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The make-believe world of Shaheen Bagh protests will come down crashing: Here is why

Those who sit in their cosy apartments, posting pictures of Resistance 2020 will not even turn up to count the fallen. They will wash, paint and create art to resurrect their new lives around the ugly aftermath of a farce which ends in a mess.

There are broadly four major bridges across the Yamuna, which flows apologetically next to the capital city of Delhi, connecting it to Noida. Noida, a suburb to the national capital region, falls in UP and is ruled by the Yogi Adityanath. As a monk, who has dropped his earlier identity, that is how he is addressed by people who understand the Hindu practice of asceticism. The Congress though insists addressing him as Ajay Singh Bisht for some reason better known to them. The states adjoining Delhi, ruled by BJP, both Haryana and UP remain tranquil as an island of tumult separates Delhi from the Yogi ruled Noida. One of the four major bridges which connect Noida, that falls in UP, apart from DND, Nizamuddin and ITO, is Kalindi Kunj.

Kalindi Kunj connects Delhi with the upcoming societies of Noida where most people who couldn’t find connects in the old Lutyens and climb the stairs of success too quickly, and who rely solely on their hard work to sustain them lacking any worthwhile surname which could keep them afloat, stay. The working middle-class which watches more news than what it creates and which would rather want to drive a couple of hours to work than to live in illegal colonies finds a home in Noida. This is a boring set of our society which is largely law-abiding, a non-communal population which keeps its head down, loves the nation and goes about its work. This section wakes up in the morning, goes for morning walks, drops kids to school, and is at work having driven often around fifty kilometres by the time the more interesting folks who make to the headlines get out of their beds.

Since this set of people offer no excitement, except on the rare occasions when they get kidnapped, attacked or looted; they are ignored by the journalists. The journalists usually focus their attention on the people minus this boring lot. On the other end of Kalindi Kunj, lies a constituency run by an able lieutenant of the current Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal, Shri Amanatullah Khan called Shaheen Bagh, which houses an interesting set of people that media loves.

The unrest in Delhi started with Amanullah Khan making a speech, claiming that CAA will somehow disenfranchise Indian Muslims. The people in that area have been enlisted to create extravagant riots and provide material for brilliant editorials justifying them. As a recent report in a leading daily mentioned, this area which has been at the forefront of communal protests recently is slum-like, with dingy lanes, power cables hanging dangerously across the street, an island of story-worthy sadness and despair, stuck between tranquil Lutyens and well-planned Noida expressway societies. The noted journalist didn’t seem to be bothered that the MLA of the area seemingly has done no work in his constituency which could have rendered this extremely interesting lot to the boredom of working-class living on the other side of Yamuna.

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There are people camping in this area, ostensibly to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019. The act allows the minority refugees from three neighbouring theocratic Islamic states who have come before 2014 to gain Indian citizenship in Five years instead of the earlier naturalisation period of six years. The local MLA has been able to convince his constituency that this will somehow impact them because they are Muslims. You cannot expect people who could not come about asking for roads, cleanliness, and schools from their representative to know when their MLA is deceiving them.

Secondly, the kind of decadent life they lead, ignored by the larger sense of governance, with two huge mosques standings amid the slums as if mocking their quagmire of negligence from which they arise; it is impossible for them to understand the big game being played when they step out of their silent existence into the riot of flashlights of press cameras.

The neglected existence of decades which falls below the radars of planning commissions and media reports suddenly sneaks into the conversations of conclaves held in sanitized halls of India Habitat centre. It isn’t the pathetic state of governance of this constituency which trails the rest of Delhi by decades in development, that finds the attention of the middle-aged millionaires sipping champagne listening to Rabindra Sangit in their cosy south Delhi or south Mumbai villas. The old have-beens of Naxal Seventies have their old-tired eyes shining at the prospect of sacrificing some young lives at the altar of their long failed ideology. The calculating minds of communists-turned-capitalists are charmed by this scene being enacted at Shaheen Bagh. From their sanctified sanctuaries, they hail Mao in muted whispers before booking New Year vacations to France or the evil land of capitalism, the US.

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Softly enough, not to let it rise above the soft clinking of their champagne glasses, they send out catchy slogans to the Shaheen Bagh protestors who shiver under severe cold pursuing a goal which was never a goal for those who set them up. Those who ride these palanquins are targeting a land of Mao, and the Palanquin-bearers are walking in the belief that they are on a holy crusade walking to the holy land of Islam. Between the intellectuals and the foot soldiers, the game of deception is on. Those who considered the chant of Jai Shriram and a sacred symbol of Hinduism on an airplane communal, try to cover up the agenda of Islamist supremacy which drives the protestors on the ground. The Biryanis, the sponsored gala, the song, dance and pomp is all fine but when Mao meets the Maulana, the masks quickly fall. Little kids, hardly aware what their parents are thrusting them into in their search for free food packet and two minutes of fame, get initiated on the path of teenage fanaticism and the media claps like some evil doll of some black magic woman.

