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The Children of Goebbels: The utterly baseless opposition to CAA is a glaring example of a lie becoming a truth when trumpeted repeatedly

We miss this chance, mankind will be cursed to fall into the abyss of injustice and darkness forever, because we chose to let a bunch of goons to take away the free will of an entire community

Ganpat Baloch is a 55-year-old Hindu who lives in Delhi sustaining his family with his guts and business acumen. In 2005 he used to live in Quetta, the capital city in Baluchistan, Pakistan with his family where he had a thriving business.

One day jihadis picked his 14-year daughter Guddi, and took her to their Dehra or village. With a few local leaders, Ganpat pleaded to the jihadis for the return of his daughter. Ganpat could hear the shrieks of his daughter being molested and raped by Jihadis behind the closed door.

The daughter shouted to her father “Go away Papa or these people will kill you. My life is finished. Save my brothers and escape to India.”

Ganpat, a shattered man came back to his family to salvage whatever he could and collected all his resources to apply for an Indian Visa. In two years, he arranged the Visa for his entire clan and migrated to India in 2007. That he had to begin his life afresh was the smallest of the burdens on his heart. Can we even imagine the pain of a father who has to live with this fact that he could not save his child from the evil hands of jihadis and that she was forced to breed more jihadis?

Guddu killed herself instead of being a slave to Jihadis.

For seven decades the Hindus and Sikhs of Pakistan have faced a slow genocide of humongous proportions.

Close to one crore Hindus and Sikhs have been killed, converted or forced to flee the twin states of Pakistan and Bangladesh in the last seven decades.

In August 2019, Jagjit Kaur, the daughter of the head Granthi of Nankana Sahib in Punjab in Pakistan was abducted from home and converted to Islam and forcefully married to a local criminal. In spite of all the efforts of the Khalistani lobbyists, and the assurances of even the Pakistani security establishment, Jagjit Kaur was converted to Ayesha, has not yet been returned to her parents and most probably will never be.

A Parliamentary committee of the European Union had released a report in May 2019 that three girls belonging to the minority communities are picked up every single day in this Lameck Republic of Pakistan by jihadis. Let that sink in. Three Hindu/Sikh/Christian girls are picked every single day, converted to Islam and married off to Jihadis twice or thrice their age.

Huma, a 14-year-Old Christian girl, was picked up in broad daylight. When the parents approached the courts, the judge ruled that if a child has had her menses, she can be married and convert to Islam.

14-year-old Huma Maseeh today is the sex slave of Jabbar Khan.

And mankind goes on living with these horrors as if Pakistan is just another state in the league of Nations.

It took decades of struggle for activists and the personal push of the most powerful leader of the nation, Narendra Modi, to bring in a legislation like CAA to actuality.

What was supposed to be extremely humanitarian step to reach out to the helpless Hindus Sikhs and Christians of Pakistan and Bangladesh, the whole Jihadi propaganda machinery, in cahoots with the Leftists and the opportunistic opposition parties, have turned it into a divisive and controversial legislation to the peril of these forsaken minorities of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

What is the source of such extreme hatred for Hindus and Sikhs of Pakistan that the leftist, opposition and even the Dalit leaders are opposing CAA knowing fully well that 80% of the beneficiaries of CAA are the SCs & STs of Pakistan?

What is the motivation of the pseudo-liberals and self-proclaimed intellectuals of this nation that they have decided to take on the Modi government on the issue of CAA, albeit now under the garb of NRC?

In this era of the internet, one would have thought that with information available on the fingertips of masses, it would be impossible to generate and peddle lies on such a massive scale. But the audacious attempt to malign the government on manufactured victimhood points to a sinister design at destabilising the country.

What is mind-boggling is the conviction of the Leftists and appropriation of the minds of our youth in colleges and universities by the lies that have been manufactured around CAA.

