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As ‘liberals’ blame Kapil Mishra for the Delhi anti-CAA riots in Delhi, here are 6 times when they blamed ‘Kaafirs’ for Jihad

It has become the norm to blame the 'Kaafirs' for the Jihad that is waged against them. In this report, we shall look at the numerous instances in the past where 'Kaafirs' have been blamed for the crimes of Radical Islamic Terrorists and Islamists.

Violence and anarchy have broken out in Delhi over the ongoing riots against the Citizenship Amendment Act. The violence is of communal nature and Hindus have been murdered and their property has been set on fire amidst chants of ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ and ‘Nara e Taqbeer’.

Furthermore, a gun-wielding man who fired shots at the Police has been identified as one local named Shahrukh. He has since then been arrested. However, despite all evidence to the contrary, the usual suspects on Twitter are trying hard to blame ‘Bhagwa terror’ for the ruckus. One person in particular who is under fire from assorted liberals, political hacks and Islamists is BJP leader Kapil Mishra. It is being claimed that his speech instigated the riots at the national capital.

This is, of course, straight from the liberal textbook on how to whitewash the role of Islamists in the violence they perpetuate. It has become the norm to blame the ‘Kaafirs’ for the Jihad that is waged against them. In this report, we shall look at the numerous instances in the past where ‘Kaafirs’ have been blamed for the crimes of Radical Islamic Terrorists and Islamists.

1. Pulwama Terror Attack

In the aftermath of the Pulwama Terror Attack, after the identity of the suicide bomber became known, the mainstream media was overeager to provide a platform to the family of the terrorist to further their agenda. The mainstream media relied on the family of the terrorist to claim that he had chosen to become a terrorist because he was supposedly harassed by the Indian Army.

Furthermore, the mainstream media worked hard to absolve the sins of the family entirely and humanize them. A report published by the Hindustan Times claimed that the ‘family of the Jaish operative can’t believe he joined militant ranks’. Apart from the obvious omission of Muhammad from the name of the Jaish-e-Muhammad, the media house tried to paint the family as completely innocent when it is extremely likely that the seeds of radicalization were sowed in the terrorist’s own house.

2. Kamlesh Tiwari’s murder

A Hindu political activist, Kamlesh Tiwari, was murdered by Islamists on the 18th of October, 2019. He was stabbed 15 times by the radicals as per the post mortem report. Kamlesh Tiwari was murdered because he made some controversial remarks against the prophet of Islam. Some Islamists were even celebrating his murder on social media.

Not merely that, one political analyst Abdul Razack Khan said on national television that the slain Hindu leader deserved the brutal death and he would not condemn the killing. In the aftermath of Kamlesh Tiwari’s murder, Umar Khalid and others came out to claim that the ‘Hindutva brigade is desperate to divide’.

3. Kashmiri Pandit Genocide

Engaging in the genocide denial of Kashmiri Pandits is one of the foundational cornerstones of Indian Secularism. Through the years, efforts have been made to whitewash the genocide and cover up the Jihadist nature of the crimes that were committed. ‘Eminent journalist’ Barkha Dutt justified the genocide and claimed that the Kashmiri Pandits were wealthy in the valley and that might have been the reason for the ‘disenchantment’ of the Kashmiri Muslims.

Deepika Singh Rajawat, the celebrity Kathua lawyer, went so far as to claim that the Kashmiri Pandit exodus and genocide in the 1990s which left thousands of Kashmiri Pandits homeless was a ‘blessing in disguise’. Numerous ‘human rights activists’ have claimed that the Kashmiri Pandits were ‘asked’ to leave the Valley, presumably by the Indian State. Then there are those, including ‘secular’ politicians, who have blamed Governor Jagmohan for the crimes of Radical Islamic Terrorists.

4. Anand Ranganathan blamed for Shujat Bukhari’s murder

‘Rising Kashmir’ journalist Shujaat Bukhari was shot dead by terrorists in Kashmir, days before Eid during the holy month of Ramzan. Instead of blaming the terrorists and terror sympathizers for the valley, the ‘journalists’ blamed Anand Ranganathan for voicing his opinion against Bukhari’s public views days before the assassination took place.

Following the assassination of journalist Shujaat Bukhari, the so-called journalists took it upon themselves to shift the blame from terrorists to those who raise their voices against terrorism. Scientist and columnist Anand Ranganathan, who had recently spoken against the role of media, the fourth estate, on reporting on terrorism, in the valley as well as elsewhere, was single out and bullied for telling people like Bukhari to be little mindful of how reportage is taking place in media.

5. Rajdeep Sardesai’s ‘political context’

When Hindu Activist Prashant Poojari was murdered, Rajdeep had written a piece trying to whitewash the crime and assert that his murder had a “political context”. When a Bajrang Dal activist named Prashant Poojary was murdered some days after the Dadri lynching, Sardesai wrote the whole article on how there was ‘political context’ to the murder and therefore incomparable.

6. Charlie Hebdo

After Radical Islamic Terrorists committed a massacre at the Paris Headquarters of Charlie Hebdo killing numerous people associated with the publication, there were attempts to justify the attack because of the ‘offensive’ cartoons published by the magazine on the prophet of Islam. Indeed, the mainstream media busied itself discussing the limits of free speech when the conversation should have only focused on the menace of Radical Islam that threatens to throw the entire world into chaos.

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