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Islamist Rana Ayyub lies blatantly, says Muslims protested ‘peacefully’ wearing religious symbols during anti-CAA riots

Rana Ayyub, who is an Islamist masquerading as a journalist had also called the Uttar Pradesh "Islamophobes" when they had taken action against the rioting mobs. It was almost as if she was saying that just because the rioters were Muslims, they should be allowed to riot on the streets of Uttar Pradesh. 

Rana Ayyub, the Islamist troll masquerading as a journalist, on Thursday followed her comrades in the media to give a clean chit to Muslim mobs and Islamists who unleashed massive violence in the country, by stating that Muslims protested ‘peacefully’ against the majoritarian policies of Modi government.

Speaking at a news show, Rana Ayyub continued her usual antics to propagate outright lies regarding the anti-CAA riots that have been unleashed by Muslim mobs in the country. In an attempt to whitewash the crimes of her fellow Muslim brethren, Ayyub went on to make hysterical claims stating that PM Modi has driven Muslims of this country to a wall, to which the Muslims of the country have reacted by breaking their silence.

Rana Ayyub also claimed that PM Modi was seeking to delegitimise the existence of Muslims by treating them as second class Muslims. Further, Ayyub indulging in fearmongering said the country was moving towards brazen consolidation of Hindus, which is an attempt towards making India a Hindu nation.

She then went on to make fake claims by stating that the Muslims who were opposing the Modi government was passive for the last six years, however, with Modi government taking decisive decisions on abrogation of Article 370 and passing of Citizenship Amendment Act have now made Muslims come out on streets to protest “peacefully” against the government.

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In the talk show, Ayyub also held PM Modi responsible for Supreme Court’s Ayodhya verdict, which according to Ayyub is a majoritarian decision which has pushed Muslims of the country to the wall.

Rana Ayyub said that Muslims are out on the streets openly expressing their religious identity to protest against Modi government’s decision. Interestingly, Rana Ayyub too agreed that the recent ‘protests’ taken out by Muslim mobs were ‘religious’ in nature.

However, Rana Ayyub’s claims that ‘protest’ march taken out by the Muslim mobs across the country against the CAA were ‘peaceful’ is an outright lie. In fact, the anti-CAA riots in which extreme violence and vandalism were recorded across the country have been instigated mostly by Muslim mobs.

Here is a list of violence perpetrated by Muslims across the country during the anti-CAA protests:

West Bengal:

The communal riots by Muslim mobs started in West Bengal after the weekly Friday prayers engulfed the whole state with the active support of Mamata Banerjee led state government. The Muslim mobs unleashed violence across the state by burning public infrastructure like Railway stations, buses, toll plaza and destroyed crores worth of tax-payers money to ‘protest’ against the CAA.

In West Bengal, the Muslim mobs set a railway station complex on fire after Friday prayers as they protested against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. The protesters had also thrashed personnel of the Railway Police Force that was at the Beldanga railway station complex. Muslim mobs also pelted stones on ambulances and vandalised the Beldanga railway station, which included flinging burning tires on the railway tracks.

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The Muslim mobs had also gone on a rampage in West Bengal’s Howrah district. They had resorted to extreme violence by blocking tracks at the Uluberia railway station. The Muslim mobs had vandalised the complex and some trains by resorting to stone pelting, injuring a driver, officials said. The violence affected train services in Sealdah division of the Eastern Railway.

In Kolkata, Muslim mobs had disrupted traffic for hours at Park Circus and also assembled in large numbers in the city to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

The Muslim mob had also set a toll plaza on fire at Suti crossing in West Bengal’s Murshidabad district. The Muslim mob had also attacked Sujnipara railway station under Malda division of Eastern Railways. The Anti-CAA Muslim mobs had also attacked the ticket counter at Sankrail railway station in Howrah district and set fire to the station.


After West Bengal, the protests spread to different parts of the country, especially to Delhi. In Delhi, the ‘protests’ which began in controversial Jamia Millia Islamia University soon took a violent turn after Muslim mobs inside the campus burnt down buses, pelted stones at the police officials injuring several policemen.

Similarly, Muslim mobs unleashed violence and chanted communal slogans inside university campuses to incite other Muslim mobs across the country to indulge in violence across the country. However, the swift action by the Delhi police in controlling these violent Muslim mobs saved the day.

