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Pakistan hails ‘Muslim journalist Rana Ayyub’ for ‘exposing Fascist Modi’ on Kashmir and CAA, uses her to target ‘Brahmin Hindus’

Interestingly, the video that has been plugged by Pakistan is of a channel called "CJ Post". The video's narration is by a man who talks in an American accent giving the impression that the "news report" is by a foreign channel. However, it was back in 2017 that we had exposed how this channel is only a Pakistani propaganda front.

It is no secret that certain Indian journalists have often worked to further Pakistan’s cause. It is also no secret that these journalists are often hailed by Pakistan for working inadvertently against the cause of India. Following the same pattern, the Pakistan Information Ministry today hailed ‘Muslim journalist Rana Ayyub’ for ‘exposing the fascist agenda of the Modi government’.

Tweet by Pakistan Information Ministry

The Pakistan Information Ministry’s official handle said that Special Assistant on Information and Broadcast, Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan had praised “Muslim woman journalist” Rana Ayyub for exposing the “fascist agenda of Modi”.

This appreciation received by Muslim journalist Rana Ayyub came after Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan tweeted a “news video” praising Rana Ayyub.

She tweeted, “Raising and challenging the voice of brave people against oppression and oppression has always been a bright and memorable chapter in history. The courage that Indian Muslim female journalist Rana Ayub performed in her professional duties is worthy of praise”.

Calling Kashmir “Indian Occupied”, she hailed Rana Ayyub for exposing Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In the video plugged by Firdous Ashiq Awan, the video starts by hailing Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Nelson Mandela for fighting against oppression. Then, it goes on to put Rana Ayyub in the same league as Jinnah to say that the recent example of a journalist trying to fight oppression. It says that an example of an oppressive state in the modern world is India, alluding the abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir and Citizenship Amendment Act which seeks to give citizenship to persecuted minorities from the oppressive Islamic countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

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It then goes on to talk about the reason why the “brave” “Muslim journalist” is being hailed by the terror state of Pakistan.

Recently, controversial journalist Rana Ayyub illegally smuggled a foreign journalist in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir to report on the situation in the valley in the aftermath of the abrogation of Article 370. Journalist Dexter Filkins, in his article on the New Yorker, had brazenly admitted that he was illegally snuck into Kashmir by Ayyub.

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Filkins writes that he was invited by Rana Ayyub to Mumbai, from where they would try to get into Kashmir in blatant disregard to the Indian government’s order banning the foreign correspondents in Kashmir. The scribe mentions that Rana handed him a pair of scarves and told him to buy a kurta, the typical Indian tunic, to ‘disguise’ himself as an Indian. “I am ninety-nine per cent sure you will be caught, but you should come anyway. Just don’t open your mouth,” Filkins quoted Rana in his article.

Filkins further mentions in the article that when they landed at the Srinagar airport, Rana hustled him away without getting him enrolled at the “Registration for Foreigners” desk. Taking advantage of the milling policemen and commotion at the airport, Filkins and Rana made it to the curb without being noticed and vamoosed for Srinagar.

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This act by Rana and Filkins clearly violated the laws mandated by the Indian Government. According to Foreigners Order 1958, foreign nationals, tourists as well as journalists, required prior government permit to enter “restricted areas” or “protected areas”.

Unsurprisingly, the video then says that “given the history of Brahmin Hindus in India, CJ Post fears for the life of Rana Ayyub”. The Brahmin and Hindu hatred is nothing new for Pakistan or even for their soul sisters like Rana Ayyub. However, as dumb as Pakistan propaganda is, by deriding Brahmins and Hindus in general, they only exposed why an Act like the Citizenship Amendment Act is necessary in the first place.

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The result was a lie-ridden article by The New Yorker that had even quoted self-proclaimed fact-checker and closet Islamist Pratik Sinha.

Interestingly, the video that has been plugged by Pakistan is of a channel called “CJ Post”. The video’s narration is by a man who talks in an American accent giving the impression that the “news report” is by a foreign channel. However, it was back in 2017 that we had exposed how this channel is only a Pakistani propaganda front.

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It is rather evident that Rana Ayyub and Pakistan find common ground in not only their blind hate for Prime Minister Narendra Modi but also their hatred for Hindus and India. In fact, the fact that Pakistan referred to Rana Ayyub as a “Muslim journalist” fearing “Brahmin Hindus” itself points towards their shameless, collective bile.

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Interestingly, Rana Ayyub’s controversial book-‘Gujarat Files’, which was trashed by the Supreme Court of India as a book based on conjectures, surmises and suppositions also targeted Narendra Modi based on pure lies, a cause that Ayyub and Pakistan have in common. After the anti-CAA riots by Muslim mobs, Rana Ayyub had also gone live on a news channel and lied that Muslims were protesting peacefully, thus, exposing another thread common between Pakistan and her – lying for the sake of Ummah.

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