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Congress mouthpiece says ‘Muslims have sat quiet and subdued’: Here is how they are wrong and how their dog-whistling might not work

The author says that the Ayodhya Verdict was a 'provocation' for Muslims. Regardless of her intentions, calling a unanimous verdict delivered by the highest of the country a 'provocation' is extremely troubling.

The Congress party has based its entire future on the politics of fear-mongering. In order to gain the support of the Muslim vote-bank, Congress has taken increasingly more radical positions with time. On Friday, the National Herald published an article that said that the first year of Modi Sarkar 2.0 has been the ‘worst possible year’ for Muslims in the country.

In the said article, the author Humra Qureshi indulges in plain victim-mongering as she relies on half-truths and complete lies in order to peddle her agenda. The author began with the death of Tabrez Ansari and ended with the conduct of the Tablighi Jamaat during the Coronavirus crisis. And in all of these instances, care was taken to ensure that all Muslims are portrayed as innocent lambs even though that is certainly not the case.

National Herald article shielding Islamists

The article begins with a distortion. It does not mention that Tabrez Ansari was thrashed on the accusation of theft. As such, it did not matter if the person was Hindu or Muslim, the mob would have treated him the same. And as unfortunate as it is, lynchings on the accusation of theft is not a phenomenon that is unheard of. The motivation for the murder was not hate for Muslims, it was the allegation of theft. The author conveniently chooses not to mention this.

The author then goes on to assert that the Ayodhya Verdict was a ‘provocation’ for Muslims. Regardless of her intentions, calling a unanimous verdict delivered by the highest of the country a ‘provocation’ is extremely troubling. That the mouthpiece of the country’s largest opposition party chose to publish such drivel perfectly explains why its future looks so bleak.

The major part, however, was the manner in which the author vouches for the Ummah. According to her, the abrogation of Article 370 does not just affect the people of the Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh but Muslims in all of India. She says, “Yes, the community was very apprehensive as they were aware of the clampdown in the Kashmir Valley after striking down Article 370 in the first week of August 2019, which relayed the extent to which the government could go to upset an entire region and its inhabitants.”

Excerpt of National Herald article

The author then false claims that the Citizenship Amendment Act, National Register of Citizens and NPR will affect the citizenship of people from the Muslim community. It is a preposterous lie that has been busted over and over again but liberals refuse resolutely to retract their claims. ‘Repeat a lie enough and it becomes the truth,’ liberals do seem to have incorporated Goebbelsian propaganda into their framework quite well.

The author then proceeded to say, “Even before Spring of 2020 could arrive, came in news of the targeted killings of Muslims, in North East Delhi. Yet the hate speech givers and the goon brigades backed by the political mafia were not detained nor arrested despite the fact that there was sufficient evidence to show the role played by particular Right- Wing men who’d come up with communally charged abusive speeches and much more along the strain.”

Quite amazingly, the author ignores the continuous provocations that the radical Muslims indulged in during the course of the anti-CAA riots. The rampant vandalism and violence, arson, slogans such as ‘Jinnah wali Azadi‘, Hinduphobic comments and posters, all of it is ignored. Even investigation which has revealed a deeper conspiracy by radical Muslim outfits and individuals has been entirely ignored. Instead, the entire blame has been placed at the feet of Hindus.

It is the most shameless bit of propaganda that the author has peddled in her article. The deaths of Ankit Sharma and numerous other Hindus have been completely ignored as if their lives do not matter at all. And the Congress party published this drivel. It is no wonder then that the citizens of this country are turning away from them en masse.

The author also absolved the Tablighi Jamaat of all their crimes and claimed that they were targeted because they were Muslim. The sexual harassment of female healthcare staff, the spitting, the attacks on the medical community, the deliberate efforts to avoid detection by authorities, all of it is brushed under the carpet under the mask of Muslim victimhood.

The most atrocious bit of propaganda was the claim that the Muslims have sat ‘quite and subdued’. This could not be farther from the truth. Violent Muslim mobs have rioted, attacked the police and sparked the anti-Hindu riots in Delhi which caused great damage to life and property. How much more would it take for the Congress party to admit that sections of the Muslim community have erred and it is not always the Hindus’ fault?

The continued to victim-mongering does no good to anyone. It only fuels a misguided sense of disillusionment with India as a whole which tends to have devastating consequences for social harmony. By continuing to peddle such propaganda in denial of reality, liberals and the Congress party are preparing the ground for the next spree of communal violence.

Sharjeel Imam was conspiring to cut off North East India from the rest of the country and he had great support from significant sections of ‘intellectuals’ from his community. They were not sitting ‘quiet and subdued’.

They are fully aware that such propaganda provides more ammunition in the hands of extremist Muslim organisations to indoctrinate their youth and increase their ranks. And even then, even if a section of Muslims conspire to unleash violence on the streets, they will continue to blame Hindus for the same.

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