The writer has been working for past decade with Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs and has spoken and written books about the ongoing genocide of Hindus and Sikhs and Christians in Pakistan.

Those opposing the CAA are sabotaging a compassionate move of the Indian state to reach out to these helpless Hindus, Sikhs and Christians.

In one decade of working, the writer has witnessed hundreds of stories like that of Ganpat Baloch. There was Rameshwar Meghwal of Rahim Yar Khan whose son was taken away and recovered by Rameshwar only after parting with his life’s earning. There is Dr Ajay Maheshwari whose teenage daughter was converted to Islam by her teacher in school. Dr Maheshwari escaped to India overnight with his three children and lost everything he had earned at work at an advanced age of 52. There is Geeta Bhaat, who was molested publicly by Jihadis and escaped hidden in a truck to the Indian border. There is Sri Singh from Sindh, a Sikh, whose sister was abducted by Jihadis.

These are living, feeling, thinking, alive human beings torn apart from their families and roots and their properties taken away just for the fault of being Hindus, Sikhs or Christians.

What is the moral compass of the Hindus and Sikhs who are joining hands with the protesters in Shaheen Bagh? Are they not aware or they choose to look away from the rapes and murders of these innocent Hindus and Sikhs? The writer has been getting calls from Hindus and Sikhs willing to escape from Pakistan that if they are the cause of such upheaval and infighting in India, we will reconcile to our fate and keep living our pathetic sub-human lives in Pakistan.

Who will bear the moral responsibility of these 5 million Hindus Sikhs being killed, converted or raped in the coming few decades?

Shame on all of us as we sit and watch an entire population being exterminated in this 21st century.

Shame on Akali Dal leaders who oppose the CAA on idiotic grounds.

Shame on the Sadhus and Mathadheeshas of Hindus who sit on plush properties and massive funds but have failed to utter a single word of sympathy for these forsaken Hindus except for the glorious exception of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and Devkinandan Ji. Shame on the UN Secretary-General who questions the Indian government on CAA but ignores the plight of millions of Hindus and Sikhs living in subhuman conditions in Pakistan.

Shame on the human race that is captivated by the manufactured victimhood of crooks in India completely ignoring the true victims of genocide in Pakistan.

A lot of modern-day Indians feign ignorance about the events of 1947 and perhaps can be forgiven for that. But is there forgiveness for this genocide of Hindus and Sikhs happening right under our noses, in front of our eyes and we choose to side with the perpetrators instead of the victims!

Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister of the Hitler government had said “You tell a lie hundred times, and it becomes the truth. “

While we thought that Nazism is gone, done and dusted, we are witnessing the realisation of the strategy of one of the most vile and hideous faces of Nazis, Goebbels.

The opposition to CAA must force us to think that we have failed to comprehend the darkness that engulfs human psyche in modern times.

Utterly baseless and unnecessary opposition to CAA is a glaring example of a lie becoming a truth when trumpeted repeatedly.

And lies have consequences. Horrible consequences. Horrible consequences, that are borne by the women and the children of the society. When innocent people are slaughtered and maimed, and the world looks away in ignorance or indifference, the cries of these innocent girls and people will never let us live in peace. This is the last chance of a passive Hindu, Sikh and Christian leadership to rise and reach out to these tormented but extremely brave folks.

And if we miss this chance, mankind will be cursed to fall into the abyss of injustice and darkness forever, because we chose to let a bunch of goons to take away the free will of an entire community. We let slavery become the norm. We let rape get legitimised as the tool of genocide.

It all happened on our watch.

In a moment of some contemplation, the same Goebbels said this too:


The onus is upon us to see that lies woven around CAA collapse under their own weight because the truth is worth fighting for.

Truth is worth living for.

Truth is worth dying for.

Har Har Mahadev.


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Omendra Ratnu
Jaipur based Doctor, working for Pakistani Hindus and Dalit Sahodaras (brothers) via Nimittekam. Public speaker, and a singer.

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