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Hindus under siege in Mira-Bhayander, Mumbai: Forced conversion, rape, assault, torture – 15 cases from last 1 year which expose the criminal den. Exclusive

Explaining the changing demography of the region, Kishor Sant (name changed for security reasons) of the Sakal Hindu Samaj said, "Earlier this Mira Bhayander region, Nayanagar area was dominated by the Hindu population. In the past few years, several Muslims from the Mumbra region or even from different cities migrated to this area claiming their dominance. Later in the Nayanagar and Mira road region these people began deliberately harassing Hindus".

There is a section of society in India even today which believes that incidents of Grooming Jihad, communal crimes/acts of violence against Hindus, and conversion of people to Islam is a hoax and that Islamists are unnecessarily ‘targeted’ by the Hindus owing to mythical ‘majoritarianism’. However, the truth is far from it.

OpIndia has several times earlier exposed the sickening mentality of the Islamists who deliberately target Hindu women in relationships and then, indulge in conversion – often violently. The Islamists believe that India is Dar-ul-Harb which must be changed to Da-ul-Islam and they see the conversion of Hindus to Islam as one of the crucial ways towards fulfilling their dreams.

The Islamists are encouraged by their religious heads to trap Hindus, especially women in relationships and convert their religion to Islam. There is evidence to suggest that Islamists are also provided with financial aid to trap Hindus, especially women, and convert their religion to Islam.

Notably, the state of Maharashtra has recently witnessed numerous situations in which Hindu women have been trapped by Islamists, sexually molested, tortured, and intimidated. The Islamists encourage innocent Hindu girls, including minors, to convert to Islam. OpIndia has received several reports of such instances in the state’s Ahmednagar’s Rahuri, Pune’s Kondhwa, Nashik, and Sambhaji Nagar districts. However, the majority of the instances in the past year have been reported to have occurred in Mumbai’s Mira road region. 

Mumbai’s Mira Road and Bhayander area which has a majority Muslim population has become a hub of ‘Grooming Jihad’ and religious conversion. The region has been in the news for all wrong reasons in the recent past for attacks on Hindus during the Ram Mandir inauguration and deliberately creating chaos in the Hindu societies.

Here are 16 exclusive cases of community crimes from the Mira Road-Bhayander region of Mumbai where Islamists in maximum of the cases moved to convert the Hindu victims to Islam in the past year.

Case 1: 22-year-old converted, tortured by ‘husband’ Azam Khan

On 16th July 2023, a 22-year-old Hindu girl filed a police complaint saying that she was brutally tortured by her ‘husband’ Amin Sheikh and mother-in-law Reshma Sheikh. The girl said that she was physically and sexually assaulted and forcefully converted to Islam after which she filed a police complaint against the duo under sections 37692)(n), 366, 323, 506, 504, and 34 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

As per the FIR copy obtained by OpIndia, this case seems to be a pure instance of Grooming Jihad. The victim in the year 2022 was introduced to the accused by a mutual friend named Shahbaz in a computer class. Soon the victim and the accused became good friends and in February 2022, Amin proposed to the girl. However, the girl refused to accept the proposal after which she was threatened to accept the relationship. The accused said that he would commit suicide and blame the girl for it if his proposal was not accepted.

The accused then introduced the girl to his family and one day deceptively called her at his home when he was all alone. The girl was not willing to stay in the relationship however, she was threatened to cooperate. On arrival, the accused closed the doors and sexually assaulted the victim. He also shot derogatory videos of her to use them to blackmail her further.

After a few days, the accused called the girl and said that he was going to Dubai. He also expressed his will to marry her. He threatened the girl saying that he had derogatory photos and videos of her and that he would viral the videos from Dubai if she refused to marry.

The girl got scared but could not utter a word as she was threatened to keep her mouth shut. After a month or so, the accused came back from Dubai and asked the girl to meet. He then forced the girl to send a text message to her parents informing them that she was now married to Amin. He then sexually assaulted the victim.

The next day, the accused took the girl to a Masjid and forcefully converted her religion to Islam. He also married the girl and asked her to follow the traditions of Islam hereinafter. He forced her to eat cow beef, and consume drugs while his mother, Reshma Sheikh abused and physically assaulted the girl. She also forced the girl to offer Namaz and said that soon she would be sent to Dubai.

