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True Indology speaks out, hits out on the horde of perpetrators who violated his religious beliefs

True Indology writes about the coordinated attempt of getting his account suspended and abuses hurled towards him

Why TrueIndology?

Painstaking research, investment of personal time, money and energy across three sleep-deprived years which made me uninhibitedly share (what I can with pride call) scholarly work referenced from no less than 5000 books – this is what the account True Indology means to me personally. People have been tagging, DMing, emailing me their queries and I have diligently endeavoured to address them. I have always felt gratitude towards people who put forth their questions, for, in the process, I get to research further and learn more. Sharing information gives me unbridled satisfaction.

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But why is he anonymous?

I chose the name “True Indology” for a reason. The purpose of the handle is sharing historical information and not exchanging private pleasantries. People shouldn’t need my private details unless I am an absolutely wanted guest to their champagne parties. I don’t believe what is being said is somehow less important than who is saying it.

As soon as I started sharing work which seemed to have been hidden from, if not actually made inaccessible, to the masses, the constant harassment from a specific set of people, first began from foot soldiers of the left and then extended to the entitled lot among politicians, academicians, journalists, comedians and even bureaucrats who would much rather impose their GJTised version of History than allow Indians to revel in the marvellous civilization that they should feel proud at having inherited. From messages wishing me death to actual doxxing attempts, threats of death to me and my loved ones and making the personal details of people considered to be close to me public, I have faced it all.

The IPS Batchmate

A disgruntled bureaucrat even threatened to use his power illegally through an “IPS Batchmate”, intending to cause me harm.

Bureaucrat’s threatening tweet

These incidents reassured my faith in the non-intrusion into my personal space that anonymity provides. I do not even understand why people demand to know my personal details, as though facts sourced from primary sources will miraculously change to suit their agenda if they know who I am. When I decide to shed anonymity is my personal call and it will not happen at the behest of people whose only intention is to cause me harm.

I have never shied away from sharing my personal beliefs, even as I have made it clear that I distinguish between personal beliefs and facts and don’t allow the former to come in the way of the latter. Many people have claimed that I am a “RW” member, “BJP” supporter or a “group of people”. Needless to say that people following me over these years know that I don’t share information based on ideology. I share it because of my passion for research and my desire to make facts known to everyone. After all, Right to information includes the Right to Truth! Yet, over the last three years that I have been on Twitter, there have been multiple calls by leftists, Islamists and liberantes of all sorts to have my account, that has more than 15000 snippets from scholarly books, suspended.

How the plan was made

I come from a family that lays a huge emphasis on non-violence. I am a vegan by choice. We have been taught to treat animals with kindness and feed them whenever we can. Though my posts are largely about history, archaeology, literature and linguistics, I have time and again emphasized that I support complete non-violence and even pinned it on my timeline. I have always supported ethical veganism and stood for anti-cruelty towards all living beings.

True Indology’s pinned tweet

Most of my detractors, unable to counter me on facts, keep looking for excuses to take down my account through ganging up in groups and mass reporting tweets. They have been desperately and pathetically mass-reporting my tweets since 2018.

Account being mass reported

Twitter does not seem to have a mechanism to check such controlled, coordinated reporting and my handle has often fallen victim to such tactics. This time, however, I was subjected to the most vicious hounding, inhuman behaviour and concerted human rights violation by a gang of handles causing deliberate mental agony, after my twitter discussion with a communist comrade who claimed that all the people of Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, Arunachal etc. consume beef.

Kavita Krishnan’s false claims that led to mental agony

Since many followers specifically tagged me to respond, I felt inclined to put up a perspective of history that has not been brought forward, so that people can get both sides of the picture and ascertain the facts on their own. I began with researching data which could give us the correct picture, for, even if the interpretation of data is biased, data itself is not. I quoted NSSO data published by the ministry of statistics which would be the best bet to anything close to approximation as even in Kerala itself, it surveyed 1.5 million people about their dietary preferences. This data stated that only 25% of the people there consumed beef, and not all, as claimed by such leftist lynch mob.

