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Lakhimpur Kheri: Family of Shubham and Hariom call for action against Rakesh Tikait, open up about what happened when ‘terrorists’ went on a rampage

Hariom's uncle, Chandrabhan said, “I went to see the body. His head was brutally smashed. There was nothing left on the backside of the head. If you have seen the videos, there were only 3-4 people who were beating him to the point where no life was left. There were sword injuries as well.”

The family members of Shubham Mishra and Hariom Mishra, who have died in Lakhimpur violence, have spoken against the protesters and opposition leaders who are trying to politicize the case. Pyara Hindustan, an Online News Channel, approached the families of both Shubham and Hariom to talk to them about the incident.

In a video published on October 6, the reporter talked to the family members of Shubham Mishra and locals who had come to pay their condolences. Anoop Mishra, paternal uncle of Shubham Mishra, while talking to the reporter, said that the ‘farmers’ protesting against the three laws were not farmers but terrorists.

He further added that the protesters pelted stones that led to the violent incident. He said that the claims that protesters were attacked by the BJP workers are false. He said, “The BJP workers did not attack anyone. It was the terrorists [protesters] who started pelting stones.”

Another uncle of Shubham said, “My son was going to receive the minister. The protesters pelted stones at their vehicles. The windshield of the vehicle got damaged, and the driver could not control the car that led to the accident in which some people were injured. After that, the protesters turned the vehicle upside down and beaten my son to death.”

He further said, “I haven’t used my mobile or seen any TV channel. Everyone is showing how my son died. I cannot take it anymore.” He further added it could not be farmer protests. He said that the protesters present at the scene were already in the mood to cause riots. “It was a plan to kill the Minister or the representative,” he alleged. “However, they could not succeed as the minister was stopped at the venue and asked not to leave because of the protests. There was some youth wearing black Khalistan-related clothes. They were Khalistanis only,” he said.

Another person present said that the real farmers do not indulge in such protests or acts. These are the terrorists and miscreants who have become a part of these protests and creating a nuisance. He further claimed that the protesters were not local, and people were brought from other states on that day. He questioned leaders like Akhilesh Yadav for showing sympathy for those who came from the outside and caused the incident. He said, “Why these leaders are not talking about our child who lost his life? Why are they showing sympathy for those who came from outside?”

The family has demanded strict action against those who killed Shubham. When Shubham’s uncle was asked if he agreed with the demand of the protesters, he said, “We are also farmers. They formed unions and creating trouble for us. Their protests have no meaning. Their protests have led to the death of our child. These protests should end.”

Hariom’s family members blamed opposition leaders for the violence

Hariom’s cousin Rajnikant Mishra said his brother was pulled out of the vehicle and beaten to death with batons. “My brother can never harm anyone. They must have come in front of my brother’s vehicle. There were injury marks of swords and batons on his body.” His brother further added that Hariom was not in the vehicle that hit the protesters, but he was in another car.

He said, “They did not care to find out if he hit anyone or not. These were not farmers. They were Khalistani terrorists. I saw them in the news today. They still have batons and swords. No one is taking action against them.” He further added that leaders like Akhilesh Yadav would not go to the actual farmers. “We have papers of our land here. We are the real farmers. Those who were protesting were not the real farmers. Akhilesh Yadav would not come to the real farmers but would meet the fake ones,” he said. 

Another cousin of Hariom said, “We are also farmers. We never attacked anyone with batons. Everyone in this village is a farmer. No one participated in the protests.” His family members further called Tikait “leader of the terrorists”. “Tikait is responsible for the deaths that happened that day. It is his responsibility. Action should be taken against him. He is leading the protests. Because of him, my brother died. I do not know why the government is not taking any action against him. If no action is taken, more like my brother will die,” said Rajnikant.

Hariom’s uncle, Chandrabhan Mishra, said, “The incident where they disrespected the National Flag and now this incident where people died, the government has not taken any action. If they let the protests keep happening like this, it will be very difficult in the future.” He further said, “Trust me, not even a single farmer went for the protests. Not even a single farmer went from the nearby villages as well.” He said those who killed Hariom were trained murders. “I don’t think everyone coming to the protests is a trained killer, but there are some who have been trained to attack.”

Chandrabhan said, “I went to see the body. His head was brutally smashed. There was nothing left on the backside of the head. If you have seen the videos, there were only 3-4 people who were beating him to the point where no life was left. There were sword injuries as well.”

A local present at Hariom’s house said, “It is the opposition parties that are behind these protests and violence. Our child has lost his life. No farmer keeps swords. They had swords and batons. They were not farmers.” He added, “The opposition parties are trying to defame the government. Rakesh Tikait is the leader. Opposition parties are funding his protests.”

In the end, Chandrabhan said, “I would like to ask Rakesh Tikait to visit the villages alone. He would understand how many farmers are with him. Just ask him to visit once alone.”

What happened in Lakhimpur Kheri on October 3?

On October 3, eight people lost their lives, including three BJP members in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh, after protesting ‘farmers’ turned violent. BJP worker Shubham Mishra and his driver Hariom Mishra were also lynched to death at the site by the so-called ‘farmers’. Shubham’s father said in his complaint that Shubham’s gold chain, mobile and wallet were stolen by the protesters who had killed him. He also named Tajinder Singh Virk of Samajwadi Party and Kisan Union leader one of the foremost perpetrators. The government has announced 45 lakh compensation and a government job to the kin of all who had died in the incident.


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