Marriage certificate obtained by OpIndia
Conversion certificate obtained by OpIndia

The victim then also learned that the accused was already married and had a daughter. She realized that she was being pushed into human trafficking. The accused however shifted the victim to a separate apartment and locked her from outside. As per the copy, the victim yelled for help and screamed from the windows of the building after which the neighbors called the police. The girl was safely recovered and later filed a complaint against the accused, his mother, Kazi Mufti Ismail who converted the girl to Islam, and two other associates of the primary accused who did the job of threatening the victim.

She demanded strict action against the accused and his mother and said that the video of her torture had been recorded in the residential CCTV footage. She asked the Police to seize the CCTV footage and provide her justice.

Father confirms the conversion of the girl to Islam, says the accused deliberately trapped the victim

Team OpIndia contacted the father of the victim in this case to know the current update. The father of the girl, Kishore ji informed OpIndia that the accused had been arrested by the Police and had also been sent to Thane jail. “They were arrested after we complained. However, at present, I don’t know where they are or what they are doing. Amin had deliberately trapped my girl in a love affair, sexually assaulted her for over 1.5 years, and later promised to marry. However, he later converted her to Islam. Whatever happened was very unfortunate and now I am looking after my daughter’s overall growth,” he added while exclusively talking to OpIndia.

He also stated that many girls are trapped by people like Amin and they need to be saved from this issue (what OpIndia has been terming as Grooming Jihad). “My daughter was also forced to follow Islamic traditions and was converted at Bandra court. However, now I have brought her back and no she is safely staying with us,” he said.

The FIR copy of the incident has been obtained by OpIndia.

Case 2: 24-year-old trapped in love affair, converted by Naseer Khan

On 19th May 2023, a 24-year-old woman filed a police complaint at Kashmira Police Station revealing that she had been forcefully converted to Islam by one accused identified as Naseer Khan. The woman in the complaint said that she met the accused at her office. Soon the duo developed a friendship and later the accused proposed to the girl. He also asked her to leave the job and work for him.

“He said that he would set up an office and allow me to handle all his professional affairs. He did that. Later I left my home for him and insisted he marry me. However, he said that he would not marry me unless I converted to Islam. So he converted my religion to Islam and then we got married at Bandra Court. The horror then began. He used to come home inebriated and hit me. He also used to sexually assault me. He never allowed me to talk to my family and used to check my phone,” the woman said in the complaint.

FIR copy obtained by OpIndia

She further said that she got in touch with her sister on Instagram and told her about the plight she was facing under Naseer’s dominance. The sister then informed her family who extended their support to the victim in filing a police complaint.

As per the sources, the police filed a police complaint but no action in this case was taken.

Case 3: A 13-year-old minor was sexually assaulted, and threatened by Munavar and Ajeem Mansoori to convert to Islam

On 15th June, a woman filed a police complaint at Bhayander Police Station against two individuals identified as Munavar Mansoori and Ajeem Mansoori for threatening her 13-year-old daughter with a fake pistol and sexually assaulting her. The woman in the complaint said that the accused boys aged 20 and 19 respectively stayed in a building close to her residence and followed her daughter on her way to school or tuition.

She also said that the accused persons once threatened the victim to reach the building terrace where the duo forcefully kissed her and sexually assaulted her. On June 11, the accused gifted a ring and burqa to her and proposed to marry. However, on a refusal by the girl, the accused used a fake pistol to threaten her. “Get converted to Islam otherwise I’ll kill you,” the primary accused Munavar was quoted as threatening in the FIR copy obtained by OpIndia.

The girl then gathered the courage and informed about the boys to her parents who then discovered that the boys used fake pistols to torture and threaten their daughter. The mother of the victim then filed a police complaint against the accused. The complaint in the case had been filed under sections 354, 354A, and 506 of the Indian Penal Code and sections 8 and 12 of the POCSO, 2012.

Parents of the victim confirm their daughter was threatened to wear a burqa

Team OpIndia contacted the father of the victim who revealed that his daughter was sexually assaulted by the two accused minors. He also added that the Police had taken the required action in the case after which neither of the two dared to harass the victim.

