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With the same ‘zor se bolo’ story to tell, were Kunal Kamra and Mahua Moitra traveling in the same plane and experienced the same turbulence?

Both Kamra and Moitra however, being true seculars, had the first knee-jerk thought process of thinking about the Muslim uncle shouting 'his' slogan the moment they heard a communal slogan like "Zor se bolo.."

Indian secular liberal brigade has finally seen another ray of light in the long night of Saffron reign. Mohua Moitra is the new liberal icon for the brigade to celebrate. After the scarcity of human resources that have been created after Kanhaiya’s loss, Hardik’s conviction and nobody taking Gurmehr Kaur seriously, Moitra might as well be the answer to all their hopes and dreams now.

The thunderous claps and combined hailings dimmed a little after allegations surfaced that Moitra might have plagiarised the speech that made her so famous. Moitra slipped a little further as she kept on with the screaming and ‘Mamata Banerjee-ish’ behaviour when journalists tried to question her over the plagiarism allegations. Trying to bring a privilege motion to bully a media house and its editor for questioning her after screaming about alleged fascism and media gagging in the country did not help her stand either.

Now, a rather unexpected claim has surfaced. Twitter user Rishabh Sharma shared a video clip where self-proclaimed stand up comic Kunal Kamra is seen uttering the very same few lines as a ‘joke’ that Moitra has passed off as a ‘personal experience’ to prove her point.

Kamra, in a stand up show, is seen telling one of his ‘jokes’ where there was a turbulence inside a plane and an old Hindu uncle untied his seat belt, stood up and shouted “Zor se bolo….”, the first part of the colloquial Hindu slogan where ‘Jai Mata Di’ follows next. Kamra then stated that in the same plane, a similarly old Muslim man was sitting and thinking what would have happened if he had shouted ‘his’ slogan, a sly reference to what usually happens after a sudden loud slogan that sounds a lot like ‘Ola Ho Uber’.

In her interview to Barkha Dutt on Tiranga TV, Moitra is seen making the claim that the same incident was one she had experienced herself, just like she had claimed on the same show that the parliament speech had ‘come from her heart’. Only Moitra did not present it as a joke like Kamra. She presented it as a real concern to claim how Muslims are treated differently.

The video clip has sparked Twitter reactions because Moitra, again quoting her fellow Amreeki left winger Martin Longman had stated that ‘Right Wing a%$holes are same in every country.’

It is, however, a matter of grave concern. How did all so-called left-wingers and anti-BJP opinion cum joke makers ended up in the same plane at the same time to experience the same turbulence? Kunal Kamra claims that he did not hear any person answered ‘Jai Mata Di’ to the Hindu uncle. But the situation is far too specific to have happened in two different instances.

Maybe Moitra was seated closer to the Hindu uncle and thus heard the ‘Jai Mata Di’ and Kamra was sitting too far back to hear anything. He just heard the Muslim uncle ‘thinking’ whether he should get up and shout ‘his’ slogan too. Both Kamra and Moitra however, being true seculars, had the first knee-jerk thought process of thinking about the Muslim uncle shouting ‘his’ slogan the moment they heard a communal slogan like “Zor se bolo..”

Coincidences and odds notwithstanding, the concerns raised by Kunal Kamra are very real and very scary indeed. People around the world are so consumed with hatred and so brainwashed by the RSS that a Muslim person suddenly standing up and shouting something that sounds like ‘Ola Ho Uber’ is bound to generate the same reaction.

There were even social experiments done over this. One that had irked the secular liberals very much. Experiments that show exactly how people react when they suddenly hear something that sounds like ‘Ola Ho Uber’.


The fears are not exactly misplaced though. There is an actual concern among people that a person suddenly shouting something that sounds like ‘Ola Ho Uber’ might just blow up the next moment. The last time such slogans were heard inside a plane, the planes ended up crashing into New York’s twin towers.

In case ‘secular liberals’ might argue that these claims are false, the people who blow up also make videos to educate the general public before strapping on the vests that blow up. Pulwama bomber Adil Dar’s video in this regard was very clear and specific too. The bombers who recently blew themselves up killing over 300 people in Sri Lanka also had made videos and released social media posts to explain why they did it, and it had a lot to do with words that sounded like ‘Ola Ho Uber’.

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