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As the Globalist Left attempts to use the ‘farmer protests’ to further its agenda, India and PM Modi receive praise from others in the West

PM Modi's perception is of a nationalist leader, who is leading a nation against Globalist institutions attempting to interfere with or influence the political system in India.

Prominent American conservatives and right-wingers have begun to express their support for India and Prime Minister Modi in wake of the Greta Files leak. On Sunday, influential U.S. conservative Jack Posobiec tweeted a popular image of Prime Minister Modi which is extremely recognizable amongst the PM’s supporters. The image, with an in-image caption reads, “In reality they’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just just in the way”.

The tweet seems to signal support for India amidst the current campaign that is underway, as the fallout from Greta Leaks continues to spread throughout the Internet.

Jack Posobiec is a television news host for the cable news station, One America News Network, operating in USA. He’s an extremely influential conservative on the social media website Twitter, with over 1.1 million followers to his name. In 2016, he was the Special Projects Director for Citizens for Trump, the largest Trump grassroots organization in the United States.

Mr. Posobiec has also questioned the involvement of the Canadian Government in the Farmer Protests, including Jagmeet Singh, a Canadian Member of Parliament who has been linked with Khalistani outfits.

Credible allegations exist against Jagmeet Singh as being the person behind Rihanna’s Farmers Protest tweet. Mr. Posobiec also equated the Khalistan Movement to the Quebec Nationalist Movement, and exclaimed that if Canada can meddle in India’s internal politics, India can do the same thing vice versa. Mr. Posobiec was not the only American conservative who came out in support of India on social media.

On 4th February 2021, three days before Mr. Posobiec’s tweet, another noteworthy American conservative, Amy Mek signaled support for India. On Twitter, Amy Mek called upon her followers in India to help ‘expose the left’s coordinated attack’ on India and on the farm bills.

Amy Mek tweeted for India again, asking her fellow Americans to ‘pay attention to the coordinated global attack on India by the left.’ Amy Mek utilized her platform of more than 2,20,000 followers on Twitter to call for unity between Indians and Americans in order to fight the same dark forces of the Globalist Left.

Another prominent American conservative journalist Mike Cernovich, also came out in support for India on Twitter. Mr. Cernovich tweeted that one of the smartest person he knows has told him that ‘India is the future.’ Mr. Cernovich’s tweet was adjudged in the same context as Jack Posobiec and Amy Mek. Mr. Mike Cernovich is a highly influential conservative on the social media website Twitter, where he has over 6,60,000 followers.

Famous American YouTube personality and right-wing libertarian gamer, The Quartering, has posted a video covering the Greta Leaks on YouTube. The Quartering, who has accumulated over one million subscribers on YouTube, has received over 2 lakh views on his video since its upload. In his video, the Quartering goes through the Greta leaks, and heavily criticized the fake, inorganic activism of Greta Thunberg, Rihanna and others. The comments on this video are overwhelmingly pro-India, with seemingly most of them criticizing Greta and her toolkit brand of activism.

Across social media, in anti-left circles all around the world, the Nationalist rhetoric from PM Modi, has drawn praise. PM Modi’s perception is of a nationalist leader, who is leading a nation against Globalist institutions attempting to interfere with or influence the political system in India. Ever since the defeat of Donald Trump, the resignation of Shinzo Abe, the multiple scandals surrounding Jair Bolsanaro; and the shoddy handling of the Coronavirus Lockdown in U.K. by Boris Johnson, PM Modi remains the only legitimately elected, anti-Globalist leader.

Thus, those not fond of the Globalist Left from all across the world look towards India and PM Modi, as one of the only major democracies with a strong nationalist leader, to lead the fight against the Globalist Left and its neoliberal ideology.

India’s message of condemnation towards foreign actors attempting to influence her national discourse was met with praise from Western conservatives. The toolkit expose of Greta, which brought the story to mainstream attention, was the hook which lured a lot of Westerners to this story.

However, the real story is that India is effectively pushing back against these inorganic, foreign attempts to interfere with Indian affairs. Thus, at a time when India is being subjected to a negative international campaign, it has also drawn praise from unexpected quarters.

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