“My daughter was being harassed and being influenced by the accused towards Islam. She was also sexually abused and threatened to wear a burqa. But after we complained, the police took immediate action in the case and also punished the accused. It’s almost been a year since the incident and at present honestly, I don’t know where the accused boys are. My daughter is safe though,” he added.

Case 4: 13-year-old minor brainwashed to embrace Islam by a Muslim minor

A similar case was reported at Nayanagar Police Station. A 13-year-old minor Hindu girl was trapped in a love affair by an accused minor Muslim boy aged 15. He met the girl from the Mira Road region on Instagram and gained her trust. The duo soon developed a friendship and began chatting constantly over the phone.

After a few days, the accused insisted the girl meet at a local garden where he forcefully kissed her and sexually assaulted her. He also used to ask the girl to send her nude photos and videos over Instagram. The accused then began to ask the girl to wear long kurtas and wear a dupatta over her head (hijab). On seeing this change, the mother of the girl discovered her ‘affair’ and read all her chats.

On confronting, the girl further revealed that the accused boy also dominated her and controlled what she ate, what she posted on social media, and who she kept contact with. “The boy was trying to influence my daughter to follow his religion slowly. He was asking her to dress us like women in his house,” the mother said in the complaint.

Representative image- OpIndia

As per the FIR, once when the accused was ill, his uncle had called the girl forcing her to meet him. “He also was teaching the girl his language. He has sexually assaulted my daughter several times,” the woman said in the complaint filed under sections 354 of IPC and 8 and 12 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

Notably, the mother of the girl alleged that the police in this case neglected many facts and carried out an unfair investigation. The mother in a separate complaint to the senior authorities said that the accused asked her daughter to wear a hijab and asked her to greet people by saying ‘Allah Hafiz’. “He was trying to influence my daughter to convert to Islam. However, the Nayanagar PI Gilani Sayeed refused to write this complaint down. Instead, he wrote an incomplete complaint and threatened us to sign as a complainant. The police also failed to take my statement and filed an FIR based on the incomplete statement,” the lady was quoted as saying in the letter copy that has been obtained by OpIndia.

Complaint Copy obtained by OpIndia

Case 5: 50-year-old Rajesh Jani converted to Islam by Mohsin

In the Bhayander region of Mumbai, a 50-year-old individual named Rajesh Jani was forcefully converted to Islam by one Mohsin Soni. The complaint in this case was filed by the son of the victim on 12th June 2023 saying that the accused influenced his family also to convert to Islam and used derogatory words against Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

As per the FIR copy obtained by OpIndia, the victim, Rajesh was disturbed due to some problems in his relationship with his wife. Given the situation, he had shifted his residence in the year 2022 from Vasai to Virar and had begun living alone. During this period he happened to come in contact with accused Mohsin Soni who took him to an Ijtema event organised by Muslim community people. Since then Mohsin stayed in touch with the victim.

Ijtema is a show of strength event for Muslims which is all about the moral reform of individuals and is often described as ‘making Muslims true Muslims’. It is termed a religious program in which several Islamic scholars are invited to offer guidance.

Mohsin used to send videos of Zakir Khan to the victim and ask him to understand Islam and its traditions. He kept on influencing the victim to convert his religion to Islam. In around April 2023, the victim sifted back to his family in Vasai. The incident of his conversion came to the fore only after the victim one day failed to return home from his workplace.

“My father on 27th May 2023 didn’t return home. On asking his colleague, we were informed that he had already left the workplace. After a day or so, we filed a missing report at the police station. Later on 29th May 2023 Mohsin called my mother, introduced himself as my father’s friend, and said that the duo was together at his (Mohisn’s) place in Mumbra. He said that the duo got acquainted at the Ijtema event that happened last year. He also informed my mother that my father had embraced Islam and we need not worry about him,” the boy mentioned in the complaint.

The family of the victim began worrying more for the victim. Later on 2nd June, Mohsin again called the family and asked them also to convert their religion to Islam. He used derogatory words for Hindu Gods and Goddesses and threatened the family.

“Mohsin said that the only way to reach heaven was to embrace Islam. He forced us all to convert to Islam. He said that Hindus worshipping Lord Rama an Lord Krishna are surviving in darkness. Nobody is ready to come out of the darkness. He said that he had brought my father out of the darkness and that now he could reach heaven. He also made us believe that he had some power in him with which he could solve several problems of people. He also mentioned that before this he had converted around 400 persons and that now it was our time,” the boy mentioned in the FIR.

