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Meet Latoya Ferns-Advani: Maharashtra Youth Congress spokesperson who wants ISIS ‘fighters’ legitimised by ‘giving’ them a state

Maharashtra Youth Congress spokesperson is a Mani Shankar Aiyar protege. How delightful!

On July 11, Congress selected one Latoya Ferns-Advani as Maharashtra Youth Congress’ Spokesperson and Media Coordinator.

Youth Congress is the youth wing of the grand old party Indian National Congress and is currently headed by Rahul Gandhi who is the chairperson. Latoya Ferns-Advani has studied at Durham University and University of Warwick if one to believe her LinkedIn profile which further describes her as a ‘media and policy strategist’.

Latoya Ferns-Advani, who likes to write columns in Pakistani publication like Daily Times believes that the terror organisation ISIS should be legitimised by giving the ‘fighters’ their own state. In an article on the Pakistani publication’s website, Ferns-Advani writes that by not identifying the ISIS as a ‘state’ we are not able to distinguish between ‘combatants’ and civilians. Latoya not only waters down ISIS terrorists as ‘combatants’ but also as ‘fighters’. She says that “ISIS fighters” not having to wear “identifiable fatigues” gives them the benefit of stealth and surprise attack. “Nevertheless, armed forces are still permitted to neutralise ISIS fighters as civilians directly participating in hostilities. Statehood for ISIS would aid counterinsurgency by obligating fighters to make themselves identifiable,” she argues.

Further, Latoya wants to ‘purge’ the word ‘terrorist’ which is used to describe, well, terrorists. She claims that the ISIS is “embodiment of the US’s haphazard democracy promotion and hurried exit strategy”. In reality, ISIS promotes religious violence, and regards Muslims who do not agree with its interpretations as infidels or apostates. As per Australian National Security website, since its formation, the ISIS has focussed on capturing and consolidating its control over areas of Iraq and Syria by stoking sectarian tensions between, and within, Sunni and Shia; capitalising on Sunni disenfranchisement. Maharashtra Youth Congress spokesperson wants to legitimise this.

In the same article, Latoya justifies the brutality and barbaric beheadings carried out by ISIS by saying that “state-formation throughout history has been brutal — beheadings in public squares acting as deterrents in the absence of policing.” We checked it twice, the article is not filed under satire. Maharashtra Youth Congress spokesperson actually wrote all this.

Whitewashing terrorists is not the only thing Latoya Ferns-Advani has done. She regularly likes to speak in the language of terrorists by taking ‘cow piss’ jibes on Hindus.

And thinks “BJP is certifiably insane” for the beef ban. And of course has a desire to go to Pakistan. If on odd days, her heart bleeds for Pakistan, on even days, she calls PM Modi a ‘Pakistani stooge’.

Latoya Ferns-Advani also likes to show solidarity for terror and riot accused.

She also believes that there is no evidence of Ram Mandir being there on the site where Babri mosque once stood.

Well, to be fair to her, as per her LinkedIn profile, she currently works at office of Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar.

Latoya Ferns-Advani

Mani Shankar Aiyar, as we know, also has a soft corner for Pakistan. In January this year, he went there to lie about PM Modi and HM Amit Shah. He has frequently hailed Pakistan and shamed India.

Maharashtra Youth Congress spokesperson is a Mani Shankar Aiyar protege. How delightful!

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