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The Muslim mob in Delhi’s Seelampur had unleashed the violence against public infrastructure and pelted stones at the police injuring many of them. The violent protestors had even attacked school buses in Delhi’s Seelampur area. The announcements to gather the Muslim mob to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act was reportedly made on loudspeakers of the nearest mosques in Delhi’s Seelampur.

Uttar Pradesh:

The Uttar Pradesh saw unprecedented communal riots after Muslim mobs following the Friday prayers resorted to extreme violence against police officials. The Uttar Pradesh administration had to resort to lathi-charge to take control of the situation. The Muslim mobs also fired bullets in those ‘peaceful protests’ and pelted stones at the police officials.

In Uttar Pradesh’s Firozabad violent mobs targetted police officials during the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protest. A police post was also damaged and three vehicles were torched by an unruly mob, following which the police used tear gas to control the situation. Similarly, a violent mob attacked the police personnel in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh.

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Muslim rioters threw stones at police forces in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh during the Citizenship Amendment Act protests. Several cops and protesters got injured as Muslim mobs indulged in vandalism in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr.

In a similar incident, security personnel had to baton charge violent rioters at Amroha and Bahraich in Uttar Pradesh. The situation in Kanpur also turned violent after protesters went unruly in the city. The violent Muslim mobs chased a police jeep and ransacked the public property.

In an extremely violent incident, anti-CAA Protests in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar also took a violent turn as protesters set vehicles on fire.

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In Sambhal, a stronghold of Samajwadi Party, the Muslim mobs had unleashed large-scale riots during against the Citizenship Amendment Act and torched four buses of UPSRTC and six police vehicles. The Muslim mobs had also hurled stones at security personnel and media persons.

Several towns and cities in Uttar Pradesh especially Meerut had witnessed widespread violent protests over the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act. In Meerut, soon after the Friday prayers, a crowd of people wearing black bands came out from the Jama Masjid at around 2 pm to protest against the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

CCTV footage from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh had emerged in which it was seen two men firing at cops during the protests in Meerut. In one of the videos, a masked man in a blue jacket is seen walking around with a gun. The police officials had even recovered 500 cartridges of prohibited bores from places where violence broke out across the state.

Similarly, violence erupted in Muslim dominated Aligarh Muslim University, in which protestors broke down university gate, burnt down several public infrastructures and attacked the police officials.


Similar violent protests were reported in Ahmedabad on 19th December 2019, where a Muslim mob went on a rampage, pelted stones and almost lynched a police officer. A large mob consisting of Muslims had pelted stones and beat up the police officer. The Muslim mob had also chased the police officials away while pelting stones at them mercilessly.


Videos of CCTV footage had emerged from Mangaluru where it can be seen that the Muslim rioters had adjusted various CCTV cameras in the region to prevent them from recording their hooliganism. The video not only exhibited that the anti-CAA protests carried out by Muslims were marked with violence and were far from being peaceful but also showed that the plotters of these protests carefully planned and schemed to shape them into riots.

In the aftermath of the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act, riots, violence, arson and vandalism by Muslim mobs in the name of ‘protests’ against the enactment of the law have taken place across the country.

However, Islamists like Rana Ayyub have been constantly attacking Modi government and have unwarrantedly villainized them for carrying out historical corrections, which is otherwise being supported by the majority of the country’s population. With so many evidence, it is clearly established that the protests by Muslim mobs were not peaceful as claimed by Rana Ayyub but it was meticulously planned to unleash massive violence on state machinery to discredit reforms of the Modi government.

With these rampant riots by Muslim mobs, one can only guess what Rana Ayyub’s motivations are to lie blatantly. Rana Ayyub, who is an Islamist masquerading as a journalist had also called the Uttar Pradesh “Islamophobes” when they had taken action against the rioting mobs. It was almost as if she was saying that just because the rioters were Muslims, they should be allowed to riot on the streets of Uttar Pradesh.

Rana Ayyub, who has a long-standing agenda against Narendra Modi, was also humiliated by the Court when it threw her “investigative” book on the Gujarat riots out. The court had said that her book was based on conjectures and surmises only proving that Ayyub’s relationship with the truth is complicated, to say the least, while her bond with radical Islamism seems all-pervasive.

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