The FIR in the case was filed under section 295A of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, and section 3 of the Maharashtra Prevention and Eradication of Human Sacrifice, other Inhuman, Evil, and Aghori Practices and Black Magic Act, 2013.

As per the sources, the accused was arrested by the Police and was sent to Surat after being released on bail while in judicial custody.

Case 6: 17-year-old assaulted, and converted to Islam by Shahin, Abueid, Nuzhat, and Nikhat Khan

In a dreadful case reported from the Mira road region of Mumbai, a 17-year-old Hindu girl, her brother, and a cousin were converted to Islam by the accused identified as Shahin Khan, Abueid Khan, Nuzhat Khand, and Nikhat Khan. The 17-year-old girl was also sexually assaulted by Abueid Khan several times after which the victim on 10th August filed a police complaint at the Mira Road Police station.

As per the FIR copy obtained by OpIndia, the three victims were being tortured by the accused persons after they lost their parents in the year 2022. The father of the victim died of a heart attack while the mother of the victim committed suicide in January 2023. After the death of the parents, the relatives of the victims took them home for some days but later lodged them in an orphanage in Andheri.

However, the 17-year-old was not satisfied at the orphanage and wanted to continue her education with her brother and cousin. She informed the orphanage authorities about ‘grandma’ Shahin Khan and her family who she said stayed in the neighborhood when her parents were alive. Shahin Khan’s family proved to the orphanage that they were financially capable of taking care of the children. The children were then adopted by the Khans and soon the horror began.

Shahin Khan, a few days after the arrival of the children, made them believe that Islam was the only religion to be followed. She told the victim that she along with her brother and her cousin needed to be converted to Islam. “Hindus staying in the house of Muslims is a sin. The presence of Hindus in a Muslim house creates problems. So you all need to convert to Islam,” Shahin was quoted as saying in the FIR.

She also said that the brother of the victim was required to get the circumcision done following which he would be converted to Islam. Notably, the family first converted the boy to Islam and named him Altaaf Sheikh. Later the cousin of the victim was also converted. The victim was then made to believe that her brother and her cousin had consumed beef and that now he was a true Muslim.

FIR copy obtained by OpIndia

The family of Shahin Khan tortured the victim and her siblings and restricted them from taking further education. They were also forced to do the house chores and threatened to be sent to an orphanage for not following the orders. The family instead took the Hindu children to various Masjids and forced them to follow the traditions of Islam. They also stopped supporting them financially. This all happened in the course of 7-8 months from January 2023 to August 2023.

On 8th August 2023, one of the accused Abueid Khan sexually assaulted the girl when she was fast asleep at night. He pulled her pants and invaded her private parts. He continued to assault her also on 9th August after which the victim escaped from the home and reached Mira Road Police station for justice.

Document exclusively obtained by OpIndia

The complaint in this case has been filed under sections 376(2)(n), 376, 298, 354, 506, and 34 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. The accused persons have also been booked under sections 8 and 4 of the POCSO, 2012.

Apart from these dreadful incidents of Grooming Jihad or conversion to Islam here are further cases of community crimes in which Islamists harassed the Hindu victims, attacked them deliberately, and sexually assaulted them in most of the cases.

Case 7: Mohammed Shami and Akhtar pelted stones at a Hindu event

Recently, after the inauguration of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, Islamists pelted stones at Hindu community people who were celebrating the Pran Pratishtha ceremony in the Mira road Bhayander region of Mumbai.

FIR copy of the incident has been obtained by OpIndia in which the complainant mentioned that the accused persons barged into the event on 22nd January that was organized at the local level to celebrate the Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha ceremony and pelted stones at the participants. The accused persons are also said to have abused the Hindu faith and Lord Ram.

The accused persons were booked under sections 153A, 504, 506, and 34 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. As per the complaint, the accused persons also pelted stones at other Hindus who were conducting a peaceful rally in the Mira Bhayander region.

