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Expert on Chinese security affairs Bill Gertz makes explosive revelations on Coronavirus origins, reveals China had discovered 2000 viruses

Bill Gertz also emphasised that the Communist regime in China is controlling the mainstream media and spreading its nefarious propaganda by spending billions of dollars.

In a major development, expert on Chinese security affairs Bill Gertz exposed the biowarfare programme of China and how the Communist regime has discovered over 2000 viruses. On Thursday, Gertz discussed the matter concerning the origin of the deadly Coronavirus with Fox News contributor Sara Carter during the ‘Sara Carter show’ podcast.

A year ago, Bill Gertz had published an article in The Washington Post, detailing his interview with an ex-military intelligence doctor from Israel. His interviewee had claimed that the virus might have leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. He had further said that the laboratory is controlled by the People’s Liberation Army. Soon after, several news portals had dubbed the report as ‘debunked conspiracy theory’, prompting The Washington Post to take it down.

However, the findings of the US State Department has now confirmed many of the facts in Bill Gertz’s article. He said, “Well, fast forward to January 15 of this month, and the State Department, in a very detailed fact sheet, revealed that yes, indeed, as I reported a year ago, the Wuhan Institute of virology is not only linked to the People’s Liberation Army, the Chinese military but that they have been conducting secret biological warfare experiments at the laboratory since at least 2017.”

(Video Credits: Youtube/ Sara Carter)

Despite his story being vindicated by the US State Department, the expert lamented that Facebook continues to label his article as ‘false.’ Gertz also emphasised that the Communist regime in China is controlling the mainstream media and spreading its nefarious propaganda by spending billions of dollars. As such, his story is not getting the limelight it deserves. “If you look at our mainstream media today, there’s almost no mention of the fact that this virus came from China. And in fact, China’s narrative is that it didn’t come from China,” Gertz pointed out.

Bill Gertz concerned about Joe Biden and his policies

Bill Gertz expressed deep concerns about the Biden administration and expressed fears about the incumbent US government trying to put the matter under wraps. “Joe Biden ran for President on the fact that he criticized the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic. And then what did he do? He hired Anthony Fauci, who is leading that pandemic effort. So that just shows the level of hypocrisy now in government is at very high levels,” he emphasised.

Bill on Chinese virus discovery and specific targeting of certain ethnic groups

The China expert further added that Donald Trump received resistance from the political bureaucracy and intelligence authorities. Gertz said that during his conversation with Intelligence officers, he learnt that the Communist regime has been developing weapons that have the potential to eliminate targeted ethnic groups. In his original report, he had highlighted how China had initially boasted about discovering 2000 new viruses.

“Not all of them are bad coronaviruses. There are other animal viruses as well, but they’ve discovered 2000 new viruses. So China is obsessed with viruses. And this is a clear indication.. and they’ve had lab leaks in the past…We’re battling for our country, and we’re battling for our freedom. China’s in the background, they’re fueling it, they want to see the United States decline and ultimately destroyed,” Bill concluded.

Justin Trudeau helped China to cover-up the origin of Coronavirus

In what can be aptly termed as a startling revelation, if true, a Canadian media website called Rebel News has accused Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of helping China to hide the origins of the deadly Wuhan Coronavirus that put the whole world to a halt last year.

In their exclusive report, the Rebel News has alleged that the Canadian Prime Minister had come to know of Covid-19 much earlier when some members of the Canadian Armed Forces were allegedly exposed to the Chinese virus during the 7th Military World Games (MWG) held in Wuhan city of Hubei Province of China in October 2019.

The media portal claims to have accessed some secret military documents distributed from the highest ranks of the Canadian Armed Forces in order to cover up a “scandal of global proportions”. The document reportedly titled ‘Potential Exposure to 2019 Novel Coronavirus during 7th Military World Games in October 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei Province China’ was penned by Canada’s Surgeon General, Major General AMT Downes, who later resigned. The letter allegedly “gaslighted” the Canadian soldiers who were in Wuhan for the MWG.

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