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Sonam Kapoor plagiarises ‘Humans of Hindutva’ propaganda post, pontificates on ‘Hindu fundamentalism’

Sonam Kapoor takes to the oldest trick in film promotion, rustle up a controversy by 'taking up a cause' right before movie release.

Actor Sonam Kapoor has taken to the oldest trick in the book of film promotion: take up a cause whenever a new film is about to release. Last year, it was the Kathua rape case which she, along with her buddies from the cringefest which was passed off as the desi version of Sex And The City, Veere Di Wedding, were ashamed as an Indian because a six-year-old girl was allegedly raped inside a prayer hall. While later investigation showed how the case got all murky, the placard activism catapulted Sonam into the league of Leftists.

No, I’m not kidding. Karan Johar, the flagbearer of nepotism in Bollywood who provides a launchpad to talentless star kids, referred to Sonam as a ‘bonafide Leftist’ in his talk show a few weeks back. Kapoor, who can’t even boast herself to be an ‘army brat’ (a term used by actors whose parent have served the Armed Forces, thereby giving them the entitlement to speak on matters concerning national security) has now taken the current situation at the Line of Control (LoC) between India and Pakistan to speak about Hindu extremism and how an average Hindu and Muslim want peace. No surprise here that her film ‘Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga’ was just released and her film ‘The Zoya Factor’ is expected to be released in about a month.

Except, she has shared (rather plagiarised without giving due credit) a post by the hate-page ‘Humans of Hindutva’. On 26th February, the day Indian Air Force destroyed terror camps in Pakistan, Humans of Hindutva decided to pontificate and make the airstrikes targeting terror camps about ‘Hindutva’.

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Humans of Hindutva Facebook post.

The hatemongering Facebook page Humans of Hindutva masquerading as a ‘parody’ account reeks of hate under the guise of satire. Considering the mainstream Leftist media and other ‘celebrity Leftists’ love the Facebook page, it does not come as a surprise that the new ‘bonafide Leftist’ Sonam Kapoor would plagiarise the propaganda piece and share without giving credit.

Sonam Kapoor being ‘bonafide Leftist’

Since Sonam Kapoor is an actor, a celebrity, here is a look at what her Pakistani counterparts are busy doing.

Veena Malik/Khan is a model/actor and has acted in films in India as well as the popular reality show Bigg Boss. That makes her Sonam Kapoor’s colleague, an average Pakistani. In the above tweet, Malik/Khan is seen getting excited at seeing the image of wounded Indian Air Force pilot who was beaten up by Pakistani people after his aircraft crashed as he tried to chase Pakistani Air Force jet which had violated Indian airspace. Malik/Khan is rejoicing that the IAF pilot is yet to see how he will be welcomed.

She then shares a video of what appears to be the IAF pilot in Pakistani army custody, being informally interrogated. He, at this point, is a prisoner of war.

She is taunting her ‘Bollywood buddies’ (people like Sonam herself) and asks the Prime Minister to not mess with ‘us’ (Pakistan).

Another of her colleague, Ali Zafar, an ‘average Pakistani’ just like her who has forayed into Hindi films was cheering for their Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Ali Zafar was referring to the recorded message by Imran Khan which came five days after the ghastly Pulwama terror attack carried out by Pakistan-bred Jaish-e-Mohammad. He had said how Pakistan will take action against perpetrators if actionable evidence is shared with his government. This after ample evidence that Pakistan’s soil nourishes terrorists. Khan’s message was not only prerecorded but also heavily censored, perhaps to suit his bosses, the ISI.

Oh, and in case she has not kept up with the news taking place, a terror group trained a boy to carry 350 kg explosives-laden car and kill 44 of our soldiers. He did so because he wanted to go to ‘Jannat’ after killing those who drink ‘cow urine’. And in case she is not aware the ‘cow urine’ was a crude reference to Hindus who consider cow holy. Many even believe that cow urine has medicinal value. So, no, Sonam, the terrorist didn’t kill our soldiers in name of ‘Ram’, but he killed them in name of Jihad. Because he was trained to do so in a terrorist camp based in Pakistan.

No one is asking Sonam Kapoor to go Veena Malik/Khan style and show a thirst for blood or like Ali Zafar, praise the leadership just because of the post he holds. But this might just be a good idea to stop monkey balancing. Stop making the LoC situation about Hindus vs Muslims. This is a country, the ideology which has been breeding terrorism. Call it like it is. And while you are at it, perhaps a learn a lesson or two of unabashedly standing by your country instead of feeding fodder to the country they are at war with.

Oh and speaking of Islamic fundamentalists, I hope your pontification begins at home. Here’s a reminder of the good times your father spent with the man who bombed the city you live in.

Dawood Ibrahim picture with Anil Kapoor

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