“We had organized a small event to celebrate the Hindu ceremony and were donating food on the occasion. Shami and Akhtar barged into the event and began pelting stones at the Hindu participants on 22nd January. On asking the reason for pelting stones, they said that they were just keeping a watch on who was pelting stones at the local Masjid,” the complainant stated.

FIR copy obtained by OpIndia
FIR copy obtained by OpIndia

“Later a rally of Hindu participants passed by the local Masjid nearby and the two accused who barged into our event began pelting stones at the rally participants. The duo also abused the Hindu faith and abused Lord Ram,” the Hindu complainant said.

The complainant then is said to have informed the local police who were deployed on the spot to avoid any untoward incident from happening. But the accused persons had fled from the spot by then.

He also said that the primary accused in the case abused and threatened him and indicated that Lord Ram would also not be able to save him. “We saw you informed the police. Aren’t you doing too much? I will kill you let’s see if your Ram can come to save you,” the accused said while issuing death threats to the complainant as per the FIR.

The accused persons continued to threaten the victim for a couple of days after which the complainant filed a police complaint on 25th January.

Case 8: Hindu girl trapped in a love affair by Shakir, raped and then threatened for money

On 13th July 2023, an FIR was lodged at Navghar Police station against an individual identified as Shakir after he trapped a Hindu girl into a love affair and then threatened her family for money. As per the sources, the accused also sexually assaulted the girl and then demanded money from her and her family.

The complaint copy of the said incident has been obtained by OpIndia. As per the complaint, the accused on 12th July forcefully barged into the victim’s home and threatened her family members for money. He demanded small portions of money (Rs 4000 each) from the victim’s mother and her aunt and threatened them that they would lose their daughter if no money was provided.

Later he also called the father of the victim at his workplace and threatened to send money. He further happened to kidnap the girl and then demanded an iPhone worth Rs 1,50,000 and said that he would cut the victim into small pieces if his demands remained unfulfilled.

Copy obtained by OpIndia

The FIR in the given case was filed under sections 363 (kidnapping), 364A (demand for ransom), 368, 387 (severe injury to commit extortion), 504 and 506 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

Case 9: Minor raped, threatened by Sameer Khan

On 30th August 2022, a minor studying in class 8 filed a police complaint with the help of her parents revealing that one Sameer Khan had raped her brutally and threatened her to keep her mouth shut. She said that the accused took her to the bathroom and forced her to remove her clothes. The girl tried to escape from the situation but to no avail.

From the complaint copy obtained by OpIndia, it comes to the fore that the parents of the girl sell vegetables on the streets of Mumbai to survive. After the COVID lockdown, the victim had to leave the school and help her parents earn. During this, the accused, Khan noticed the girl and began harassing her. He forced the girl to talk to him, failing which he threatened that he would harm her parents.

The victim who got scared for her parents, followed Khan. He raped the girl and later kidnapped her following which the parents of the victim filed a police complaint u/s 363 (kidnapping), and 376 (rape) of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. However, the girl was recovered later, and handed over to her parents.

On 27th August 2022, the accused forcefully entered the house of the victim while her parents were not at home. He dragged the girl to the bathroom and forced her to remove her clothes. However, the sister of the victim who was sleeping in the nearby room heard some chaos in the victim’s room. On enquiring, the accused forced the girl to keep shut. He threatened to kill her. The victim opted to keep shut and said that everything in there was normal. The accused then forcefully raped her and left her with wounds.

Copy obtained by OpIndia

The sister meanwhile called her parents and informed them about the incident. On arriving, the parents caught Khan red-handed who later fled from the spot and took the victim away with him. The girl after being recovered from the trap of the accused on 29th August, revealed the horror she had to go through following which the parents lodged a police complaint.

The Navghar Police station filed a police complaint, in this case, u/s 363 (kidnapping), 376(i)(rape on a woman under sixteen) of the Indian Penal Code, and also u/s 4 and 6 of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act, 2012.

Case 10: Hamid, Shahrukh, and Jaggu Khan torture a 23-year-old in Bhayander

This case dates back to January 2023, when a 23-year-old Hindu girl was abused, sexually assaulted, and beaten by four Muslims identified as Hamid Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Jaggu Khan, and Mister Khan. The victim was accused of stealing a cell phone belonging to Hamid. The victim knew the accused as they stayed in the same lane located in the Bhayander region of Mumbai district.

