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As BJP officially backs Sabarimala devotees, we witness the last rites of Communism in India

CPIM listened to the left loving media. And waited for the day their anti-Hindu activists would become Kerala’s biggest heroes by doing to Sabarimala what Ghazni did to Somnath.

There is a well-known expression “follow the money”. With political parties, it is just like that: “follow the votes”.

This is not even meant to be criticism, not even a taunt. It’s the simple economics of votes. Market demand leads to supply. And the BJP has now officially thrown its weight behind those protesting the state takeover of Sabarimala Temple, with the confirmation coming from the highest level.


At first, Smriti Irani did some kite flying, testing waters with a poorly worded offhand remark that gave more grist to the liberal lie machine. There is no doubt that her remarks were twisted, but by this point in politics, she should have expected that in advance.

Let me say something here about the whole matter of whether the celebrated anti-Hindu activist shown on all TV channels was actually carrying used sanitary napkins to desecrate the Sabarimala Temple. I don’t care whether it’s true or not. This “news” has been viral on social media and that makes it “true” for me at a political level. Dear liberals, think of it as Lord Ayyappa’s punishment for the time you spread lies about “semen filled balloons” on Holi.

In order to demonize the festival of Holi, prominent liberals were asking random Hindu men on Twitter why they throw “semen filled balloons” … remember? Don’t complain now. Go explain to lakhs of devotees why your beloved anti-Hindu activist was carrying “used napkins” to desecrate the temple. Not my problem, but yours.

I know that there is a lot of disillusionment (and anger) among online right-wing over the BJP dragging its feet before finally getting its act together on the issue of Sabarimala Temple. However you feel about the leadership, we have to be grateful to the selfless RSS and BJP worker who has been on the front lines of opposing the storming of the temple from the very beginning.

Remember that dissent under CPIM in Kerala is a deadly serious and scary proposition. As George Orwell would have put it, dissent under CPIM rule does not entail death. Under CPIM rule, dissent is death. 

Who would understand this better than RSS/BJP workers?

Suffice to say that the CPIM government in Kerala has been left totally blindsided by the Hindu uprising in the state. This was much more than political upheaval. It was a grassroots uprising. The images reminded me of Jammu 2008 when common Hindus took to the street against the Jammu and Kashmir government revoking the land transfer to Amarnath Shrine Board to build temporary settlements for pilgrims.

The reason the CPIM govt was caught blindsided is because they committed the cardinal sin in politics : buying their own propaganda. Especially since 2014, the mainstream media and social media arms of the liberal ecosystem have sought to project Kerala as some kind of anti-Hindu state. This propaganda peaked in August when it was made to look as if even floods in Kerala are vaguely the fault of Hindutva forces.

We have become used to contempt filled lectures about how Kerala is “different” and how Hindutva forces can never secure a foothold in Kerala.

This, of course, couldn’t be less true. The BJP’s vote share in last Kerala elections was 16%. Do you know that JDU’s vote share in last Bihar elections was 16%? The BJP is already as popular in Kerala as Nitish is popular in Bihar. Think about that for a second!

The CPIM foolishly bought into their own rhetoric. Here’s what they forgot:

Kerala is India. India is Kerala. 

And Kerala Hindus don’t hate Hindus. You know why? Because they are Hindus themselves!

I know every Communist will be shocked to hear this.

So Comrade Pinarayi Vijayan’s government sat cosily in Thiruvananthapuram, convinced that Kerala Hindus were salivating for an opportunity to desecrate Sabarimala Temple.

How could that not be? All the prominent media persons, who were themselves SFI and AISA comrades back when they were wasting their time learning English Literature and/or Africology in college, said that Kerala Hindus would love to see their temples being stormed by the state.

So CPIM listened to the left loving media. And waited for the day their anti-Hindu activists would become Kerala’s biggest heroes by doing to Sabarimala what Ghazni did to Somnath.


How wrong they were!

My favourite thing about the entire Sabarimala episode is how tribal Hindus, following their ancient duty, threw a protective ring around the temple. As on date, tribals represent the worst failure of the whole “idea of India” project. From Jharkhand to Chhattisgarh to Odisha to Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bengal, Gujarat and Kerala and all the way to the North East, tribals are the most consciously Hindu community in India today.  Take that JNU!

When the CPIM was caught unawares, it acted with the reflexive brutality common to Communist regimes around the world. The Communist police having failed to storm Sabarimala Temple, is now on the hunt for dissenters. So far 2000 have been rounded up and arrested.

Two thousand dissenters arrested in Kerala! Imagine how big this story would have been if 99% of our media persons had not been from college comrades from SFI and AISA.

Sadly for the CPIM, this is not Soviet Russia. Soviet Russia does not even exist anywhere in the world any more. The CPIM can put up as many portraits of Stalin and Kim Jong Un as it wants but the next election in Kerala will still happen on schedule.

We are witnessing the last rites of Communism in India. Bengal is gone. Tripura is gone. Game over in Kerala.

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Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee is a math lover who may or may not be an Associate Professor at IISc Bangalore. He is the author of Operation Johar - A Love Story, a novel on the pain of left wing terror in Jharkhand, available on Amazon here.  

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