations

BJP Delhi spokesperson, Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, has published a video on Youtube where he defends himself against attempts of character assassination. Recently, in the backdrop of the ongoing #MeToo movement, controversial JNU activist Shehla Rashid had brought up the sexual harassment allegation made against Bagga by a certain woman. After remaining silent on the matter for long, Bagga has come out strongly to defend himself.

It is pertinent to mention that the woman, Jwala Gurunath, had filed a case against Bagga under the SC/ST Act. The charges against Bagga were quashed by the Court after due examination of evidence. It is also important to mention that the case against Bagga was fought by the Attorney General of Karnataka himself.

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In the video, Bagga claims that he was asked to tweet in favour of Gurunath during her online quarrel with Nupur J Sharma who tweets as @UnSubtleDesi. Ms Gurunath had taken offence to some generic tweet and demanded that Tajinder Bagga partake in Sharma’s character assassination and abuse. Sharma was pregnant at the time and Gurunath had resorted to abusing her unborn child as well.

Bagga had, however, refused to tweet in anyone’s favour and indulge in baseless abuse and character assassination, following which Gurunath took grave offence and filed the case against him.

The core allegation against Bagga, it is claimed, is that he pestered Gurunath about wanting to stay at her place in Bengaluru. In the video, Bagga shares screenshots of texts and call recordings where Jwala Gurunath can be seen and heard conversing with him in a very friendly manner weeks after the alleged harassment occurred. It is revealed that Gurunath also wanted to meet Bagga even after the date the alleged harassment occurred.

Bagga has also penned a letter as well documenting the ordeal he went through and the subsequent quashing of charges by the Court. He maintains that he has kept silent all this while despite having evidence in the form of screenshots of texts and call recording because he did not want to leak his private conversations with a woman. But continuous attempts at character assassination made by the likes of Shehla Rashid forced him to come out and defend himself.

Disclosure: Nupur J Sharma is now the Editor of OpIndia.com since October 2017. However, this incident is from 2015 and hence, she has not been identified as such in this article.

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