The four accused, catering to the suspicion dragged the woman from her home, tore her clothes, and beat her mercilessly. The victim as per the FIR kept screaming for help but the accused didn’t stop. They further also beat the father of the victim with a brick resulting in severe injuries.

FIR copy obtained by OpIndia

The victim in the complaint mentioned that the accused sexually assaulted her. They tore her clothes on the street resulting in the revelation of her body in public. The Bhayander Police happened to take cognizance of the incident and filed a complaint against the four Muslims under sections 354, 354B, 324, 452, 504, and 34 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

Case 11: Minor sexually assaulted by Hasnoor

The Navghar Police filed a police complaint against one Hasnoor after he sexually assaulted a 15-year-old Hindu girl in the Bhayander region of Mumbai. The incident came to the fore after the girl revealed the incident to her mother who later filed a police complaint against the accused.

As per the copy obtained by OpIndia, the accused knew the victim from her school. He used to follow her daily on her way to school and classes. One day, the accused followed the girl to a local park where he proposed to her. He expressed his intent to be in a relationship with the girl. He then dragged the girl closer to him and sexually assaulted her. The girl immediately escaped from the spot and ran home. She then told her mother about the incident following which the police filed a complaint against the accused u/s 354 of the IPC and section 8 of the POCSO Act, 2012.

Case 12: Imtiaz trapped a girl in a love affair, assaulted, and brutally raped her

In February 2023, the Kashmira Police Station in Mumbai received a complaint against one Imtiaz Choudhury after he brutally raped a woman from Thane region of Mumbai district. The incident happened on 29th January 2023 while the FIR in the case was registered on 1st February 2023.

In the words of the victim mentioned in the FIR copy obtained by OpIndia, the accused met the victim in the year 2021 through a common friend. He then proposed to the girl and the girl fell in love with him. The duo stayed committed until 2022 when the accused decided to shift to Banglore for the job purpose. The girl pressed Choudhury for marriage however, the latter refused following which the girl broke up with him.

After a few months, the accused forced the girl to talk to him and threatened that he would harm her family if she stopped talking to him. In January 2023, the accused came back from Banglore and forced the girl to meet. On refusal, he threatened to expose her private photographs to her family. On 29th January, the accused forcefully called the girl to meet at Borivali in Mumbai and then dragged her to a local hotel.

Copy obtained by OpIndia

The accused then brutally assaulted the girl and beat her with a leather belt. He tried to kill the girl by choking her throat. Later he forced the girl to remove her clothes and then he raped her. He also recorded derogatory videos of the woman and threatened her to keep shut failing which he would upload the video on the internet. The girl was left with scars on her body and also on her mind.

After a couple of days, the girl gathered the courage to reveal the brutality she had faced when she was with the accused on 29th January. Accordingly, the Police filed a complaint under sections 376, 377, 354B, 324, 323, and 506 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. The accused in this case had been nabbed by the Police from the India-Nepal border.

Case 13: Two Muslim boys fed a 14-year-old some substance and sexually assaulted the minor

On 6th February 2023, the father of the 14-year-old minor girl filed a police complaint at Navghar Police Station saying that his daughter was sexually assaulted by two of her Muslim ‘acquaintances’ who are also supposed to be minors. The two boys reportedly fed the girl some substance and forced themselves upon her.

The two also recorded the video of the incident and published it on the social media platform. The incident came to light only after one of the accused sent the video to the mother of the victim. The parents of the minor then filed a police complaint against the accused under section 354c of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, and section 8 (sexual assault) of the POCSO, 2012.

Team OpIndia has obtained the FIR copy of the incident.

Case 14: Minor kidnapped, and sexually assaulted by Imtiaz, accused arrested as confirmed by the family of the victim

In April 2023, a minor girl aged 14 was reported missing from the Bhayander region of Mumbai. The parents of the girl on 3rd April 2023 filed a police complaint under section 363 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 saying that their daughter had been kidnapped by an unknown person.

“I sell street food on the roads of Mumbai to earn a living for my family. One day me and my wife were busy cleaning put cart. So we asked our daughter who was helping us to return home. However, when we reached home, we could not locate our daughter,” the father said.

