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PM Narendra Modi has drawn a straight line between Urban Maoists and Maoist Terror

Dig into the histories of the liberals you see on TV. You will find their roots in college AISA and SFI unions. Some of the older liberals and their friends will openly tell you about the heady days of the 1970s when they dreamed of “revolution” and possibly worked for it.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a recent election rally, spoke about how Urban Maoists live in big cities but wreck the lives of those living in rural areas. He also spoke about Congress’ support to these Urban Maoists.

This needed to be said.

All my life I have wondered. How come no leftist sitting in a TV studio, a university or a think tank is ever asked to answer for what left-wing extremists are doing in this country?

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On the other hand, the left has never been shy of connecting any transgression, no matter how small, committed by a right-winger (real or perceived) directly to the Hindu right. Some right winger on Twitter posts an angry tweet directed at a woman. Within minutes the left wing propaganda news channels and websites are buzzing: Modi must answer.

Meanwhile, liberal terrorists are carrying out an armed occupation of large parts of the country. Literally, hundreds of people are murdered by these liberal terrorists. But don’t you ask the oily liberal sitting in TV studios and lecturing us about democracy. Apparently, we must learn to respect the difference between CPI(XYZ) and CPI(X) and CPI(XY) and CPI(XY)(Z) faction.

Total nonsense. Typical of terror outfits to conceal their hands behind a maze of political organizations.

Somebody needed to talk about the front organizations for liberal terror operating in our TV studios think tanks and universities. PM Modi has gone to Bastar, the heart of liberal terror and drawn a straight line linking fashionable liberals to their terrorist arm.

The people of India deserved to hear this said out loud.

Above all, the local people of Bastar needed to hear this. The liberals enjoy life in air-conditioned luxury, send their children to study in America. And when (and if) they return, they have cushy jobs waiting for them, all provided by the liberal cocktail circuit. They are promoted as “intellectuals” and opinion makers in media and academia.

Meanwhile, the poisonous ideology flowing from the liberals in Lutyens is disseminated with pamphlets and guns to youngsters in Bastar. While the youth is sucked out of Bastar and sent to perish in the forests for a rotten cause, the liberal masterminds are sipping government subsidized wine at the top clubs in Delhi. Occasionally, a liberal will actually grab some forest land from local Adivasis and build a nice bungalow where they can come and chill out for vacation.

During these vacations, these creative liberals will take notes about the “struggle” of adivasis against the Indian state. These notes are then polished for a global audience.  Multi-million dollar book deals are struck and then the liberal flies around London and New York collecting adulation and awards.

Remember that TV media cried for a week when some “tribal rights activist” was put under “house arrest”, whatever that means.

Remember that Trilochan Mahato was an actual tribal. He was just an 18 year old boy. And because he supported BJP, the liberal goons murdered him and hung his body from a tree. It was all so brazen that liberals even wrote on his shirt that he was being murdered for supporting BJP. The liberal TV media barely even covered this story.

Remember how surrendered Naxal Pahad Singh, who was interviewed by OpIndia, claimed that he saw Arun Ferreira, one of the arrested Urban Maoists in a central committee meeting deep in the jungles. He was a tribal. Remember how he was trashed and discredited when he said that these ‘jobless intellectuals’ are responsible for the bloodshed of Adivasis.

Tribal rights “activists” matter. An actual tribal doesn’t matter. See?

Today, more than ever, we need to be conscious of the danger of Urban Maoists among us.

Let me tell you why. Because after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the political collapse of overtly Stalinist parties in India, the left has made a crucial change of strategy. 

In the past, the left tried to enforce its ideology through armed invasion and occupation. In Bengal, leftists would break into the homes of dissenters, slaughter them publicly and then make the mother eat the rice soaked in the blood of her sons.

The liberals realize that those days are over. Their terrorism claimed thousands of lives but ultimately it did not manage to overthrow the Indian State. 

The left has now changed its tactics.

The left is now selling its ideology on the free market. Like ISIS. 

And remember that the free market is always the most efficient way to distribute something.

Instead of invading people’s homes by breaking down the front door, the sinister liberal has found a smoother way. They can just enter your home through your television, through the social media on your computer and the newspaper left on your front door. When your young son or daughter goes to school or college, there is a liberal waiting to teach him how to be a traitor.

In the language of social justice, of course. They have mastered the art of using the devices of the Indian state to destroy it.

The Stalinist of yesterday has become the human rights activist of today.

Dig into the histories of the liberals you see on TV. You will find their roots in college AISA and SFI unions. Some of the older liberals and their friends will openly tell you about the heady days of the 1970s when they dreamed of “revolution” and possibly worked for it.

Do not be fooled. There is no such thing as an ex-Communist.

They have merely changed their strategy. But they still serve the same master. And their objective is precisely the same: the overthrow of the Indian state.

This is an information war. Like ISIS, the liberals understand advertising, PR strategies and mass psychology very well. They market social justice, in the same way, ISIS recruiters on the web package and sell the vision of an “Islamic Caliphate” to impressionable people everywhere.

The antidote is to tell people about the reality of the Islamic State, the atrocities they carry out and the horrors of life under ISIS.

Similarly, we can stop the Communist evil only by lifting the curtain and exposing the direct line from liberal intellectuals to Maoist terrorists. Like ISIS agents online, the urban Maoists offer utopian visions of a wonderful and fair world. The reality is that they want to recruit people to carry out mass murder in the forests of Chhattisgarh.

Every Indian deserves to know this.

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