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Diary of a Delhi Liberal: Of new year, dying infants and Modi getting his friend Trump to bomb an Irani general in Iraq

After celebrating New Years' in New York, Delhi Liberal has gone to Athens to deliberate on how to bring down fascism in India.

Dear Diary,

A very Happy new year to you. We are finally in the year 2020 and the nightmare of 2019 is behind us. Surely 2020 can only get better from here? We won’t mind erasing 2019 from our memory completely once we dethrone Modi and remove all evidence of 2019 ever taking place.

2020 does promise a refreshing change and we are very optimistic about this year. It got off to a very strong start with the fireworks in New York City. Loved the absolutely superb show of fireworks, the light, the colorful sparkles, the lovely sound that informed us about the arrival of the New Year. Even the smoke in the air formed lovely shapes after the explosion and we had a fun time guessing which animal which smoke cloud resembles.

Alas, the party had to end and we had to focus our energies on the burning issue of our times, the fascism in India. Modi and Shah have been trying their best to divert people’s attention from the draconian CAA which gives citizenship to persecuted minorities but we can’t let him get away with it, diary.

Within this week, they tried several ways to divert people’s attention diary. You won’t believe how far they have gone. BJP Bhakts are getting younger and younger diary, so many infants are dying in Rajasthan’s hospitals to divert public attention but we didn’t let that happen diary. We simply ignored all those deaths and our liberal followers have been following that same rule.

However, Modi-Shah didn’t give up that easily, they orchestrated an attack on Nankana Sahib in Pakistan, diary, to show how minorities get oppressed in Pakistan. They even involved Pakistan Govt in this plan, that is why the Pakistan Government refused to act for hours as the mob laid siege to the holy shrine.

This wasn’t even their worst attempt diary, wait till you hear their next plan. Modi asked his friend Donald Trump to bomb an Irani General in Iraq! That has diverted not just India, but entire world’s attention and we are still struggling to figure out how to get it back. But just imagine, diary, these 2 fascist rulers of India are starting the 3rd World War just because they are scared of our Shaheen Bagh protest. Unimaginable fascism in these two people, we just can not believe it.

Just when we were about to convince UN forces to invade India, this impending World War has upstaged our plans. However, we will not rest, diary, we will keep trying our best. Though truth be told diary, the best liberals on offer these days are not that good. This week they got caught spreading fake news of rape by UP Policemen. Amateurs, they should have known that rectal bleeding can be checked by medical tests, why make up a lie that can be easily busted? This is not 2002 when we could invent 3 days between 28th February and 1st of March, this is the social media era. Sigh, maybe we will hold a training session for these budding liberals soon.

Anyway, diary, we are leaving New York tonight. Will be going to Athens for a week, where we will come up with a new strategy to fight the fascism in India. Till then, ciao!

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