As per the sources, the police investigated the matter and recovered the girl who had been kidnapped by a person named Imtiaz. The accused, as per the sources, used to follow the girl to her school and also used to forcefully chat with her on Instagram. He kidnapped the girl and took her to Madhubani, Bihar, and sexually assaulted her. The accused had also planned to send the girl to Nepal illegally. The girl was however saved and brought back. However, no police action has yet been taken by the police.

Team OpIndia contacted the father of the victim on 21st February who confirmed that the accused identified as Imtiaz had been arrested by the Police. “Our daughter is safe with us. Imtiaz who had abducted my daughter is in jail right now. The case is being looked after by the Police,” he said. On asked about the accused, he said that he didn’t know how his daughter came in contact with the accused.

Case 15: Danish Sheikh abducted, and brutally raped a 28-year-old woman, mother Afsana forced her to marry her son

The incident was reported again from the Bhayander region of Maharashtra’s Mumbai district. The victim, who is a mother to a minor stayed with her parents in Mumbai when she was sexually assaulted by the accused for over a year. The victim in her confession to the police confirmed that she knew the accused from November 2022. However, she said that the accused behaved nicely in the beginning and later began dominating her. He sexually assaulted her till April 2023.

“He also had captured my derogatory photos and videos and had threatened to make them public. He used to threaten me and forcefully call me to his house after which he used to forcefully feed me with some toxic substance. He would then rape me and abuse me. This happened several times. One day I gathered the courage and filed a police complaint against him,” the woman said. The complaint 338/2023 had been filed on 1st April under sections 376, 376(2)(n), 354, 328, 504, 506, and 323 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

However, on 16th April, the accused along with one of his cousins, Chirag Sheikh abducted the girl and took her home to torture her further. As per the complaint copy obtained by OpIndia, on 16th April, the victim was going to the market with her father when the accused along with his cousin abducted her and took her to his home. He meanwhile threatened the woman saying that they had already kidnapped her daughter and asked her to cooperate if she wanted to save her daughter.

The woman on reaching the accused’s home discovered that the duo had fooled her saying that they had kidnapped her daughter. Later, the primary accused person identified as Danish, forced himself upon her. Also, the mother of the accused, Afsana forced the woman to marry Danish.

Complaint Copy obtained by OpIndia

As per the complaint, the accused also took the victim to a nearby Masjid where he asked the Maulvi to get them married. “The Maulvi asked us to get some documents and said that the marriage would be possible only after the documents were presented. Later Danish kept me dragging from Bandra to Bhaykhala in Mumbai. At Bandra Karter, the police stopped us and on enquiring they discovered that Danish was wanted in a case filed at Bhayander Police Station on 1st April. The Police then detained Danish,” the girl said.

However, the woman later in a letter to the Additional Commissioner of Police, stated that she was dissatisfied by the Police investigation. She said that the accused was let go free given his family’s influence. “The accused and his associates are habitual offenders. They have multiple criminal antecedents to their name. They are known for actively supplying drugs and illegal arms and are also part of human trafficking networks with underworld connections,” she said in the letter, a copy of which has been obtained by OpIndia.

She also mentioned saying she was threatened by the accused that her 5-year-old daughter would be kidnapped and installed in their human trafficking network. She further highlighted Police lethargy and said that she was scared of the accused and his activities and needed immediate action against him.

“I get panic attacks and I am often pushed into suicidal thoughts. I am constantly horrified by the unfortunate incidents that happened to me. If anything happens again the Police will solely be responsible,” the letter added.

Copy exclusively obtained by OpIndia

Earlier Mira Road controversies and acts of violence reported by OpIndia:

Mira Road and the Bhayander area in Maharashtra’s Mumbai district have been in the news for all the wrong reasons in the recent past. In June 2023, massive controversy erupted in the capital city of Maharashtra after one of the Muslim families living in a society on Mira Road, Mumbai brought two goats a day ahead of Bakrid (Bakra-eid, Eid-Ul-Adha). The society members happened to refuse the Muslim family to get the goats inside the society premises for slaughter and said that they wouldn’t allow any kind of slaughtering activity within the society premises.

The residents of the society on Mira Road protested and opposed the slaughtering of the goats within the society premises on Bakrid and also chanted Hanuman Chalisa. Some of the people also raised the slogans of ‘Jai Shree Ram’, the videos of which had gone viral in the media.