To be as objective as possible, I also added that the data itself is prone to underreporting, conceding the possibility that the actual number could be much higher and also cited figures for other states. My point behind citing NSSO data was countering the misinformation that ALL Keralites consumed beef. I also challenged the said mob to cite a source verse number of the phrase “the cow is food” which, they alleged, was mentioned in Rigveda.

Countering Kavita Krishnan on facts
Countering Kavita Krishnan’s tweet on facts

In response, the violence mongers called me “fake newsmonger”. That, when I had clearly posted data with source. They deflected my challenge asking them to produce verse number for the alleged Rigvedic verse that says “the cow is food”, by posting a link from Outlook magazine which published Ambedkar’s writings on this subject. It is a fact that Ambedkar believed that people in the Vedic age ate beef. But this is dishonest goal post shifting as the discussion was never about whether or not Vedic people ate beef, not to mention Ambedkar’s views on the subject.

The discussion was about whether or not any such verse as “the cow is food” exists in Rig Veda and the reference link contained no such verse. Indeed, no such verse exists in any known English translation of Rigveda. My contention was against fabrication of such a fake Rigvedic verse.

Kavita Krishnan’s response

This distinction is very important. For instance, it is well known that many early Muslim groups ate pork, as early Islam was born out of Arabic Christian cultural milieu. But would this comrade ever dare to falsely fabricate a fake Quranic verse and say “the Quran says Pork is food”? No, she would never dare to do that. The very fact that we have to cite a Muslim parallel every time to ask for fair and equal treatment so that such folks quit fabricating stuff about Hindu culture and history, speaks volume about our condition.

Soon enough, I started receiving a lot of continuous hate. Regional supremacist hate mobs and leftist fascists soon attacked me in packs. They abused me and claimed that my data was incorrect.

Abuses hurled toward True Indology
Abuses hurled toward True Indology

Leftist hate mobs claimed that my numbers for Kerala (25%) are false, saying that their data is the “real NSSO data”. “So where did they get this “real NSSO data?”, one would ask. From the same link that I had posted!

The article is consistent and gives the same number everywhere. It only mentioned that numbers in West Bengal (18%), Kerala(25%) etc were “relatively higher” than say Uttar Pradesh(9%). This much is obvious to anyone who reads the article. Just by highlighting the world Kerala and “relatively higher”, they intended to fraudulently mislead readers on twitter and malign me just because my data did not serve their propaganda. This is their kind of work that passes for “criticism” and even “exposing lies”. And of course, gives anyone the right to brand me a “communal bigot” and “fraudology”.

True Indology tweet on facts about beef eating population of Kerala

I did not intend to dignify these cheap comments with a response but to put such malicious accusations at rest, I posted another source which contained a direct link to NSSO data which is also available on planning ministry’s official website.

The numbers I have mentioned for the percentage of beef consumers in Kerala (25%) exactly match the data given on planning commission website. If these mobs think that the numbers are fake, they are very welcome to conduct a survey on their own and produce data.

Baying for blood

What happened next, will definitely not be covered by buzzfeed, WaPo, Huff Po or NYT!

I was subject to something not unexpected from leftist hate mobs. But this time they exceeded all levels of bigotry by spamming my timeline with pictures of beef, dead cows, images of cow slaughters, images of cow skinned alive etc.

Offensive images thrown at True Indology who is a vegan
Offensive images thrown at True Indology who is a vegan
Offensive images thrown at True Indology who is a vegan
Offensive images thrown at True Indology who is a vegan
Offensive images thrown at True Indology who is a vegan

All of this was sent to a Vegan and someone who’s time and again categorically stated his views on the matter.

This hate and targeted harassment unleashed on me left me shocked and numb. Although I am a vegan, I have never asked anyone to give up eating meat or beef or change their dietary habits. Yet any discussion on beef was good enough for them to post these pictures to a cow worshipping vegan Hindu like me. The mental agony caused through this anti Hindu hate was unbearable. Since we are a minority, people find it hard to see our point of view. Pardon the bluntspeak but killing a cow and/or sending such gruesome pictures to a cow worshipping vegan is just like raping a woman and posting those pictures in celebration to a feminist.