The farce is unravelling fast as intifada nudges out fake secularism. Even Iran too it started as a revolution for freedom and democracy before it turned into a brazen and unabashed hard-line Islamist nation, with zero freedom and zero democracy. It always comes like that, like a bandit hiding under the cloak of democracy. The left gleefully looks at the revival of the bloody history of Naxalism. They have appropriated Congress and Ambedkar both. This helps them to hide their cynical cunningness with which they are conspiring to break the nation. We may forget that the left-sided with the British during the Quit India Movement.

Today, when the opposition stands rejected by the masses in India, the ideological lines have blurred as Congress aligns with Muslim League, and the Communists stake claim to the history of Congress and all of them, claim to be a follower of Dr Ambedkar. This cynical fakery of the left needs to be called out. The left stood with the British during the Quit India and with the Congress during Emergency. They are again coming back claiming to be warriors for democracy and freedom with a little hesitation because of their faith in their ability to create a false narrative and their belief in a short span of public memory. Since the left is unable to win electorally, their idea is to break India down and create chaos and anarchy. Ambedkar, in reality, was possibly was the first one to call out the left’s tendency to hide their designs within a pretended love for freedom and democracy. He said in his famous speech Grammar of Anarchy made on 25th of November 1949.

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“The Communist Party want a Constitution based upon the principle of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. They condemn the Constitution because it is based upon parliamentary democracy. The Socialists want two things. The first thing they want is that if they come in power, the Constitution must give them the freedom to nationalise or socialise all private property without payment of compensation. The second thing that the Socialists want is that the Fundamental Rights mentioned in the Constitution must be absolute and without any limitations so that if their Party fails to come into power, they would have the unfettered freedom not merely to criticise, but also to overthrow the State.”

When we look at the leftist intellectuals and politicians collude and conspire behind the farcical Shaheen Bagh protest, we can find the echo of the words of Dr Ambedkar here. Everyone can see it for what it is. Shaheen Bagh protest is nothing but a brute mob staring in the force of an elected government waiting for it to blink. The media is trying hard to give Shaheen Bagh a colour of Tahrir Square during the Arab Spring. They try hard to hide the truth which lurks within the protest. While Tahrir Square protest was to usher in an age of freedom, Shaheen Bagh protest is anything but.

Tahrir Square protests tried to create a democracy by usurping a tyranny; Shaheen Bagh protests attempt to create a religious tyranny by usurping a democracy. They do not want to file a case in the court or fight elections on this ground. They want to bulldoze both the judiciary and the parliament. They claim that neither the Parliament nor the judiciary represents the will of the people. They have a small mob which as per them represents it. They want to reject anything and everything which runs counter to their argument. In the same speech referred above Ambedkar has said

“If those who are dissatisfied with the Constitution have only to obtain a 2/3 majority and if they cannot obtain even a two-thirds majority in the parliament elected on adult franchise in their favour, their dissatisfaction with the Constitution cannot be deemed to be shared by the general public.”

This comment of Dr Ambedkar is a clear answer to the unelected and unelectable, self-propelled leaders of Anti-CAA protests like Yogendra Yadav, Sitaram Yechuri and Kanhaiyya Kumar, who cannot win one election but claim to be the voice of the people.

Shaheen Bagh protests and the conspirators behind it ignore Ambedkar and the boring, silent majority which is fast running out of patience. A thin thread holds the reserve of the silent, which if breaks will wash away the obstinate, noisy recklessness of the sloganeering mob. When that happens, it will be the same mob of Shaheen Bagh misled by Kejriwal’s lieutenant into believing that they are fighting some holy war, and funded by the Bankers of Congress, which will be at the receiving end.

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Those who sit in their cosy apartments, posting pictures of Resistance 2020 will not even turn up to count the fallen. They will wash, paint and create art to resurrect their new lives around the ugly aftermath of a farce which ends in a mess. Shaheen Bagh will go back into its cesspool of misgovernance, slipping back into the darkness of an existence ignored by the nation at large. The PIL filed in the Delhi High Court seeking a directive to get this illegal blockade cleared has been dismissed, as the judiciary left it to the wisdom of Police as to how to handle it. One cannot fault this, in isolation.

It is for the Delhi Police to act. If the protestors from Gateway of India could be shifted to Azad Maidan in a day, it is inexplicable why Delhi Police would be mollycoddling the protestors blocking the public road for a month. Reports have come in of kids suffering on their way to school and even one loss of life due to an Ambulance stuck in this mess. Technically it is proper for the judiciary to stay out of the way of the executive on the matter, but then the same would apply to curtail internet in Kashmir. Why could that not be left to the wisdom of law and order machinery? Another one of the courts claimed that the protests on the street are valid because the arguments which were supposed to be made in the parliament did not happen.

I would hope that the law ministry would take a clear position on this attempt by a Judge to decide the course of parliamentary debate. I am sure that the writers of Indian Constitution would not have imagined a judiciary which essentially supports lawlessness on the streets because the elected lawmakers have not taken the position the Judge as an unelected Government official desires them to take. Hope someone takes note of this hopelessness to which their absurd protest is hurtling them because someday soon, driven into the corner, the silent will speak. When the silent speaks, this make-believe world of Shaheen Bagh farce will come down crashing. End unlike what Eliot wrote, it is not always that the world ends with a whimper, it often ends with a bang, a deafeningly loud bang.


1. The Grammar of Anarchy 

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