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Even though six years have passed, guilty should be brought to book: Gen VK Singh on ‘Army Coup’ story

The Press Council also ignored the fake 'Army coup' story by Gupta, as they privately accepted that they could not go against one of their own, says General VK Singh.

General V. K. Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs, on Wednesday took to Facebook to react on the ‘coup’ story from 2011-2012, which according to media reports, was ‘leaked and planted’ in the media by senior Congress leaders. General V K Singh was the Chief of Army Staff from 2010 to 2012.

His blog, first published on Facebook, is reproduced below:

When Mr Coupta was recruited by the powers-behind-the-scenes to cleverly imply I was planning a coup, their objective was to not only spook the good Doctor and his Italian handler, it was also the time honoured tactic that had been in vogue to set Nehru versus Thimayya, Shastri versus Chaudhuri, or Indira Gandhi versus Manekshaw. However, earlier these were usually just whispers… which was damaging enough.

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However, in Mr Coupta’s case, by splashing it across banner headlines, this was nothing short of treason, for the gentleman was willing to openly destroy the institution of the army to achieve personal objectives. With those in power backing Couptaji then, virtually all institutional platforms of redress were not available to me, even though I was the serving Chief of the Army and the fact that even the RM, Shri AK Antony, had rubbished the coup report in the Rajya Sabha.

Despite knowing no action would be taken, the few people who knew what was going on and who understood the terrible implications of what was happening, helped me file a step by step complaint with the Home Ministry which not only categorically asked for an enquiry, it also spelt out the damage being done to other institutions like the TSD that was subsequently hounded and crucified. The Home Ministry ignored the complaint, so did the Press Council who right from the start privately said they could not turn against their own. Irony is that Mr Coupta went on to head that illustrious body!

Time is a funny thing… many of us have forgotten the crippling level of corruption that had brought India to its knees. The same people, who for generations have treated our country’s coffers as their private jagir, are today again trying to derail the new systems which are now desperately trying to redress and undo the years of crippling damage, repeatedly saying things which are not true. So long as this continues, we as a people will continue to pay a terrible price.

Even today, though six years have passed, there should be a detailed enquiry and the guilty brought to book. The age old saying that truth must always prevail is timeless. It’s a shame so many people who played games and falsified news, are even today not accountable. In the interest of our country’s future where fake news is such a major threat, it is imperative to take action at the very root of this evil especially when all the evidence is there in the public domain.
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‘Army Coup’ story from April 2012

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