Yes, there still exist a few religious Hindus like me who truly believe that “Gau” is “Mata” and any act of killing and posting pictures of dead cows is equivalent to killing our mother and waving the pictures jubilantly at us or posting morphed pictures of a pig squatting on Kaaba to a Muslim (which I will always condemn).

The Sanghi Curry

I would like to highlight that I did not approach these people. They came to my timeline and posted these pictures, also making hateful anti-Hindu cannibalistic tweets about killing Sanghis and “eating their curry”.

‘Sanghis curry on the meny’

This mental torture was too much, for, I had actually blocked a few such handles. After a point, I just could not bear this shameless waving of gory cruelty at me and, in a moment of utter contempt and disgust for such vile thinking, tweeted a harsh response to all of them in the hope that they would spare my TL and put an end to this torture.

I have no qualms in stating that anybody who kills innocent animals, posts their gruesome pictures jubilantly and that too merely to outrage a Hindu’s religious feelings, only deserves to be washed away in flood. Notice that I still did not give any call to violence or write explicit abuses.


True Indology responding to offensive images tweeted to him

I do not judge people for their dietary habits, for, I understand that some people might consider meat as essential. However, killing animals for food is one thing and celebrating the pain of animals is another. I really do not think highly of people who kill innocent animals, wave their cruelty online and talk about killing Sanghis and making “Sanghi curry”.

This is extremism, bigotry and targeted mental and religious harassment. All of this was sent my way on Twitter. And the irony is that the mass reporting of my tweet in response to the agonizing violation of my human rights as a Hindu and a vegan, led Twitter to suspend my account without even a warning to take the tweet down or follow the limited suspension or restricted use principle.

Instead, they deleted my account, for, it appears that they just needed an excuse to do that!

My account ‘deleted’

Twitter suspended me for “targeted harassment” which would have been funny had it not been so deplorable, for, I did not go to anyone’s timeline jubilantly posting pictures of cow robbers beaten by Gaurakshaks. If those people posted such pictures instead of pictures of killed cows, would Twitter still have suspended my account? All I did was retaliate to the agonizing anti-Hindu hate sent my way.

Through the suspension of my account, Twitter has actually promoted harassment and cruelty. It has proved that it has absolutely zero concern for religious feelings of Hindus. If these people posted a (condemnable) morphed picture of a pig squatting on Kaaba, they would have been suspended in no time But posting pictures of dead cows venerated as God by Hindus to outrage religious feelings is Kosher.

The end of Sanghis

If Twitter really wants to know what harassment is, it only needs to look at the comments I receive every day. Just on the day my account was suspended, a guy was threatening me of the genocide of all ‘Sanghis” once there be a change of power at the centre.

Abuses hurled towards True Indology and a call for a genocide against ‘bhakts’

Ironically, the same account tags every tweet of mine requesting Twitter to suspend my account.

Call for suspension of True Indology account

Even more Ironically, Twitter suspended my account but encouraged those who post pictures of dead cows and call for killing Sanghis and cooking “Sanghi Curry”. My request for a review of suspension was curtly refused. Somehow, my lone tweet condemning the cruelty of cannibal lovers and bots spamming my timeline with cruel and explicit pictures is “targeted abuse” according to Twitter.

The farcical ‘review’

Who blocked my followers?

Twitter has started “blocking” my followers with a message indicating that I have requested for such a block. I have never made such requests to block these accounts. They were blocked instantly after my account was suspended. This is the real face of Twitter.

Twitter ‘blocking’ TrueIndology followers
Twitter ‘blocking’ TrueIndology followers

Why this article

The only reason for penning this post is to table the truth, for, the horde of perpetrators who violated my religious beliefs are now trying to show my disgust filled response meant to shoo them away, as some sort of bigotry. I am answerable only to my God. I am glad that I stood up for Gau Mata against her abusers. I could have been politically correct, ignored the tweets and gone about my business as usual. But then I would not have been true to myself. I am glad that I stood up for what I believe.

I thank all the Tweeple who have been supporting me on social media. This support means a lot to me. I hope that with facts being out in the open, Twitter would be forced to revoke the suspension of my account and apologize to me for unleashing cruelty against me at multiple levels.

The article is submitted by suspended Twitter user True Indology.

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