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Madhubani: To protect Suleiman and others, accused of murdering a Hindu woman, village head Fakre Alam tries to get autopsy report changed

Rashtriya Janata Dal MLA Fayyaz Ahmad is also believed to be shielding the culprits. Although it is yet to be confirmed, Surendra said that Sarpanch Fakre Alam is a relative of Fayyaz and both belong to the same community and the same place.

Recently, we reported how an altercation which broke out on 5th April (Sunday) in Bihar’s Madhubani district between a Hindu and Muslim families, allegedly over switching off lights following PM Modi’s call, to show complete resolve and solidarity in the fight against coronavirus with this symbolic gesture, led to the murder of an elderly Hindu woman by Suleiman Nadaf, Malil Nadaf and Sharif Nadaf. They have been absconding since then.

Surendra Mandal, the son of deceased Kaili Devi, while narrating the incident to OpIndia the other day, revealed how the accused were being protected by the village Sarpanch (head) Fakre Alam and local RJD MLA Fayaz Ahmed. He had claimed that the accused had seen the village Sarpanch after committing the crime and that Fakre Alam was trying his best not to involve the names of Muslims in this case.

The son had alleged that the accused have been in constant touch with Fakre Alam before and even after absconding. Fakre Alam has been regularly meeting Suleiman Nadaf, Malil Nadaf and Sharif Nadaf.

Now, in another major revelation, the son, while speaking to OpIndia, has said that Fakre Alam in his efforts to save the accused got in touch with the former village Sarpanch and with his help he tried to get Kaili Devi’s postmortem report changed. Surendra Mandal claimed that the person through whom Fakre Alam tried to tamper with the reports, confessed this in front of him and his family.

Surendra said that Fakre Alam personally met the person to get the report changed. However, at present Surendra Mandal did not want to disclose the person’s name. As of now, he has asked us to keep the identity of the witness a secret but said that he would definitely reveal the name when the appropriate time comes.

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Surendra also told us that not only is Fakre Alam attempting to save the perpetrators, but is also trying to malign his family’s reputation. Surendra said, “Muslims in the village are spreading the rumours that my family has taken back the case in exchange of Rs 2 lakh compensation from the Muslim family. This is untrue. We have not done or will not do anything of this sought. In fact, we are ready to give Rs 1 lakh rupees more if that can get the culprits punished. We need justice, not money. Our mother has left us, she did not die, she was murdered. We have lost one family member. What will we do with the money? All we need is justice, ” said Kaili Devi’s dejected son.

While speaking to OpIndia, he expressed his displeasure with the administration. He said that he is being told by some people that all the three accused are constantly visiting Sarpanch Fakre Alam, so why is the police not being able to arrest him? asked Mandal, adding: “The administration told us that the accused will be apprehended by Thursday (April 9, 2020), but nothing like this has happened.” Now we and the local citizens here want that whoever has given shelter to the accused, should also be considered guilty and punished severely”. Notably, the law has rules about this. If you help someone or protect the person who has committed a crime, the law holds you equally responsible for the crime.

As we informed in our previous report, Rashtriya Janata Dal MLA Fayyaz Ahmad is also believed to be shielding the culprits. Although it is yet to be confirmed, Surendra said that Sarpanch Fakre Alam is a relative of Fayyaz and both belong to the same community and the same place. In such a situation, he has expressed apprehension that Fayaz Ahmed is also complicit in this. Otherwise, why would the MLA come running in the smallest problem of the two Muslim families and not bother to show up even after such a big incident? Is he not our MLA? said Mandal appalled by the disparity with the Hindus in the locality.

Unfortunately, this incident never got much-needed media coverage. No, left-liberal media called out the “lynching” of a Hindu woman by a group of Muslim men. No placards were held in the name of “Justice for Kaili Devi”. No left-liberal media or international media, taking a cue from the left-liberal media, ran a headline stating that “religious divide against Hindus at its worst”. No, none of that happened.

And, if you wondered why the answer is simple. It does not suit the best-selling narrative of these paid left-liberal stooges. It does not fit well into the pre-conceived stereotypes about “Muslim minorities” being “attacked” by the Hindu majority. It does not help the cause of the Lutyens community either, many of whom work on the payrolls of certain political parties. Most importantly, since the victim is from the majority community, it certainly does not serve as a propaganda tool and of course, if you are a journalist who happens to report on this, you are not eligible for the “freedom of expression” awards.

A section of ‘selective journalism’ (religion, caste, journalism based on convenience) and ‘selective critiqueism’ (choosing issues for criticism by convenience) have been in the media of the country for a long time. These are the same people, for whom if any Muslim is involved in crime, their narrative would be simple- ‘there is no religion of crime and criminals’ and when the same crime is committed by a Hindu, these people start hopping on one leg, weaving a narrative around ‘Hindu terror’ or ‘Bhagwa terror’.

This is the reason why the left media in India has seen the greatest fall in the eyes of the common masses. People have been able to see through the nefarious designs of these ‘celebrated’ journalists, where they openly endorse a favourite opposition party and unduly target the majority community, in the garb of “secularism”.

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