Tuesday, June 6, 2023



Israel-based disinformation team interfered with more than 30 elections around the world: Report

On Wednesday, a covert group of Israeli contractors operating out of Modi'in came to light as a successful global source of disinformation operations that have interfered in elections and commercial disputes in dozens of nations. 

Isreal’s Mossad may have bombed Swiss and German companies that helped Pakistan in developing nuclear weapons: Report

A Swiss newspaper suggests that in 1980s, the Israeli spy agency- Mossad had allegedly bombed and threatened German and Swiss companies who were helping Pakistan develop its nuclear weapons programme.

Islamists in India trend #Quds_हमारा_है to proclaim Jerusalem belongs only to Muslims

Quds is the Arabic name for Jerusalem, which is the holy site for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

With Iranian link to bomb blast near Israel Embassy being suspected, India keeps an eye on Iran return students

Indian security agencies have been probing the recent blast near the Israel Embassy in New Delhi on January 29

How technology from Israel is helping Indian farmers

The partnership is bearing fruits for Indian farmers

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