But the couple took the lambs to the apartment after which the police were informed. The police who reached the spot immediately tried to maintain peace and communal harmony and assured the other residents in the society that no slaughtering would take place within the society premises.

The Police also allowed the goats saying that there was no such rule or law against a man getting goats or animals into his house. However, the authorities said that Mohsin would get arrested if he slaughtered animals in his apartment or within the society premises.

After the incident, the residents of the society talked to OpIndia and confirmed that Mohsin had been problematic to the society and that he had broken several regulations of the premises. He abused the society’s women after the latter demanded the removal of lambs from the society premises.

Also, his wife had filed a fake complaint against the society members saying that she was molested by the society members. However, nothing like this had happened. The detailed report on this case can be read here and here.

In the second crucial incident that was reported recently in January 2024, the Islamists attacked Hindus with stones, iron rods, sticks, and bamboo, leaving over a dozen people who participated in rallies to commemorate the return of Lord Ram in Ayodhya injured.

In the incident reported from Mira Road, Mumbai, Islamists also disrespected the Hindu religion and hurt the Hindu religious sentiments by tearing flags bearing images of Lord Hanuman. Islamists are also said to have vomited over the flags causing disrespect to the Hindu faith. OpIndia contacted the Police to know the details of the incident. The police confirmed that around 13 persons had been arrested in the case, however, IO Dilip Rakh revealed no information about the accused persons given the sensitivity of the case.

The videos of the incident had gone viral over the internet in which the Islamists could be heard raising the slogans of ‘Allah-hu-Akhbar’ while attacking the cars. They could be seen using iron rods and sticks to attack the Hindus. Even the videos of women being attacked made rounds on social media.

Later the Police and the local administration happened to take cognizance of the event and bulldozed the illegal properties of the Islamists staying on the Mira road who were involved in the stone pelting. As per reports, the illegal construction of the accused persons involved in the Mira Road clash was razed to the ground in the presence of Maharashtra Security Force and Mumbai Police.

Recent demography changes in Nayanagar area and Mira road

The Sakal Hindu Samaj members in an exclusive conversation, informed OpIndia that the Mira Road region in Mumbai is dominated by the Muslim majority population and that the community which claims to be a minority and oppressed is moving to become a problem for the other community residents. Explaining the changing demography of the region, Kishor Sant (name changed for security reasons) of the Sakal Hindu Samaj said, “Earlier this Mira Bhayander region, Nayanagar area was dominated by the Hindu population. In the past few years, several Muslims from the Mumbra region or even from different cities migrated to this area claiming their dominance. Later in the Nayanagar and Mira road region these people began deliberately harassing Hindus. They began harassing their daughters, disturbing them in their businesses and even there are many cases where these people have demanded ransom money from Hindus. As a result of this, several Hindus began migrating to other regions of Mumbai and Thane.”

“At present, in the Nayanagar area, no Hindus are allowed. It has now become a Muslim locality. Recently, Hindu devotees were badly assaulted during the Ram Mandir inauguration ceremony that happened in Ayodhya. The Hindus in the Nayanagar area were abused, also derogatory comments were made against Lord Rama. The videos of the incident had gone viral over the internet. This is a growing problem,” he added.

As per Pratap Deokate (name changed for security reasons), another Hindu activist, the Muslims deliberately harass the Hindu businessmen in the Bhayander area which still is a Hindu-dominated locality. “They install hawkers in the areas which are literally ‘no-hawkers’ zones and indirectly block the customers from reaching into the Hindu shops. Then they slowly start trapping the daughters of the Hindu shopkeepers leading to the incidents of Love Jihad,” he said.

Further, while pressing for a stringent law against the Love Jihad, Deokate also opined that the police need to look into these cases seriously. “When a Hindu girl is harassed, sexually assaulted or murmured, these people in the administration don’t look at it from the perspective of Love Jihad. They don’t doubt the intentions of the Islamists accused. They just treat these cases like other normal criminal cases and that’s why these Islamists most of the time get a free pass. The police and the local administration should understand the intention of the accused Islamists behind targeting the Hindu girls. Only then they will be able to provide justice to the victims in such cases,” he said.

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Siddhi Somani
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