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Dear Hindus outraging at PK, look what babas are doing. They are converting Hindus to Christians!

OpIndia.com had earlier written why it was not worth the time and effort of Hindus to protest against the Bollywood movie PK, accusing it of “Anti-Hinduism”.

While some grouse against the movie is valid, the movie primarily targets babas and godmen, who are not really bringing any benefits to the Hindu society or religion.

In fact, on occasions, they prove to be very dangerous and end up eroding the strength – both in terms of population as well as in terms of spirituality – of Hindus.

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Religious conversion by deceit
A fraud baba who converted to Christianity and then converted his followers (Read the story here).

And this fact is being used as a tool by evangelists.

It is no secret that Christian missionaries and evangelists have been targeting India for religious conversions. They have had exceptional success in North East India and now they are targeting the mainland India in the last couple of decades.

(You can follow the Twitter handle @ trackevangelism to know more about their activities)

OpIndia.com has found out that one of the strategies employed by such evangelists is to involve local babas for mass conversions of Hindus into Christianity.

Their modus operandi includes “convincing” the babas to accept Christianity, who in turn preach the gospel and message of Jesus Christ to their unsuspecting Hindu followers who have been blindly believing them.

Although evangelists claim that such babas accept Jesus Christ as their saviour of their own, in most of the cases it is allurement and fraud that makes these babas jump on the conversion bandwagon.

One such example can be found here. Please watch this YouTube video, especially the confession of the “baba” and the testimony of the evangelist working in India, whose identity has been kept secret in the video, from 7:37 minutes onwards:

If this religious conversion of baba was “genuine”, there was no need to conceal the identity of the evangelist who made it possible. He is shown as reporting the activities of the baba to his bosses abroad on how the baba had been spreading the message of Jesus Christ among Hindus after joining the missionaries.

Please note that the evangelist claims that the baba is spreading Christianity by “performing miracles”. Will any rational person ever believe this?

It is clear that the baba is fooling his unsuspecting Hindu followers and claiming those miracles as being born out of his newly found faith in Jesus Christ.

These miracles could be simple tricks that any magician does, or he could be “healing” people by mixing medicines in “prasad” of Jesus Christ, as is often done by Christian missionaries in remote and rural parts of India.

Since those Hindus were already following the baba and believing his words, it becomes easier for the evangelists to reach out to the Hindus and get them converted through such babas.

They just need to buy one baba, and they get his followers free!

In such a scenario, should we really take it to our heart if a Bollywood movie attacks babas? Yes, they should attack these evangelists too who have been fooling the people as much as these fake babas. But we would be committing a mistake by allowing such babas to spread their network.

Keep in mind that Sant Rampal of Haryana, now in jail, had convinced his followers not to worship Hindu gods and had declared himself a reincarnation of Sant Kabirdas. Next step could have been to declare himself a disciple of Jesus Christ and ask his followers to become Christians.

We need to save Hinduism from such babas more than from a Bollywood movie.

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