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BBC and its documentary on Prime Minister Modi: The bugle has been sounded and the 2024 campaign has officially begun

It is no surprise that the global woke left will start its own symphony orchestra to sing songs they believe will re-enable dynastic dacoity and bring back the good old days.  Expect more synchronised campaigns from NY Times, Washington Post and Al Jazeera. It has just started with BBC.

The bugle has been sounded. And who else is more qualified to do it than BBC? After all, we are still the white man’s burden. They carried it stoically for well over 300 years and did so much good for us, just as the Mughals did before them. And the Nehru dynasty did after them, making great sacrifices along the way. Blessed with such rulers, it is a miracle we are still so poor. Obviously, something to do with the fact that we are Hindu. That’s why they called it the “Hindu rate of growth”.

It is said that to repeat the same thing over and over and expect different results is the definition of insanity. This “Gujarat” formula has been tried in 2014 and again in 2019 not to speak of numerous state elections. We know the results. 

The BBC documentary, raking up the Gujarat riots of 2002 is in many ways not just the opening ceremony for the games that will follow – a British version of “Khela Hobe” – but a hail Mary pass. Let me elaborate later.

Incidentally when BJP talks about Nehru, Indira Gandhi and their monumental failings, our liberal media reminds us we are in 2022 and says why we should talk about them. But they have a perpetual license to talk about what Savarkar said in 1921 or Gujarat in 2002. Just as PM Modi still wants to win, the family too still wants to rule in the name of the same Nehru and Indira, even proudly declaring “I am her grandchild”. 

Why did I call it a hail Mary pass?

Put simply, the CONLEFT ecosystem is staring into the abyss. 

1. The biased propaganda of vicious lies around COVID has completely failed. The commission agents pimping Pfizer have gone quiet. Daily deaths of over 300 in the USA, a resurgence in China, pictures of despair and stories of deaths in hundreds of thousands, further reinforce the average Indian’s conviction that India under Modi did a fairly decent job. Under so many constraints and under relentless attacks. As well as sabotage indigenous vaccines and the vaccination drive all the time. Even now the mandatory “mishandled COVID” is tagged in every article on Modi (but not Biden, of course) but few believe them.

2. The CONLEFT ecosystem’s violent opposition to remote voting by migrants shows their desperation – after all, the migrants know which prosperous states run by which fascist looters chased them out of their homes at mere hours’ notice when COVID stuck, forcing them to walk miles without basic care. They even started false rumours of buses waiting at the border, when they could have given a simple meal to tide over the crisis. And they know who cared for them when they got back home. This is why they don’t want migrant labour to vote. The woke left in the US which wants even illegal immigrants to vote, will of course go along with this denial of democratic rights and do their own propaganda spreading FUD on EVMs.

3. The fiscal prudence in managing the epidemic while keeping the poor relatively better off through food security has not just kept the economy on a sound footing to recover strongly – it has given considerable headroom for spending in the crucial pre-election year. Along with booming tax revenues and overall optimism. Unlike other countries that over-spent on dubious doles and are facing enormous pressure, Nirmala Sitharaman can spend her way to victory if she chooses to. This scares the stuff out of our spendthrift liberals – who are now desperately trying to put on fiscal conservative masks. This budget will be interesting, to put it mildly. Prediction: Expect NRI charlatan economists to start giving sound bites on why spending is bad.

4. Economy is hitting the right notes, that too at the right time. Many leading, as well as lagging indicators, are positive. Indian Railways has earned as much this year as last – two full months of the fiscal still left. Of course, a lot can go wrong between now and May 2024 but as each month passes even a global recession triggered by real mishandling of COVID by liberal demigods – Biden and Xi may strike just a bit too late (but still in good time to defeat Biden in November) And as I pointed out earlier, there is enough fiscal capacity to tackle that.

5. The massive infrastructure spending boom is producing tangible results that ordinary Indians, long used to third-rate facilities, can touch, feel and take selfies with. Wide and fast expressways, Vande Bharat trains, Dedicated freight corridors, new airports and terminals, clean and improved train stations, electricity in places that never saw it in 70 years and so much more. They can see the frantic activity and progress instead of the loot and scoot waste they were used to. The older ones know that it was ABV that started it and UPA derailed it. They have seen the good and the bad. Obviously, a lot needs to be done but they know who can deliver it.

6. India is asserting itself, networking to protect its interest and not the Nobel prize for the family, arming itself and getting ready to defend itself. Ten years of deliberate and criminal neglect of the defence sector and the corruption that surrounded arms procurement are now in the past. This is a serious and previously unseen challenge to Chinese hegemony that the left simply can’t digest. 

7. As if that is not enough, manufacturing is slowly but surely taking off. Even if we are #2 or #3 behind Indonesia or Vietnam, just the fact that some factories and supply chains move to India is yet another challenge to Chinese dominance. Desperate attacks on PLI by the dynasty’s upper caste elite charlatans and sycophants are getting shriller by the day. Now they are trying to link it to climate change and bizarrely – human rights. Yes, they prefer factories to remain in China a paradise of democracy.

Faced with this and other headwinds, the leftist ecosystem is sending out SOS to their global pals. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party. They KNOW that if they fail in 2024, their goose is cooked. 

For one, the anti-Hindu pogrom will take a multi-decade hit. Yes, they managed to keep it going and found alternative sources of funding.  But it sure helps if they control the Delhi durbar. 

“Our Chairman” Xi Jinping’s agenda for South Asia will take a hit too along with that of his all-weather allies in ‘Pindi if 2024 is lost. Left has a stake in chaos, anarchy and despair as it knows it cannot win in any country or even state where there is growth, development and hope.

The sickening scatological sycophancy by the leftist “intellectual” class that accompanies the Rahul Gandhi yatra shows the lack of options better than anything else. Especially as the kattar imandar image of the Yugpurush has almost become a joke. All loose talk of the third front has been kept on the back burner to be revived when Congress makes a useful idiot out of them and not the other way around as they hope. 

The fact that Rahul Gandhi is their only hope should tell you enough about their state of despair.

Given this background, it is no surprise that the global woke left will start its own symphony orchestra to sing songs they believe will re-enable dynastic dacoity and bring back the good old days. Expect more synchronised campaigns from NY Times, Washington Post and Al Jazeera. It has just started. Woke left that outraged over “Russian conspiracy” and “interference” will openly interfere in our elections and their coolies here will happily cheer and redistribute this propaganda. Who cares if our own judiciary in their own rule negated the vicious lies? What matters is what an Islamist MP of UK Parliament or white journalist says.

After all, if one thing didn’t change all the way from the time of Babur, it is the fact that there is no shortage of serfs ready to do the bidding of the invaders and colonisers.

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