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Afzal Guru’s son blasts media for painting him ‘proud Indian’, says his ‘propaganda’ was just to get a passport for studying abroad

Ghalib Guru expresses his anger at Times of India for portraying him as a 'proud Indian' when he is not one and firmly believes the Indian State wronged him.

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Terrorist Afzal Guru’s son, who aspires to be a doctor has blasted the Times of India report for trying to portray him as a proud Indian, because he is not. In a video clip which was shared on social media last evening, Afzal Guru’s son Ghalib is seen expressing his anger at a report he read in the morning which had not only misinterpreted and misrepresented his words but also wrote ‘strange things’ in the report.

In the above video, Ghalib is heard saying, “Yeh inka basic issue tha ki mere passport ke baare mein unhone bola tha ki byte nikalenge aapke passport ke baare mein lekin jab maine unka aaj subah article padha to usmein clearly different cheezein thi. Maine simply… mera propaganda ek hi tha ki agar mere paas Aadhaar card hai, toh why can’t I have a passport? Yehi mere liye propaganda tha. Unko maine is liye bola tha ki for example is saal mera NEET ka second try hai… agar nahin hota, toh Turkey mujhe scholarship deti hai isiliye maine unko bola tha ki mera passport hona chahiye. Lekin unhone clearly different likha hai iske baare mein. Unhone thodi ajeeb cheezein bhi likhi hai. Mix up kiya hai ki main Indian citizen proud hoon. Ek cheez mein bolna chahta hoon ki How can I be a proud Indian citizen. Unhone mere papa ko maara hai. They have done injustice with my whole family. They have done injustice with whole Kashmir. Toh main kaise proud kar sakta hoon India ka? Mera yehi propaganda tha ki jab mere paas Aadhaar card hai to passport kyun nahin ho saka.

Ghalib was angry at the Times of India report which apparently put words in his ‘propaganda’ and painted him proud Indian citizen out of their own imagination when he is clearly not. In their report, journalists Aarti Singh Tikoo and Rohan Dua said that Afzal Guru’s son was proud to own Aadhaar card and wants Indian passport next, implying his inclination to get the passport was his assertion of the Indian identity.

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Times of India report on Afzal Guru’s son, Ghalib, painting him as ‘proud Indian’

The article goes on to quote Ghalib to have said, “I will be a proud Indian citizen when I get  my passport.” However, if you listen to the new video, Ghalib is heard saying that the Indian State had killed his father and done injustice not only to his family but also to Kashmir. Hence, how can he be a proud Indian citizen?

Ghalib mentions that the only reason he wants a passport is that in case he does not clear the medical entrance exam NEET for the second consecutive year, he could study in Turkey which has offered him a scholarship. Hence, his only ‘propaganda’ (for giving byte to Times of India) was to get a passport which he has been applying for since 2013.

While it is possible that Ghalib may have changed his statement later, the fact remains that by playing up his statements, the Lutyen’s gang appears to be more interested in whitewashing Afzal Guru himself through his son.

Apparently, this is not the first time Times of India has tried to whitewash his views earlier too. Celebrity ‘journalist’ with questionable credibility Sagarika Ghose in 2016 had reported that the jeans-clad, Eminem fan, Ghalib wants to be a doctor by studying in AIIMS.

Sagarika on Afzal Guru’s son

Creating a romanticised version of Ghalib Guru, Sagarika was speaking to Ghalib soon after the Pathankot terror attack, which again was carried out by terrorists who wanted to avenge Ghalib’s father, Afzal’s death. She says that Ghalib has nothing to do with ‘Azaadi sentiment’ because he just wants to become a doctor, trying to portray that he was against the terror attacks being carried out in his father’s name.

However, in later part of the same article, when asked in as many words on what does he think about the Pathankot attack, he gives the politically correct answer by saying that no one should harm others, followed by a disclaimer that “if the Indian government has done something wrong then they will be punished.”

Ghalib Guru on Pathankot attacks

Clearly, Ghalib Guru believes not only that the Indian state and the Indian government have wronged his family and Kashmir, but that the Indian state should be “punished” too. And now he has expressed displeasure at being painted a proud Indian.

Afzal Guru, the terrorist convicted of the December 2001 Parliament attack was hanged on 9th February 2013. Afzal Guru has been an ‘inspiration’ of a sort for many terrorists who have taken to terrorism and joined various terror outfits. In fact, Adil Ahmed Dar, the suicide bomber who carried out the February 14 terror attack in Pulwama also belonged to the ‘Afzal Guru suicide squad’ arm of the Jaish-e-Mohammad.

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